Alcohol Addiction Signs, Complications and Recovery

Alcohol Addiction Signs, Complications and Recovery

Acknowledging whether an alcohol addiction is present can be difficult. For most, a glass or two will have little effect. However, for others, alcohol abuse and alcoholism are present.

Alcohol Addiction Signs

Do you find it difficult to cope through certain situations without consuming alcohol? Maybe you wake up each morning craving some form of alcoholic drink? Or maybe you suffer withdrawal symptoms if alcohol isn’t consumed? If you’ve answered yes, it’s time to stop drinking and admit a dependency of alcohol is present.

An alcohol addiction can affect anyone and can creep up at any given time. For some, consuming alcohol in their working environment has led to a dependency. For others, negative life episodes have caused a downward spiral of daily, unhealthy intake. Whichever scenario, an alcohol addiction can be highly dangerous. See the complications of alcohol abuse and alcoholism below.

To fully understand whether you or a loved one are living with an alcohol addiction, here are some tell-tale signs. If you spot any of these signs, seeking support through a recovery programme will be recommended:

  • You have the inability to stop after one drink of alcohol.
  • You are drinking alone, in secret or at home.
  • You fail to function properly without consuming some form of alcohol.
  • Your quality of life, health, relationships and career are experiencing negative effects from alcohol consumption.
  • You crave alcohol at random times.
  • You find it difficult to progress through certain situations without consuming alcohol.
  • You make excuses for consuming alcohol.

Now there are many further signs that an alcohol dependency may be on the horizon, however, above are some of the common scenarios. If you are experiencing any signs of an alcohol addiction, now is time to seek medical advice. If you believe that an early-stage addiction may be developing, see how a dependency can cause complications below.

The Complications Of An Alcohol Addiction

Whether alcohol dependency has just started, or you’ve been living with a long-term addiction, high consistent consumption of alcohol is dangerous. To many, it is perceived innocently. With harder drugs on the market, alcohol is rarely categorised as one, when in fact it is a hazardous drug.

There are 3 stages to alcoholism. Each having an effect on your quality of life and health in differing severities.

Early-stage alcoholism: This is where your usual weekly social drink turns into a dependency to help you cope. An early sign is the increase of quantity and consistency, which will begin complications to your health. If caught quickly, little damage will happen. However, if ignored, middle-stage alcoholism will set in.

Middle-stage alcoholism: This is where your addiction begins to significantly increase. Your usual coping mechanism has turned into a dependency, where you fail to function properly without alcohol. You will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia and nausea, along with mental health issues such as depression. Those symptoms will increase your consumption, leading to greater health complications.

End-stage alcoholism: This is where your addiction has spiralled out of control, completely dominating your life. This is a highly dangerous stage, causing chronic physical and mental disorders. This is a difficult stage to recover from, however, with the right treatments and interventions, can be achieved. This stage can cause significant health complications, homelessness, break- down of relationships, and can reduce future life expectancy.

Whichever stage of alcoholism you are in, it’s time to get help. The long-term complications are not worth it…

If you continue to depend on alcohol you can expect to experience significant health complications. Health symptoms of alcoholism include seizures, cancer, anxiety, hallucinations, brain damage, birth defects and dementia. If not controlled, you could experience life threatening consequences like these. Seek medical support today and recover from your alcohol addiction before greater damage is caused.

Alcohol Addiction Recovery

No matter which stage of alcoholism you are currently experiencing, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can support you to long-term recovery. Our homely environment, luxury feel centres will provide you with a place where you can recover and work on yourself. Through our evidence-based addiction treatment programmes and 24/7 expert support, we have the experience to help you overcome your addiction.

Treating you as an individual, while visiting one of our residential rehab centres, you will be provided with a personalised treatment plan to follow. Within this plan you should expect to see a variety of methods helping to work on your psychological and physical connection to alcohol. We will work through your initial influences and help you conquer any mental health issues you are living with. A full detox plan will also be recommended, especially if your addiction is severe, to slowly reduce your dependency.

Addiction treatments will include support groups, individual therapy sessions, a full detox plan, mindfulness sessions, group activities and physical classes. Each are designed to help you overcome your alcohol addiction and promote long-term recovery. We will also provide you with healthy coping mechanisms to help you maintain recovery and overcome any future relapses.

Throughout your residential treatment and post rehab, we will offer expert support and guidance to ensure your recovery plan is being followed. We understand that once you are placed back into your home environment, old influences may attempt to pop up. To avoid any relapses, our team are at the other end of the phone to recommend the best possible steps to maintain your hard work and long-term recovery. We will ensure that your experience here at Rehab Clinics Group, whichever centre you visit, will be positive, and you will receive the best possible care to work on yourself. We understand how overcoming an alcohol addiction can be difficult. Therefore, we do our utmost to guide you through a difficult time, change it to positive steps, placing you on a clear road to recovery.

If you are concerned that signs of alcoholism are creeping in, whether health complications are arising, or you’re searching for a centre which promotes long-term recovery, contact our team today. We can provide you with all of the tools to overcome your alcohol addiction, whilst transforming your life.