Day Care Services

At Rehab Clinics Group, we understand that commitment to Residential Rehabilitation can be difficult to organise around other commitments; that’s why we offer the option for anyone who does not require clinical treatment the chance to still gain support from our services as a Day Care.

If someone has already undergone detoxification, either at home or in residential care; but still need a significant amount of therapeutic support and are unable to commit to staying overnight, then using our Day Care services might be just the perfect solution.

Every day, each of our centres deliver a range of group based therapy programmes, one-one interventions, counselling or alternative therapies. The menu of these changes daily, ensuring the programme is flexible and can respond to anyone requiring flexible day care support.

It’s really quite simple:

  • One of our Recovery Team can assess your Day Care needs quickly and match these needs to the range of therapies being delivered each week
  • Together, you can work out a timetable over a number of weeks that works for you, ensuring that your outside commitments and your recovery therapy don’t clash.
  • The frequency and volume of these sessions will very much depend on your needs, but you remain in control of this
  • Once you have agreed your timetable of sessions, our team will make all the necessary arrangements for you and work out your treatment costs. These will depend very much on which services you need, how often and where.

These services provide you with the very best of both worlds – excellent treatment and rehabilitation at days and times to suit you and your commitments.

The range of day care sessions you could receive include:

  • Recovery Planning
  • Therapeutic Recovery Groups
  • Counselling
  • One-One Support Sessions
  • Holistic Therapies
  • Activity Groups
  • Recovery Plan Reviews

During your day care, you would be part of the groups and enjoy all the benefits and services available at the centre; which would include any meals or refreshments.

It is important that we maintain the safety and support of all our clients during their care with us; including day cases. Any day care clients MUST remain drug or alcohol free when attending our service for their day care sessions.  The company will require all day care clients to participate in drug or alcohol screening each time, to ensure that you have not used either of these prior to attendance at your sessions. You will also be required to abide by the Company’s behavioural guidelines during these sessions and failure in these areas may result in your day care arrangement being terminated.

The road to recovery can be long. Our Day Care services ensure that we can keep walking by your side on this journey, while you are able to keep living your day to day life.