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Alcohol Rehab Centres In London

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in England

Rehab Clinics Group care about you and your recovery – and we’re here to help. Treatment programmes will be available at a state-of-the-art rehab clinic. The United Kingdom is one of the leading nations in the world when it comes to understanding and applying addiction treatment. Our residential rehab centres are the best place for an addict to receive an intensive therapy programme and heal for the damage that a drug or alcohol addiction causes. Over the course of a 28-day programme, you’ll be able to begin your journey in a stress free and peaceful environment. The treatment programme will be catered to your individual needs and all with your long-term recovery in mind.

To get the help you require, please call 0800 470 0382, or text HELP to 83222.


Your rehab clinic

Treatment is available on the NHS in England, but it is generally insufficient for those who seek addiction recovery. There are restrictions based on criteria along with waiting lists and basic outpatient care. When you choose us, after a brief consultation we’ll be able to begin right away and there are no waiting lists for our services. We can also offer a pleasant and modern rehab clinic, which is more enjoyable than the sterile, hospital like environments that the NHS offer should you be eligible for their equivalent of residential rehab.

Private rehab isn’t cheap, but we believe that our prices are reasonable and provide value for money. We may be able to assist you if you have a health insurance plan or offer payment plans. Any price you’re quoted will include all costs incurred during residential rehab (for example, meals cooked by our onsite chefs) and includes 12 months of free aftercare, so you can be assured there’ll be no extra charges at the end of your treatment.


Getting help for your addiction

Someone who is suffering with a drug or alcohol addiction should get the treatment they require as soon as possible. Addiction is a disease and if left unchecked, it will highly likely get worse. A delay in receiving help will cause a greater dependency or drugs or alcohol and subject vital internal organs such as the heart and liver to ongoing, sustained damage. This could lead to an overdose or ultimately death.

There are also the mental health aspects of addiction to consider too. Ongoing drug or alcohol addiction could see the collapse of relationships with friends or family, being in trouble with the authorities or underperformance in work leading to a job loss.

All of this means that any treatment will be much harder and the consequences to a delay in receiving treatment can be somewhat stark. Taking the first step and getting in touch is not easy but it’s vital that you review your options for drug and alcohol rehab immediately.


Your Detox for drug and alcohol addiction

Rehab Clinics Group offer some of the best rehab clinics in the country, and we offer a comprehensive treatment programme to overcome drug and alcohol addictions. When arriving with us, you’ll receive a full physical and psychological assessment in order to allow us to choose the correct treatment programme for you. We place emphasis on you as an individual, and none of our two clients receive the same treatment.

The next phase of your treatment is a detox, which removes the toxins caused by drug and alcohol abuse from your body. This isn’t a pleasant experience and you’ll have support 24 hours a day from our sympathetic, highly trained staff. They’ll be able to prescribe medication to ease the often-difficult withdrawal symptoms. This is one of the many benefits to residential rehab.


Your treatment programme

Once you have completed your detoxification, you’ll begin the rehab process. We offer a comprehensive array of treatments, which when combined offer you every opportunity to overcome your addiction. This is why we request a 28 day stay, as we can back up the detox procedure with group and individual therapy. As well as this, the length of stay in residential rehab will help to make sure you steer clear of places or people who may otherwise cause you to relapse.

The importance of the therapy sessions cannot be understated – they are a vital part of your recovery. They will help you to build a positive mindset and give you the right mentality for your long-term recovery. There’s no cure for addiction, but you can learn how to reject the overtures of drugs or alcohol. Opening up about your addiction will help you to understand the root causes of your problems and aid those around you. Your group therapy is generally a group of between 5 and 10 people talking about personal experiences and sharing problems and coping mechanisms. These sessions provide support and motivation for a recovering addict.

Any individual therapy sessions are taken with a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist in order to evaluate your mental state and to discuss how your rehab is benefitting you.



Before you leave our care, we’ll prepare you with your aftercare plan. You will always be subjected to temptation and the 12 months after your rehab will be the time in which you’re most vulnerable to a relapse. With our plan, you’ll leave us with a new mindset and coping techniques that have taught you how to avoid triggers. You’ll also have access to a 24-hour helpline that can help you should you feel any concerns – our staff are discreet and compassionate and will support you if you feel like you are struggling.

You’ll also be encouraged to participate in local groups for recovering drug or alcohol addicts and attend regularly in order to continue your recovery. So please, don’t put it off any longer. Get in touch with us via 0800 470 0382, or text HELP to 83222 and we can set you down a brighter path without delay.