The Team

The Rehab Clinics Group is headed up by an Executive Board and Operational Management Team, supported by the Group’s Clinical Prescribing Team and all bring a combined experience that spans many years in the field of Residential Care, Addiction Therapy, Adult Health & Social care.

Executive Board Members

Nominated as the Responsible Individual with the Care Quality Commission across the Group’s range of treatment centres, working with several Local Authorities in England. John has always maintained a passion to work with some of the most difficult and challenging conditions faced by individuals, families and communities. His extensive experience of drug and alcohol addictions in his work has enabled John to ensure that the Group’s services remain responsive and deliver a service that is effective and designed around the individual and their circumstances.

Operational Management Team

Clinical Team

The Rehab Clinics Group prides itself on excellence in clinical delivery, ensuring that all clients receive the best possible clinical assessment and prescribing treatments. The Group employs a range of specialist Consultants, Doctors and Nurses experienced in the management and treatment of substance misuse, mental health and disorders.

During our admission process, one of our Doctors will be allocated to complete a detailed clinical and psychological assessment of each person’s detoxification needs; setting out a full clinical treatment plan that, alongside our excellent therapy programme, will ensure clients have every opportunity for a comfortable and effective treatment programme.

Admissions Team

Our experienced team of Admissions Co-ordinators are on hand to help, advise and organise every step of your care. Starting with your pre-admission, our team will get to know you and understand your needs before you even enter treatment and will be on hand right before you leave our care to ensure you have all the support you need after your discharge.

We believe our Admissions team are more than just telephone advisers – each co-ordinator is hand-picked to ensure they truly understand the difficulties faced by every client or family and can inspire recovery and find the right solution across our range of facilities in the UK for your needs. All of our advisors are employed directly and do not work on a commission fee, ensuring that their entire focus is on your needs, not financial targets.

Recovery Team

The Rehab Clinics Group work hard to select and employ the very best Recovery Team for each of our centres; carefully choosing our staff to ensure that have a good range of skills and expertise, whilst at the same time ensuring each and every employee lives up to our exacting standards in care, compassion and respect for our clients and their families.

Our Recovery Teams will include:

  • Recovery Workers
  • Recovery Support Workers
  • Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Catering Team
  • Specialist Therapists & Counsellors

Our Recovery Workers are dedicated experts in the field of addictions and addiction treatments. All our Recovery Workers will have extensive experience in the delivery of treatment and interventions for addictions and some have specialist subject areas that may suit your needs better during your treatment.

We will aim to match you to the right dedicated worker during your stay. Your worker will work closely with you to develop and monitor your detailed Recovery Action Plan and built this with you around your needs.

Each week, your Recovery Worker will ensure that you meet for a one-to-one discussion about the excellent progress you are making on your Recovery Plan. This keywork session will help you review what you have achieved so far, plan your next steps, organise your next therapies and start to develop a plan in preparation for your discharge home.

Our Recovery Support Workers are committed to ensuring that your stay with us is packed with support for you. Our dedicated support workers are on duty every day and will ensure that all your daily needs are being met and will support you with a large range of practical matters or help you with your personal care needs.

Each of our support workers are an integral member of the team and will support your daily medication and health needs, whilst ensuring that you are able to enjoy the most comfortable stay and make the most of our facilities

Excellent Housekeeping and Laundry is essential in all our facilities. Our dedicated team of housekeeping staff ensure that the highest standards are maintained in your environment each day. We are committed to ensuring that our facilities reflect our respect and care for you and that you are able to focus solely on your treatment and recovery, without having to worry about cleaning or laundry.

After years of addiction, diet and nutrition are extremely important aspects of your treatment. Our experienced Chefs and Catering staff will provide you with excellent, high quality and home-cooked food each day. Using a range of locally sourced products, our freshly prepared meals are served three times a day with a varied daily menu displayed each day.

The team will ensure that there is always a fresh supply of fruit, hot and cold refreshments and snack bars available throughout the day and are able to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements to suit your cultural or medical needs.


Visiting Therapists/Specialists

At Rehab Clinics Group, we believe that a varied and mixed programme of therapies providers you with the best possible range of services that can be arranged to suit your needs. From holistic therapists, to specialist counsellors, art and music workshops to yoga and mindfulness experts; we will have just what you need to support your full package of care. Each of these specialists are booked to visit our centre each week. Your Recovery Worker will look at the range of services to match your plan and ensure that these are organised into your weekly timetable.

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