Family Referrals

If you have a family member that is struggling from addiction it can be hard to get them to open up and accept that they have a problem. This is why we have devised a family referral option, this gives you the chance to contact us on behalf of your loved one which we will then in-turn look to get in touch with them to have a chat about how they are feeling and whether they would be open to a discussion with our addiction recovery workers at one of our clinics.

The chat at one of our clinics can be arranged with family members present or can just be a one-to-one discussion with an experienced therapist. While your loved one discusses the details of their current situation in an open format with either the comfort and support of family members or a therapist we have found that individuals tend to open up more and have a serious and emotional discussion about the problems they’re facing and start to face the fact they might be suffering from addiction.

Opening up to anyone can be very hard for some individuals, this is why we aim to be as compassionate and sympathetic as possible so any individual feels comfortable in sharing even the most intimate details of their life so we can identify a possible root cause of the addiction and recommend the necessary treatment.


How we help

If your family member is willing to accept treatment after the discussion, then we will recommend a rehabilitation programme based upon the information that has been shared in the meeting along with the therapist’s assessment on the severity of the addiction.

As the treatment we offer is in-client treatment, your family member will be expected to stay at one of our centres throughout the duration of the rehabilitation plan. Visitors are allowed into the centre outside therapy sessions and detoxification phases.

Admission into our centre is straight forward and quick, this is so no time is wasted, and we can start treatment as soon as possible. Upon admission into the centre, your family member will be given a clear run through of their specialised treatment plan with one of our addiction recovery workers, this is when they will be able to ask any questions they may have.

All our clinics come with 24-hour care 7 days a week and you can be rest assured that your loved one will be in safe hands while receiving treatment from Rehab Clinics Group.

Just get in touch with our friendly team and we will be able to help you with your loved one’s addiction.

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