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Alcohol Rehab Centres In West Yorkshire

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire

Has it recently occurred to you that you cannot function without consuming drugs or alcohol?

It may be time for you to obtain professional support and enrol on a treatment programme at a drug and alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire.

Each year, a devastating 314,000 potential years of life are lost to addiction.  In 2019, drug-related deaths in Leeds alone hit an all-time high.

As the number of people losing their lives to drug and alcohol addictions across West Yorkshire continues to rise, we would urge you to contact us if you are silently suffering from an addiction.

Signs You Need to Obtain Professional Support

Drug and alcohol addictions are often left to escalate and become fatal before those suffering consider seeking addiction treatment.  Unfortunately, this means that when treatment is finally obtained, the intensity of the programme required is somewhat higher than it needs to be.

Treatment may also take longer than anticipated.  While you may not like the thought of admitting that you need support with your addiction, the earlier an addiction is addressed, the easier it is to treat.

If you are unsure if you need to seek professional support from a drug or alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire, we have listed a few physical and psychological signs and symptoms that will indicate that it is time to reach out to us below;

  •  – Struggling to complete basic tasks and concentrate before consuming drugs or alcohol
  • – Feeling sick, suffering from shivers or headaches when you are unable to access drugs or alcohol
  • – Enhanced mood swings and irritability
  • – Decline in your mental health
  • – Struggling to sleep at night and suffering from insomnia
  • – Lack of interest in your usual hobbies
  • – Relationships and friendships breaking down due to distancing yourself from others or an increase in arguments
  • – Unexplained weight loss
  • -Trouble remembering what someone has said to you

If you have noticed any of the above symptoms in yourself, it is likely that on top of battling an alcohol addiction, you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.  If this is the case, you must reach out to us as soon as possible so that we can help you successfully detox and recover from your addiction.

The Treatment Available at A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in West Yorkshire

Regardless of whether you live in Leeds, Bradford, Halifax or Huddersfield, we can provide you with world-class drug and alcohol treatment programmes.

Our programmes are specifically designed based on your individual needs.  We will assess the impact your addiction has had on you and come up with a suitable treatment programme that will aid your recovery.

At our drug and alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire, your treatment programme will consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

Commonly administered treatments in our rehabs include cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy and individual therapy.

Combined with detoxification, these therapies enable you to comprehend what caused your addiction, harness various coping strategies and prepare you for life outside of rehab.

In some cases, our therapy also includes family therapy.  This is often taken advantage of if addictions have caused family units to breakdown.

The Benefits of Addiction Treatment

As an addiction takes over, the chances are that relationships will become impaired, and your overall health will decrease. You may also feel as though you do not have a future without drugs or alcohol.  This can cause you to think that life simply is not worth it.

However, together we can turn your life around and put your addiction in the past. As you obtain treatment and advance through your recovery, you will notice that the spring you once had in your step begins to return.

You will start to believe that life beyond drugs and alcohol exists and you will notice that the dark days subside, making way for a brighter future.

In addition to an increase in positive feelings, benefits of seeking addiction treatment include;

  • – Improvement in your physical and psychological well-being
  • – You will have the ability to repair relationships that may have been impacted by the addiction
  • – You will live a healthier and happier life
  • – Addiction treatment will set you up for future success
  • – Treatment will ensure that you are prepared to resume your normal everyday life without the desire to consume drugs or alcohol

Do I Have to Tell Anyone That I Am Considering Rehab?

Although you may feel ashamed or embarrassed to tell your nearest and dearest that you are considering attending a drug and alcohol rehab in West Yorkshire, informing them of your decision will provide you with additional support.

The support you will receive from your family and friends is vital and will motivate you to overcome your addiction. It will also keep you on track as you complete your treatment programme and begin aftercare.

Having said this, the decision to tell others that you are looking to attend rehab and obtain addiction treatment is entirely yours to make. When you contact us, we will respect your wishes.  As always, our treatment is confidential.

How We Have Helped Others

We understand that part of your decision when it comes to deciding on whether to attend rehab will surround our success rates.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we are proud that the exceptional services offered by our teams have helped us to achieve incredible recovery rates.

Many of our former clients reach out to us to let us know how they are getting on.  Whether they are weeks, months or years into their recovery, they are proud of their recovery and the progress that they continue to make, day in, day out.

Taking the first step in seeking addiction treatment will feel similar to being on a roller-coaster; however, we are here to help you every step of the way.

If you would like to discuss our treatment options, facilities or have a chat about how you are feeling, contact us today.