How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Many of us have seen high profile celebrities and famous people ‘checking in’ to rehab clinics across the world for drug and alcohol-related abuse. Most people will never be familiar with this process of ‘checking in’ to rehab, but to those that need the services and care of a rehab facility, there are many questions that they might want answers to. What should they expect? What type of therapies will they have? How much does rehab cost?

The prospect of rehab can be an overwhelming and scary thought for a person struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Due to the strong connections between luxury rehab facilities and celebrities, many people think that rehab is very expensive and only available to the very rich. Don’t let such assumptions put you off from seeking the help you need – many rehab facilities are more affordable than you think.

At Rehab Clinics Group we have teamed up with a range of clinics across the UK that offer various affordable treatment packages for their patients. We understand that while luxurious rehab facilities are available, they may not be affordable for everyone. We are here to help you find the help you need while keeping your treatment affordable.


How Long Rehab Treatment Last?

Generally speaking, the longer you spend in a rehab facility, the more expensive your costs will be. If you only need treatment for a week to carry out a detox, your rehab bill will be comparatively less than if you required a six week intensive treatment schedule. It is worth bearing in mind however that it is very rare for most addictions to be cured and resolved in just a week. Many people who do not spend the recommended amount of time in rehab tend to suffer relapse because they have not received appropriate treatment for their needs.

Consequently, they may require another detox, which could mean paying more money than if they had originally paid for a longer course of treatment when they first checked into rehab. If you decide to check into an in-patient rehab facility offering accommodation, many programmes will last around 28 days.


What Happens During Rehab Treatment?

When you undertake rehab treatment, you will experience three main steps in the process:

    Detox: The substance or alcohol you are addicted to is flushed from your system under medical supervision. You may be given medications to help you cope with potentially uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. This process usually takes a full week to complete.

    Therapy and counselling: You will have both individual and group speech therapy sessions as part of your treatment. This will help you accept and come to terms with your addiction while tackling the psychological aspects of it. The amount of time this takes varies from person to person. It is worth bearing in mind that the longer you spend undertaking this stage of the process, the more likely you are to see successful prolonged results.

    Aftercare: This stage of rehab is normally on an out-patient basis. You visit the rehab centre frequently to keep up with therapy sessions to ensure that you are remaining on track with your progress and staying clean.


Why Do I Have To Pay For Rehab?

Some people feel that paying for rehab treatment is not acceptable, and that it should be viewed as medical treatment similar to others offered by the NHS for free. Unfortunately, funds are not available on the NHS for the system to successfully treat the many people in the UK that are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions. Private rehab clinics have therefore come forward to offer services where the NHS is lacking. Private rehab facilities make patients pay for the treatment they receive because the clinics themselves have running and staff costs that they need to cover for their centres to remain open.

Many rehab centres operate on a charity, not-for-profit basis. The costs patients pay for their treatment collectively pay for:

  • Food for patients
  • Property maintenance
  • Staff wages
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Medications
  • Regulatory compliance


How Much Does Rehab Actually Cost?

The actual official cost of rehab will always vary from person to person because of the treatments they require. Generally speaking however, the average cost of rehab is £1,000 per week. If you decide to enter a luxurious rehab facility, the cost will be around £5,000 per week. It is important to remember that the most expensive rehab clinic will not always lead to the best outcome. Patient motivation and determination is key to success with any treatment plan.

Many people decide to ask friends or family to help fund their treatment. If you do ask your loved ones to make such a commitment, it is important to remember the financial implications involved and to stay determined to uphold your side of the agreement in getting clean in rehab. If you decide to dig into your own savings to afford rehab, you are more likely to succeed and avoid relapse because you are more aware of the financial and personal commitment you are signing up for.

Many rehab clinics understand that not everyone has thousands of pounds stashed away in their bank accounts to spend on rehab care and treatment. Many rehab facilities offer finance packages so that you can spread the cost of treatment. Another option is to pay for rehab treatment through health insurance.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on the cost of rehab, get in touch with us today.