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However, stigma surrounding addiction can be largely attributed to misleading information. Drug or alcohol addiction is shrouded in myth and stereotype. We strive to debunk those misconceptions and deliver real information about rehab in York and beyond. The reality is often very different to the classic portrayal.


What is the definition of addiction?

To be addicted to something is to be mentally and physically dependent upon it for happiness, contentment and a sense of purpose. People can be addicted to almost anything, from illicit substances such as cocaine, cannabis and heroin to compulsive behaviours like gambling, sex and even work.

Drug and alcohol rehab aims to break those addictive cycles, relying on cognitive behavioural therapy and other techniques to retrain our default reactions to triggers. Addiction treatment programmes vary depending on the substance in question, the extent of dependence and the timespan of usage disorder.

Addiction should be treated as an illness, not a conscious choice made by rebellious people. Substance addiction involves choice, as addicts elect to use certain drugs and alcohol. However, few people choose to become dependent on substances and, rather, come to feel powerless over their own actions in this regard.


It can be difficult to separate cause from effect in addiction. Dual diagnoses of substance abuse disorder and mental health conditions – such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder – speak to the commonality of these struggles. One often feeds another, exacerbating the entire problem.

For example, cocaine use is often linked to social anxiety, as people seek to fit in with certain social groups or escape from a sense of insecurity. Similarly, somebody diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder is more likely to chase highs using illegal drugs when the everyday world fails to excite and indulge them.

However, drugs and alcohol do not merely act as tools of escapism for people struggling with mental ill health. Long term substance abuse actually contributes to, exacerbates and in some cases triggers psychological turmoil. In turn, when trying to get better, some people turn to the things that are actually making them worse, failing to appreciate the health issues linked to drug and alcohol misuse.

We work hard to decode these complex relationships and deliver compassionate care in our treatment centres. As mental health becomes a key subject in communities across the nation, we have invested heavily to improve our treatment techniques. Improved success rates speak to our expertise in this regard, giving people confidence to use our services.


How to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol

Ending that cycle requires perspective. It also requires knowledge, awareness and analytical thinking, all of which are impaired by persistent substance abuse. That is why admitting addiction and accepting help from a rehab clinic is often so difficult for addicts and alcoholics. They are frequently unable to comprehend the world outside their own bubble of trigger and reaction, setback and destruction.

Nevertheless, we believe strongly in debunking the stigma surrounding addiction. Substance misuse can befall anybody at any time, just like any other illness. Entering a rehab programme should not be considered a display of weakness, but instead it should shine as a model of strength. Admitting you need help is often a harrowing step, but it the most important one you will ever make.

The journey from addiction to sobriety can be notoriously difficult. An addict must contend with severe withdrawal symptoms and relearn how to master their own emotions. They must appreciate that consuming alcohol and drugs is a choice, and that other choices exist. Healthier choices exist, and it is our job to reiterate those options through effective residential rehab.


Our approach to drug and alcohol rehab

We take an evidence-based approach to addiction treatment, relying on cutting-edge techniques and innovations. We believe in the power of various therapies – both independent and in groups – and also incorporate elements of stress management into our ethos.

Psychological wellbeing is a cornerstone of healthier lifestyles, and we work hard to introduce the transformative potential of arts, drama, music and relaxation to clients. Mindfulness is another core ingredient in our approach, as is diet, nutrition and healthier sleep.

We tailor each addiction treatment plan to the specific individual. Rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach, regurgitating the same processes amid mounting demands and diminishing resources, we invest time and energy to understand each person in their own context. We treat the human, not just the illness, reducing the likelihood of relapse.

The classic imagery of rehab facilities can often deter people from finding the help they need. In particular, private rehab has made a lot of progress in recent decades, and we prioritise comfort over everything else. If somebody is comfortable, they are more likely to engage with our treatment procedures. By extension, that increases the chances of sustainable success, enriching lives for the long haul.


Getting drugs and alcohol help in York

It can be difficult to identify quality when searching for drug and alcohol rehab in York. There are many options available online, and people can be forgiven for rushing their decision and simply contacting the first phone number they come across.

We are available 24 hours a day to answer any questions or queries that may arise. From basic information requests to more nuanced recommendations on effective treatment, our specialist team is on hand to point you in the right direction.

You can contact Rehab Clinics Group on 0800 470 0382 or via email and web chat. We offer support for difficult conversations, taking a versatile approach to consultation, assessment and admission.

Our aftercare treatment is unrivalled, allowing us to confidently offer transformative live experiences through drug and alcohol rehab in York and surrounding areas. Get in touch today, no matter how big or small your query, and we will help kick-start your journey to a bright future, one step at a time.