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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Dewsbury

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Dewsbury

Drug and alcohol addiction is much more common than people think. Throughout the UK, more and more people are reaching out for help. And here at Rehab Clinics Group Dewsbury, our compassionate, caring and expert staff are ready to help you overcome your demons.  

A part of the Rehab Clinics Group, we’re one of the UK’s largest groups of private drug and alcohol treatment. We offer bespoke, dignified care and therapy throughout our range of locations. We’re registered with the Care Quality Commission and our facilities offer the very best in comfort and luxury to ensure your stay is pleasant and prosperous. 

All of our locations will consider your budget and needs to ensure you receive the best rehabilitation for your circumstances. 


We are the leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic in West Yorkshire, though we welcome anyone from all parts of the UK and beyond through our doors. We offer multiple courses of treatment options and treatment programmes – all with the goal of long term recovery. 


The first and often most difficult part of your treatment will be accepting your condition. You may have noticed a decline in your physical and mental health yourself, or perhaps a friend or family member has raised it with you. You may be in complete denial about this – those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction often are the last to realise. 

Why choose Drug and alcohol treatment?

If you’re dependent on alcohol or drugs you are likely to be in denial even when still taking either substance. Your weight may have wildly fluctuated or a lack of care in your physical appearance has taken place. You may have argued with loved ones, perhaps aggressively, even though you know they have a point. 

Mental health issues will likely manifest themselves. Depression and anxiety are part and parcel of facing addiction. Additionally, many people fall victim to addiction as they seek a cure for these illnesses. Drugs or alcohol may temporarily numb the pain but send you heading into an entirely different problem – that of addiction. 


Accepting that you have a problem

Accepting that you have a problem is the bravest, hardest and first step you’ll need to take. 

It may be that you’re researching this treatment for a loved one or a friend. You may notice a change in someone’s behaviour. Addictions and addictive behaviours may lead to a wide range of distressing symptoms and consequences – such as the breakdown of relationships, reduced work performance, a deterioration in physical health and a negative effect on personal or family finances. 

Recognising an alteration in someone’s behaviour or appearance requires action. Lending an ear to someone is not just a social thing to do – it can potentially save their lives. Asking how someone is, and listening to their response, can help a problem to be identified earlier than it might normally be. 

If you have identified a problem, it would be wise to tell the person you’re concerned about to discuss the issue with their family or reach out to them directly if possible. Family members may be able to correlate issues they have noticed at home and can begin the process of looking after their loved one. An individual can admit themselves or family members may choose to do this on their behalf. 

The physical impact of drug or alcohol addiction is well documented. Our drug and alcohol treatment programmes are reasonably priced and we’re here to help you detox and handle any withdrawal symptoms. Physical or psychological, we’re here to help you take this tough step – we can’t do that for you, but we will work with you to make every step along the way tailored to suit your needs. 

Our rehab  

Here at rehab clinic groups Dewsbury, We believe in the rehab services that we offer. So much so that we welcome you and your family a free tour of our facilities. A very modern treatment centre, you’ll be welcome to take a look around and approach our friendly staff with any queries that you might have. We’ll educate you on our approaches to addiction treatment, our support services and we’ll be very pleased to show you our luxury accommodation. This won’t cost you a penny and visiting us is no obligation to begin treatment. 

Recovery from drug and alcohol is long, winding and often overwhelming. You’re not alone in your struggle. We can guarantee that there are no waiting lists to endure and we’ll endeavour to complete your personal assessment on the same day you visit us. We’re ready to begin your alcohol or drug rehab when you are and we’ll be there for you 24 hours a day. 

When you join us, you’ll begin a twenty-eight-day programme of treatment, therapy and group discussion in some of the most relaxed surroundings you could wish to encounter. We’ll explore and discuss the root cause of your issue and how to avoid a repeat in the future. Battling and overcoming addiction is not easy and certainly not easily cured. We’re proud of our aftercare. 


Whilst you’ll leave our treatment plan with a clear and refreshed mind, old habits are all too easy to slip into. We’ll be by your side for twelve months after you leave us, only ever a phone call away. The Rehab Clinics Group can be contacted by telephone if you are feeling concerned that you’re about to give in to temptation. Our aftercare support team made up of drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, medical professionals and volunteers will be here to guide you. 

This isn’t a fight we can win for you, but with our professional help, you’ll have the best chance we can give you. Call us today on 03301 596 494  or text HELP to 83222 today to ask about how we can help you. It could be the most important telephone call you ever make.