The importance of aftercare

Once you have completed your Detox and Rehabilitation treatment here at Rehab clinic group, it is understandable to have your concerns about the potential challenges you may face once you are back at home and back into your work routine. Re-building your life, your relationships and your day to day routine, without drugs or alcohol, can be difficult and takes time to readjust.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we are committed to helping you on this next bit of your journey and provide a range of Aftercare support options that will help you re-adjust and build on all the hard work you have done during your stay with us.

The risk of relapse tends to be the highest during the first 2 months of leaving an inpatient rehab facility and so arguably this is the most important time to be keeping up with the techniques you have built during your stay through our aftercare services.

We never see anyone as a lost cause and no matter how difficult life can get when you return home, we are committed to keep supporting you every step of the way. As a client of Rehab Clinics Group, you automatically receive complimentary access to our monthly Aftercare group for 12 months, where you can catch up every week with new and old friends who have also stayed with us and continue to receive support from a member of your Recovery Team.


Aftercare Explained

Our Aftercare Groups operate at each location every Saturday afternoon and you can choose which location best suits your needs and be guaranteed a warm welcome by a member of our team. Your Aftercare Group doesn’t have to be at the facility you first received your treatment programme, you are welcome at any of our groups.

Individuals that keep up with their aftercare plan, are much more likely to beat their addiction and build upon their coping strategies.

If that isn’t quiet enough, we can provide a range of additional Aftercare services that you and your family can purchase to enhance your Recovery.

Our team of Admissions Co-ordinators are on hand 24/7 to help guide you through your choices and make all the necessary arrangements.



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