Sex Addiction Treatment & Rehab

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Sex addiction is not as openly spoken about as drug and alcohol addiction, even though it has similarly life-altering effects on people who suffer from it.

Sex addiction can have a damaging impact on relationships and people’s livelihoods, as well as impact job performance and lifestyle choices. Therapy and treatment for sex addiction is becoming increasingly more accessible, so if you feel that you are having overpowering and compulsive thoughts about sex or escalating patterns of sexual behaviour, get addiction treatment now.

People are all too familiar with drug or alcohol addiction. This is something that we understand and are made aware of from an early age. The treatment options for those addicted to drugs, or suffering from other forms of substance abuse, are readily available at facilities around the country. But what about sex addiction? Is this even a real thing? Or is it just a fallacy? A fabricated condition to be ridiculed by the tabloids, maligned in the media and used as an excuse by cheating spouses and partners. Unfortunately for those who are addicted to sex, it is a very real condition with real victims.

According to the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, sex addiction is described as engaging in persistent and escalating patterns of sexual behaviour despite increasing negative consequences. In other words, sex addicts’ lives revolve around sex in the same way that drug addicts’ lives revolve around drugs, and a sex addict will continue to engage in risky or taboo sexual activity despite facing potential health problems, the threat of arrest, financial ruin and destroyed relationships. Often a sex addict’s sole goal for interacting with people and engaging in social situations is to ultimately obtain sexual gratification. They are not looking for friendships, love or intimacy. It is all about satisfying their sexual needs. Sex addicts often suffer from emotional and mental health problems, including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and stress disorders.

Unfortunately, the stigma and ridicule attached to sex addiction have made it hard for people to admit to their sexual compulsions and seek treatment for their sexual addiction. Fortunately, in medical circles, sex addiction is now recognised as a psychological issue and sex addiction rehab at specialised treatment centres is now becoming available to more people.


What Exactly is Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is a progressive intimacy disorder that is characterized by compulsive sexual behaviour and an unnatural preoccupation with sexual thoughts. Like all addiction, sex addiction has a negative impact on the lives of the addict, their family, friends and work colleagues. As the addiction increases, the addict finds it necessary to intensify their compulsive behaviour in order to achieve gratification. If left untreated, sex addiction, like drug or alcohol abuse, will consume and ultimately destroy the addict’s life.

Many people see sex addiction as an excuse for habitual cheating but, like any other addiction, it is a compulsive behaviour disorder. The precise neurological factors that cause sex addiction remain relatively unexplored and the indicators vary from one individual to another. Some sex addicts will engage in disturbing behaviour that is anti-social but not illegal, like compulsive masturbation and excessive use of pornography, while others will engage in illegal behaviour like voyeurism, exhibitionism and obscene phone calls. In extreme cases, the addiction can lead to sexual violence.

While the symptoms of sex addiction are many and varied, the most common signs include;

  • Frequently engaging in sex with different partners
  • Habitual infidelity within a stable and committed relationship
  • Regular excessive use of online or paper-based pornography, phone sex and pornographic webcam
  • Frequent and excessive masturbation
  • The compulsive and habitual practice of visiting sex workers despite the high risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases
  • Intense and elaborate sexual fantasies
  • A compulsion to engage in taboo or risky sexual behaviour despite the negative consequences and potential health problems
  • An unnatural preoccupation with sex or constantly craving sexual activity
  • The inability to control or limit sexual activity
  • Focusing on sex to the detriment of other activities and neglecting work and family obligations.
  • Increased irritability when unable to engage in desired sexual activity


A Tailored Approach to Sex Addiction Rehab

Sex addiction rehab is becoming an increasingly accessible treatment option for sex addicts. As with the treatment of drug or alcohol abuse, the Rehab Clinic Group specialises in a holistic approach to the treatment of sex addiction and believes in treating the root cause rather than the symptoms. We offer various treatment options, including residential treatment, therapy sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Rehab Clinics Group assess every person individually and offers a fully personalised sex addiction rehab plan. Our most successful sex addiction rehab program is a residential treatment option that is designed to guide and support sex addicts on the road to long-term recovery. We believe that the rehab environment plays a significant role in the treatment process and our luxurious sex addiction rehab centres are carefully designed to aid recovery and promote wellbeing.

Sex Addiction Therapy

Sex addiction therapy is a form of rehabilitative intervention that can have life-changing results. The recovery process starts with an in-depth interview and assessment of your social, psychological and sexual history by a consultant psychiatrist. By understanding your lifestyle, background, significant relationships, and experiences we can begin to build a better picture of your sex and love addiction, intimacy disorders and related sexual compulsions. Once our team of experts has a clearer picture of the severity of your addiction, they will be able to develop a specialised treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Our treatment program includes cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling and support groups as well as family therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy is an intensive treatment designed to re-wire your brain and gradually change your attitude towards sexual behaviour so that you can enjoy a healthy sex life. This is a technique that you can continue to use post-treatment to help you cope with your desires. Family therapy is designed to help your family members and intimate partner cope with your addiction and give them the tools to assist you with your recovery.

We encourage the development of healthy, supportive relationships that focus on mutual and loving respect. Unlike drug or alcohol treatments that rely on abstinence and detox, sex addiction treatment is designed to help regain control of your compulsions and unnatural desires in order to build a healthy intimate relationship. We are confident that with an open mind and the appropriate approach to sex, addicts can change their lifestyles and develop a healthy attitude towards sex, love and intimacy.

If left untreated, sex addiction can lead to long-term social, physical and mental health issues. Your decision to enter our residential sex addiction rehab program may be the most important decision you make in your life. Rehabilitation can save your intimate relationship and enable you to have a happy, healthy sex life.