How Is Methadone Used During Drug Detox?

Recovering from drug addiction can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to do it on your own. Many addicts fall victim to addiction relapse in the process of recovery and end up in their original state. For anyone trying so hard to overcome a bad habit, this is quite discouraging. However, that’s not the end of the road for anyone trying to overcome addictive behaviour. With so many rehab and addiction treatment facilities in place, one can go through the recovery process successfully. All you need is the willingness to let go of your addictive behaviour and embrace the changes that come with quitting.

So, why do you need to visit a rehab facility for addiction treatment? While most addicts would shy away from seeking treatment for their addiction, getting professional help is the ultimate way to overcome drug addiction. Going through the laid treatment programs can help you get over your problem faster than you thought. Apart from behavioural therapies, addiction treatment facilities offer medical detoxification to clear away the toxins from your body. Detoxification is meant to control the withdrawal symptoms that come with cessation. This helps the patients to overcome physical dependence on the drug, and, therefore, recovery becomes much easier.

Detox centres and rehab facilities use different types of medication to clear the toxins from your system. Not all conditions can be treated using the same medication. It all depends on the substance you’ve been abusing. When you visit a drug rehab centre, be open enough to let your doctor know the types of drugs you’ve been using. This will enable them to put you on the right medication.

However, you should know that detox treatment is just a small part of the treatment. There’s quite a lot in store before you fully recover from drug addiction. As such, don’t call it quits after medical detoxification.


What to Expect During Medical Detoxification

There’s quite a lot that happens during drug detox. During the first days of detoxification, you may experience serious withdrawal symptoms as the body adjusts to staying without the drug. Sometimes, these withdrawal symptoms can be so dangerous that they lead to seizures or stroke. Therefore, to be on the safe side, a patient must be under the care of a qualified medical expert during the detox treatment. With a qualified medical professional on the watch, complications arising from the treatment can be dealt with on time. Again, they’ll also ensure total compliance with the detoxification treatment.

The actual detoxification takes just a few days to complete. Depending on the specific drug you’re addicted to, the physician may inject you with medication such as methadone (normally for heroin addicts). The medication acts as a substitute for the original drug, and as soon as the addiction is broken, the patient is detached from the medication. However, some patients may not completely detach from the substitute drug and could end up taking it in small dosages for the rest of their lives. This might not be harmful, but the physician should advise accordingly.


Methadone for Addiction Detox

Methadone belongs to a category of drugs known as opioids. It was created in the 1940s by German doctors during World War II. Initially, it was used to relieve extreme pain, but as time went by, it became part of treatment for heroin addicts. Nowadays, if you walk into a rehab facility for heroin addiction treatment, expect a methadone injection for detoxification. It has been proven to clear heroin toxins from a patient’s system within a short time without causing significant side effects.

Methadone works a lot like Morphine, though it’s much stronger compared to Morphine. Usually, you can take it as a tablet, powder, or get it in the form of injection. Whichever mode of methadone administration you choose, so long you get it from a professional, you’ll get the drug flowing in your system. However, always ensure you use methadone under the close watch of a physician. Taking it without a prescription can lead to abuse, which may result in addiction. Your doctors know the right dosage for you, so, always keep in touch with them.


So, how does Methadone work?

For those using it to relieve pain, Methadone alters how the brain and nervous system respond to pain, which in turn brings relief. However, compared to other painkillers, its effects are much slower and it would take some time before the pain subsides. When it comes to drug detoxification, Methadone blocks the high you get from heroin to reduce the craving for the drug. This helps the patient to slowly overcome the urge to take the drug and soon they become less dependent on it. Additionally, Methadone gives the patient the same feeling they get from using the drug so that they can overcome the withdrawal symptoms. Methadone completely replaces any opioid in your system with milder effects, though it doesn’t cure the addiction.


For how long should you use Methadone?

There isn’t a set period for Methadone administration, but most experts recommend one year of use. The toxins in your system can’t be flashed out in a day. Therefore, you need to get a little injection each time until your body is finally free from the toxins. For more effective results, your doctor will carefully track your response to the medication and adjust your treatment. They’re also in a better position to tell you when it’s time to stop the medication. So, ensure you work closely with your doctor during the Detox process.


Side Effects of Methadone

Like any drug, Methadone also has some side effects, though they aren’t that severe. If you’re getting Methadone administration for drug detoxification, you may experience some nausea, restlessness, slow breathing, heavy sweating, and itchy skin. However, this shouldn’t last for long. You should only experience this during the early stages of treatment. If the symptoms persist, let your doctors know in advance. They may reduce the dosage or offer alternative medication.

If you’re planning to visit rehab for your addiction treatment, be prepared for Detoxification first before the actual treatment. For you to have a successful recovery journey, you must go through this.