How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

How To Stop Drinking Alcohol

An addiction to alcohol is a behavioural illness, causing both physical and psychological impacts. Without sourcing effective support through an alcohol addiction rehab, life-threatening effects are likely.

Whether you’re in the early stages of an alcohol dependency or have lived with it for years, drinking heavily, no matter how long you’ve suffered, it’s important to acknowledge that an issue is present, before effects escalate.

Attempting to stop drinking alcohol by yourself wouldn’t be recommended with many connected health concerns. Yet, depending on the severity of an alcohol fixation, this route may be successful.

However, the majority of our clients here at Rehab Clinics Group have required a comprehensive alcohol detox and further appropriate addiction treatment. See our recommendations below if you’re considering reducing or stopping your alcohol consumption, along with ways we can support you through this difficult time.

Is It Possible To Stop Drinking Alone?

Aiming to stop drinking alcohol alone can be a highly daunting, difficult time. Going cold turkey is an overwhelming process, causing substantial side effects. Will power can only go so far with many alcoholics.

With this in mind, our team here at Rehab Clinics Group will always recommend the support of addiction professionals. Whether that’s through regular outpatient treatment or inpatient, residential rehab programmes, rates for long-term recovery will advance significantly.

However, for individuals with mild alcohol addictions or abuse, overcoming this and putting a stop to drinking may be probable. However, the majority will relapse long-term, without fully overcoming their connection to alcohol.

With this in mind, for most, attempting to stop drinking alcohol alone will be impossible. Life-altering alcohol withdrawal symptoms are likely, along with possible health implications. As there are many industry-leading addiction treatments out there to help those aiming for a sober future, invest in yourself with the probability of remaining sober long-term.

The alcohol rehab process should be overseen by medical professionals. When seeking support, please ensure that you are in safe hands, which we can guarantee here at Rehab Clinics Group.


The Effects of Consistent Alcohol Consumption

Although consistent alcohol consumption or an extra glass of wine may seem like a good idea at the moment, long-term consumption can, and will lead to health implications.

Common signs and symptoms of an addiction to alcohol include the inability to stop drinking, powerlessness over the amount of alcohol consumed, regular withdrawal symptoms influencing greater alcohol consumption and linked physical and mental health issues, brought on through drinking.

Without controlling your alcohol addiction, familiar side effects include mental health issues such as paranoia, anxiety and depression, along with physical issues such as concerns with blood pressure levels, organ failure and malnourishment.

Although side-effects may currently feel controlled, as tolerances develop, alcohol levels will increase, moving you closer to the above scenarios. With this in mind, the sooner you stop drinking alcohol and work towards a sober future, the less lasting damage will be caused.


The Effects of Reducing Alcohol Intake

While immediate difficulties will be present while attempting to reduce or stop drinking alcohol, once initial treatment has been completed, significant positive feelings are probable.

Before reaching this road to recovery, completing addiction treatment can be difficult, especially if a chronic alcohol addiction and connected mental health issues are present. However, once this first step has been overcome, clients will usually feel energised, motivated and happy, along with sleeping better and moving towards optimal health.

Now although all previous damages will not be overcome, significant effects can be turned on their heads, helping to boost your overall health. Alcohol detoxes will help to remove any toxins while realigning the bodies functionality and organ health.

Likewise, psychological treatment will help to realign the mind, while working on any mental health issues. These immediate results are known to commonly boost our client’s morale while promoting greater recovery long-term.

With the right support, an alcohol-free future can be set as a goal and achieved!


How To Stop Drinking With Support

If you are struggling through an alcohol addiction, or believe your drinking is advancing, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of industry-leading addiction treatments to support you. We appreciate how difficult this time can be, no matter the side effects or the severity of your addiction.

With this in mind, we have a number of reputable rehab centres, dotted across the UK and Spain to aid you through a journey of addiction transformation. Our state-of-the-art facilities, addiction treatments, relaxing, private environments, and professional, highly qualified teams will ensure your experience to a sober future is positive. By visiting one of our rehabs, your likelihood to stop drinking alcohol long-term will increase substantially.

Although a daunting, difficult road may initially be on the horizon, rehab programmes for alcohol addictions are beneficial. Your initial hard work and commitment will help you stop drinking alcohol moving forward.


Alcohol Addiction Treatments for Long-Term Recovery

One of the biggest benefits experienced by our clients include our evidence-based addiction treatments. On your arrival to either of our rehab centres, you will be greeted with a personalised treatment plan, including treatments to help you stop drink. A holistic route to recovery will be promoted, including physical treatments such as alcohol detoxes, and psychological sessions, such as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Each will work on reducing your alcohol intake, with the end goal to completely diminish your consumption. All treatment options will work together to work on your health while supporting your family members through this difficult time. You’ll leave feeling prepared to tackle the outside world while you continue to stop drinking alcohol and utilise healthy coping mechanisms.

If you are looking to stop drinking alcohol, reach out to our compassionate team to start your personal treatment journey. Your rehab experience will help you reduce your consumption, leading to a sober future. Please remember that alcohol addiction can be overcome with the right support. Attempting to go cold turkey will be an ineffective route, especially if your consumption is high.


Common FAQs Considering Alcohol Addiction and How To Stop Consumption

If you are thinking about reducing or stopping your alcohol consumption for good, view our common FAQs below regarding the process. Likewise, you can contact our team to discuss your goals and personal experience with alcohol to select the most appropriate steps moving forward.

  • How easy is it to stop drinking alcohol?

    Depending on the severity and consistency of your alcohol intake, the ease of rehabilitating will vary. If your consumption is mild, usually influenced by peer pressure or work-related stress, reducing how much you drink could be worked on alone, pretty quickly. However, if there’s a greater underlying issue, or you believe alcoholism is developing, the process of rehabilitation may be more difficult and time consuming. Although recovery with our team here at Rehab Clinics Group is likely, we do not sugar coat the process. There will be difficult times. However, with our wide variety of addiction treatments and consistent expert support, this process can be eased.
  • How long does it take to stop drinking alcohol fully?

    Again, this will all depend on a number of factors. Firstly, your previous experience with alcohol and how it affects you. Secondly, your long-term goals and commitment to recovery. Thirdly, the support you receive and the route you select to promote recovery. And finally, your motivation post treatment. All of these factors can influence if putting a stop to your alcohol intake is probable long-term. Please be aware that if a comprehensive rehab programme is selected, timeframes will vary for all clients of ours. However, the key aim will be to recover holistically, following an efficient route.
  • Can I stop drinking from home?

    If you are living with a mild fixation, causing little impact to your life, completing regular treatment options from home is possible. In collaboration with a local rehab centre, learning how to stop drinking alcohol for the long-run can be achieved. However, please be aware that this route will only be recommended if deemed appropriate. We will only recommend treatment options which will benefit our clients long-term.
  • How immediate can I receive your support with my alcohol addiction?

    If you select to complete a rehab programme here at Rehab Clinics Group, our support and guidance can be received immediately. We believe that this initial period of your admission is very important. Therefore, we will assign you to a personal addiction consultant and begin to devise your individual treatment programme. We understand how difficult this time may be. Therefore, we ensure an efficient process if offered to help you sooner, rather than later.
  • What is the likelihood of an alcohol relapse?

    If you’ve completed a comprehensive treatment plan to help you stop drinking, the risk of an alcohol relapse will minimise significantly. However, it is important that you remember that relapses can happen to anyone. Yet it is the way that you deal with this moving forward which will influence your future with alcohol. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we will ensure you are prepared to lead a future without alcohol, with steps to take if temptation appears. Ensuring that your initial recovery programme is effective will reduce any future worries.