Faith Based Alcohol Rehab

If you follow a faith, seeking alcohol addiction treatment at a faith-based rehab will be a high priority. Many rehab centres across the UK combine alcohol rehab with religious teachings.


What Is Faith-Based Alcohol Rehab? 

Faith-based alcohol rehab follows the main elements of recovery, including detox, treatment, and counselling, but strongly emphasises your chosen faith. If you have a problem with alcohol, you may feel that it goes against your religion to be addicted to alcohol. Despite having a dangerous addiction, people sometimes choose not to attend alcohol rehab because they feel ashamed. With faith-based alcohol rehab, your time in rehab is structured around your faith, making it the focal point and driving force behind your long-term recovery.

Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist or any other religion, you can find alcohol rehab tailored to your faith.


Faith-Based 12 Step Recovery Programmes 

Many alcohol rehab centres and community-based recovery groups use the 12 Step recovery model to help people overcome their addictions. The 12-step abstinence model is based on the faith-based principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA.). The founders of AA followed the Christian religion, but the 12 steps can be tailored to any denomination or faith.

Muslims use a version of the 12 Steps called the Millati Islami, whilst Judaism adapts the 12 steps to mirror its principles.

What are the 12 Steps of recovery? We have condensed the principles for ease of reading. For further information, visit the AA website. The 12 steps include honesty, faith, surrender, soul searching, integrity, acceptance, humility, willingness, forgiveness, maintenance, making contact, and service.


Can Rehab Be Tailored To My Religion? 

Alcohol rehab centres treat people from many different backgrounds and understand the importance of religion in some people’s lives. Most centres have extensive links and relationships with religious groups in the local community. Leaders from all different faiths visit your chosen centre and lead worship. It could meet with you individually, offering guidance surrounding addiction that fits your religious values.

Most rehab centres provide specialist meals on request, such as Halal or Kosher food. They also offer prayer mats and religious texts, private rooms for reflection, recognise religious holidays and respect praying schedules, traditions and customs.


Faith-Based Alcohol Rehab At A Treatment Centre

There are two types of faith-based alcohol rehab options. Rehab lasts anything from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the severity of your addiction.

The first type of rehab is based on a UK-wide, evidence-based programme to aid recovery. The difference here is that your faith underpins your complete recovery, but medical and psychological treatments support it. Rehab centres are run by qualified staff such as doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and counsellors. You’ll usually complete a supervised medical detox to remove alcohol from your body. Once you’ve finished your detox, you’ll start individual counselling and group therapy.

You can choose to undergo treatment as an inpatient, where you live at a centre, or as an outpatient. As an outpatient, you’ll undergo treatment at home and venues to suit you. This option suits people with work and family responsibilities or a mild addiction.

Since alcohol rehab is tailored to individuals, your religion will be respected and encouraged throughout all aspects of your treatment.


Faith-Based Alcohol Rehab In The Community 

Another option is joining faith-based recovery groups in your community. Run by volunteers from local churches, ministries, mosques, or synagogues, this type of rehab focuses on your religion’s spiritual aspects rather than medical or psychological interventions.

This type of rehab uses faith and builds upon your belief in a higher power to aid in all aspects of recovery. Detoxes are sometimes completed at a detox centre, but strong faith is often enough for someone to choose not to drink alcohol. Some people who don’t have faith may struggle to comprehend how to give up alcohol without medical intervention. But many people have successfully given up alcohol due to the comfort and encouragement they get from their faith.

Faith-based recovery groups usually attract people who have the same faith, so it’s comforting to know that you’ll share your recovery journey with like-minded people.


Why Is Faith-Based Rehab Effective? 

At Rehab Clinics Group, we provide rehab to all people, regardless of their religion or background.

We’ve seen first-hand how patients have benefitted from medical treatments and therapy led by qualified doctors and psychologists. Our approaches and methods help former addicts to live a life free from alcohol, and we’re proud to have helped thousands of people live happy, fulfilling lives long after they leave our treatment centres.

Why is faith-based alcohol rehab effective? When people undergo treatment, they have a sense of purpose. Rehab experience focuses on their commitment to their chosen God or higher power and quitting alcohol. When they leave rehab, they still benefit from aftercare and support from their chosen clinic, but their faith guides them in everything they do.


Do I Have To Be Religious To Start Faith-Based Rehab?

It does help if you’re already practising your faith, as you’ll already have a commitment and understanding of its underlying values. Faith based alcohol rehab centres also welcome people with no experience of religion, under the condition that they try their best to adhere to the guiding principles.

Some people may not follow any particular religion but have a sense of a higher power or guiding force. If this is the case, centres will help you tailor your beliefs to their principles to make treatment concepts more accessible.


Find Faith-Based Alcohol Rehab In Your Area 

Rehab Clinics Group are one of the leading providers of private alcohol rehab in the UK. We run faith-based alcohol treatment centres throughout the country, and there’s likely to be a clinic near to where you live.

Many of our specialist staff have experience of addiction and personal recovery, and are on hand to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us today on 0800 470 0382 to learn more, or text HELP to 8322.