Alcohol Rehab Centres In Yorkshire

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Yorkshire

We offer a 28-day residential rehab that allows you to focus and reassess your life. Suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a very difficult time for you and your family and we will offer you an opportunity to recover and refocus your life.

Our facility in Yorkshire is reasonably priced and in accordance with your budget. You will receive professional, top class treatment in a homely atmosphere, and this will allow you to concentrate on your recovery goals and there’s no wait for our rehab facilities.

We assure you that you won’t be judged, because many of our staff are themselves recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction. We can lend you a sympathetic ear and offer advice about your addiction.

There’s no obligation so why not call us today undertake an addiction assessment? Please don’t put it off any longer because every day is vital when fighting an addiction. We understand that addiction issues are increasing in Yorkshire and finding help at the earliest opportunity can help lessen the chances of further health and social complications that addiction can bring.

The help we offer

Throughout the course of your treatment, you will benefit from around-the-clock medical assistance where required. There has been a rise in alcohol-related disorders in Yorkshire, and our team will place you under 24-hour supervision as you progress through withdrawal.

This is particularly important when undergoing a period of detox, where withdrawal symptoms, such as hallucinations and an intense period of shaking and sweating, can be uncomfortable and even dangerous.

We will combine prescription medications with natural remedies to minimise the impact of these withdrawal symptoms.

The rehab treatment centre is staffed with experienced addiction counsellors, clinicians and psychiatrists. This wide range of experts will ensure that you receive the highest level of support throughout your rehab treatment programme.

Rehab Clinics Group offer a holistic, evidence-based approach to your recovery. We will provide you with all the knowledge and information you need, and the tools to live your life without the use of drugs or alcohol.

During your time with us, you’ll learn how to control your emotions and enjoy your life without the urge to take part in substance abuse.

When you complete your initial assessment with us over the telephone, we’ll find out more information about you and your illness.

This will allow us to treat you as an individual, and everything we do during your treatment will have you, the individual, at heart.

When you are admitted to our care, we’ll perform a thorough physical and psychological examination so that we can best understand your needs.

Detox in Yorkshire

There’s no way to disguise that rehab is an unpleasant experience. This is why people who attempt to go cold turkey and overcome their addiction alone are more often than not unsuccessful.

It is too easy to give in once the withdrawal symptoms kick in and go back to square one. The same pitfall exists with outpatient treatment, as is often offered via the NHS.

In outpatient treatment, patients are in their clinic by day and return home by night and at weekends. The temptation is far too great for a high number of people and the possibility of a relapse is high.

Additionally, drug and alcohol addicts can find themselves able to access people or places that are a bad influence.

However, with residential rehab these external factors are removed and you’re able to fully concentrate on your recovery.

28 days may seem a long period of time, but a detox can take anything from two days to two weeks and removing your dependency from drugs or alcohol is a very important part of your treatment.

A variety of therapies available

At Rehab Clinics Group, we pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to your treatment. When your period of detox has been completed, you can shift all of your focus into your therapy sessions.

We encourage and promote holistic therapies. You’ll be able to have regular massages and take exercise and yoga lessons. Rehab is not just about healing your mind; it’s about healing your body too.

Therapy sessions are loosely separated into individual and group sessions. Individual sessions consist of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and one to one sessions.

One of the most important things about therapy is that it will help you to receive the correct diagnosis. All too often, addicts are treated for their addiction and that alone.

The root cause is not treated, and this significantly increases the risk of a relapse in the future

We will not only treat you for a drug or alcohol addiction, we will ensure that any underlying mental health conditions are treated. An accurate dual diagnosis is a hugely important part of your recovery.

Clients are often not initially positive towards the concept of group sessions but being able to share experiences and coping mechanisms with fellow recovering addicts is a useful experience. It also allows you to build a support mechanism for when you return to your life in Yorkshire.

Secondary Care

It’s an unfortunate fact that the most vulnerable time for a recovering addict is the first twelve months after rehab. You can only recover from a drug or alcohol addiction, there’s no cure.

Your recovery journey will be ongoing for the rest of your life. Rehab Clinics Group will give you everything you need to prepare for the return to your normal life. But you need to take responsibility for your own recovery at this point.

We will provide you with an aftercare plan, we will put you in touch with local support groups, we will give you access to a 24-hour helpline, but you need to avoid your triggers and bad influences that might cause you to drink alcohol or take drugs.

You will have a new mindset – and sticking to it is essential.

We appreciate that asking for help is hard – there’s a stigma attached to addiction even though drug and alcohol addictions are on the increase.

Please contact Rehab Clinics Group today on 0800 470 0382, or text HELP to 83222 and we will be able to help clear the clouds of addiction from your life.