Prescription Drugs Addiction

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, our residential rehab programmes are highly successful in helping individuals suffering through a prescribed drug addiction, recover long-term.

If left untreated, an individual misusing prescribed drugs can experience significant health issues. Work through the side effects of substance abuse by taking a positive step through rehabilitation today. You’ll receive many benefits linked to recovery.


Why Seek Expert Support For A Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription Drug Addiction

Although identified as innocent drugs, usually prescribed to treat chronic pain, anxiety and medical conditions, developing a long-term addiction is common. A user may begin by consuming recommended doses. However, as a tolerance develops, the need for greater consumption arises to block out withdrawal symptoms. This is where an addiction develops, carrying long-term dangers for an individual and their loved ones. Dangers can include both physical and mental health disorders, along with significant effect on a user’s quality of life.

Prescription drug misuse can be as dangerous as illegal substance abuse. If untreated, life-threatening signs and symptoms are probable, including organ failure, mental health issues and social isolation. Seeking expert support before similar long-term damagers set in is highly recommended. A prescription drug addiction can be treated. With the right support, an individual can overcome any negative side effects while turning their life around. If you’re in this situation, give yourself the chance to change your perspective and lead a positive future.


What is Drug Rehab?

If you are suffering with a prescription drug addiction, a residential drug rehab centre will help you work through your fixation. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a wide range of addiction treatments to help individuals work through their psychological and physical dependences. Drug rehab is where you will experience around the clock care, along with the opportunity to change your life for the better.

We offer rehab programmes across the UK to provide convenience for you while working through your prescribed drug addiction. However, for greater long-term recovery, we recommend ensuring that enough space between your home environment and you are present. This will provide you with a professional, yet relaxing setting to avoid any temptation.

If you’re currently living with a dependence and are experiencing negative side effects, drug rehab will help to alleviate those signs. Working towards your personal goals, full recovery is possible, helping individuals overcome their drug addiction.


A Personalised Approach To Prescribed Drug Rehab

If you select one of our rehab centres here at Rehab Clinics Group, we provide a personalised approach to treatment. We understand that drug addiction effects individuals differently, whether that be their environment, level of support or side effects. With that said, once you arrive at our rehab centre, a consultant will carry out physical and psychological tests. From here, your results will indicate the most suitable route to take when considering your addiction to prescription drugs.

Man With Drug Addiction Seeking Help

Once a clear picture has been painted of your dependence, its severity and your medical history, appropriate treatment options will be recommended to slowly subsidise your side effects of addiction.

With recovery in mind, your personalised plan will be split up into two sections. Firstly, psychological treatments and activities to help reduce the psychological side effects and mental health issues you are experiencing. You can expect to experience treatment options such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy and counselling.

The second half of treatment will work on your physical side effects from drug abuse. Here is where you will receive a clinical detox to slowly reduce your prescribed drug intake. A holistic approach to addiction treatment will be offered to ensure your whole being is healing long-term.

Post rehab we will further support you by offering aftercare outpatient services. Here is where you can visit a convenient rehab centre to experience treatment methods such as support groups. We will work with you to maintain motivation, helping you remain on a road to long-term recovery. We understand how difficult this step can be to take. Therefore, we ensure you are supported while you block out any future drug temptations.

Throughout your residential rehab programme here at Rehab Clinics Group, you will receive 24/7 support and guidance from our expert team. Our team are compassionate, providing you with the right care to work through your side effects. Our team are made up of addiction psychologists, medical experts, life coaches and counsellors, all on hand with their expertise to ease your rehab journey.

Receive evidence-based, leading addiction treatment alongside the support of our industry specialists today.


Why Choose Rehab Clinic Group?

If you are searching for a rehab centre who provides convenience, yet are passionate about your long-term recovery, look no further than our offering here at Rehab Clinics Group. We offer residential rehab programmes for a variety of addictions and mental health issues across the UK.

Our industry leading addiction treatments and team of specialists provide world class support for clients looking to overcome a prescription drug addiction. They are here to provide you with effective tools to overcome your side effects, while boosting your knowledge on drug abuse.

We offer treatment options to suit all budgets, ensuring that treatment is available to all individuals living with negative side effects. We understand how difficult finding the right programme can be. Therefore, we will take your needs into consideration throughout to promote comfort and suitability.

To further work through your side effects we offer 1 year of free aftercare to all clients. This is in place to support you through your transition home, while reducing the likelihood of any prescription drug relapses. If you need our support, we will be at the other end of the phone for you.

Whether you are suffering through a drug addiction or are watching a loved one struggle through side effects, we can help you. Request a call back today from our admissions team to begin your personalised rehab journey. Take this first brave step to transform your future and outlook on drug addiction. Acknowledge your dependence and we can provide you with everything you need to work though this difficult time.