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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In North Yorkshire

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in North Yorkshire

The scariest thing about drug and alcohol addiction is that anyone can succumb to it – these substances quickly take hold and can end up costing a person their job, ruin relationships and lay waste to the life they have worked so hard to create.

A lot of people caught up in alcohol or drug addiction may feel that they are in a hopeless and irreversible situation. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we don’t believe in lost causes. Every person affected by addiction has the strength and courage to overcome them and start living a more fulfilling life, free of drugs and alcohol.

Coming to terms with the fact that you or a loved one has an addiction is a huge step in the journey. Recognition of a problem is the first step in finding a solution, and Rehab Clinics Group are here to offer help at every step of the journey. We offer industry-leading drug and alcohol


Are you suffering from Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Rehab Clinics Group are leading UK based experts in alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. You can either call our confidential helpline on 0800 470 0382 or request a callback by clicking on the below form.

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Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in North Yorkshire

With current circumstances and more people suffering from addiction, the drug and alcohol services the NHS offer is being overwhelmed – meaning that people that may need immediate help are unable to get it.

To get effective addiction treatment as soon as a person needs it, choosing a private rehabilitation centre may be the way to go. At Rehab Clinics Group, our short admission process means that you or a loved one could be in one of our facilities 48 hours after the initial inquiry.

Attending a residential rehab has proven to have low relapse rates and is a recommended course to take if you can afford it. Residential rehab, even one that is close to your home, allows you to undergo intensive treatment whilst offering a respite from the outside world. At our centres, we ensure security and safety during treatment, guided by a philosophy around making this time as comfortable and valuable as it can be.

At our centres, there is 24/7 care and support provided by medical professionals, on hand to guide each client through a particularly difficult part of their recovery journey.


Treatment Options at Rehab Clinics Group

At Rehab Clinics Group we deal with both the physical and psychological effects of addiction. We see the physical side as being the most pressing, so the first step of your recovery in rehab will centre around drug or alcohol detox.

Detoxification is an essential part of effective addiction treatment and sets the stage for the work you will do further down the line. Detoxing flushes the harmful toxins out of your body, allowing you to begin to think clearly once more. With clear eyes, you will more effectively explore the issues that led you to addiction in the first place.

The detoxification process done during rehab will take place at an on-site detox clinic. Specific medication is chosen by a medical professional and taken by you or a loved one to ease the worst of symptoms that are unavoidable during drug or alcohol withdrawal. These medical professionals will be on hand 24/7 to adjust medication if needed and make the passage through this time as comfortable as possible.

We know that detoxing off drugs or alcohol is a scary period for recovering addicts and that is why we believe in building a culture of reassurance and comfort to make everyone that comes through our doors feel more at ease.

Most of the time spent at rehab will be in therapy. At Rehab Clinics Group we take a holistic approach to recovery and our therapy options reflect this belief. The talk therapy you will undergo includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and stress management. Along with group therapy, clients engage in social activities such as film nights and group walks to maintain a feeling of being connected to the outside and encourage socialisation.

Oftentimes, addiction and mental health issues go hand in hand. We don’t ignore this at our centres and make sure to provide excellent dual-diagnosis treatment to ensure that concurrent health problems besides addiction are treated.



The time just after rehab can be hard for recovering addicts. During the first two months out of the rehab is when the most relapses occur – and to counter this we offer a free 12-month aftercare package to help you or a loved one through this vital time.

The aftercare plan is specifically designed for each individual, taking into account their medical history, addiction history, environment that they are returning to, age and many other factors. The core of the plan is built around attending weekly support meetings that will help maintain a strong support network. These plans can also include local resources such as AA meetings or NA meetings in North Yorkshire. which we find also provide good support to recovering addicts.

We also understand that drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t just affect one person and can ripple out to impact loved ones and friends’ lives. Rehab Clinics Group can offer family drug support to help rebuild and conserve trust so that the support network around the recovering addict remains strong.



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If you want more information about rehab in North Yorkshire or think you or a loved one needs immediate help, then don’t delay in contacting Rehab Clinics Group. Call us at 03301 596 494 or text HELP to 83222 to begin the journey to recovery.

  • How beneficial is group therapy?

    Very. Group therapy allows you to connect with people that have similar problems and experiences, so you can see that you are not alone in the struggle. Undergoing therapy with others helps you keep people on track and they, in turn, help you. This can be the beginning of a support network that will continue beyond rehab and help you maintain sobriety.
  • What happens after rehab?

    As stated above anyone leaving rehab will have access to an aftercare package, focused on relapse prevention. Many people leaving rehab continue to attend support meetings and stay connected with former addicts to increase the chances of long-term recovery. Also, during your time with us you will have learnt techniques and tips to help you deal with triggers and urges.
  • What are the signs and symptoms of addiction?

    There are many physical symptoms that become apparent if addicted to alcohol such as an overwhelming desire to drink, inability to stop, shaking, mood swings. When it comes to drug addiction, indicators such as a sudden weight change, increased anxiety, continuously thinking about drugs and stopping interest to take drugs instead will be apparent in yourself or someone you know.