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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Edinburgh

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Edinburgh!

Although reaching out for support and treatment through a rehab centre may be daunting, this will advance your likelihood of leading a sober future, back in Edinburgh. If this is your current situation, reach out to our team here at Rehab Clinics Group for our expert recommendations and guidance.

With our help, overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction is probable. Firstly, acknowledge that an issue is present, and we can help you through holistic and medical therapies

Seeking Support Through A Rehab In Edinburgh

If you are suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction, great treatment options in Edinburgh are available. However, waiting for NHS services or local rehabs in Edinburgh may be lengthy and inconsistent.

With this in mind, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we commonly promote residential rehab programmes, requiring a small move for a time of rehabilitation. Although this may seem like a serious step to take, please remember that a drug and alcohol addiction is classified as a behavioural illness; therefore, focus and energy should be invested to promote recovery like any other illness.

To ensure that you have plenty of time and focus to work through your own personalised treatment plan, a number of rehab centres are available here at Rehab Clinics Group. From our Spain based luxury facility to our Blackpool located professional rehab centre, we have a wide range of treatment options on hand to support you.

Before common damages linked to drug and alcohol consumption impact your and your family’s lives, reach out for our support. The most suitable recommendations will be provided, helping you return to Edinburgh, prepared and motivated to prolong a sober future.


The Impact Of A Drug and Alcohol Addiction

For many, drug and alcohol consumption may be controlled, affecting the body and mind minimally. However, for those with little control, presenting signs of an addiction, drug and alcohol consumption can lead to life-threatening impacts.

Common side effects include psychological impairment, including anxiety, depression and even schizophrenia, along with physical deterioration including organ failure, heart attacks and seizures.

Now although your current situation may not resemble the above side effects, without controlling or stopping substance abuse, negative effects are likely. Large measures of alcohol and drugs are dangerous and damaging for the body and mind. Therefore, continuous use will slowly chip away at your overall wellbeing.

Alongside health deterioration, a drug and alcohol addiction will impact a user’s life in many different ways. From crime and homelessness to family breakdowns and feuds, life-altering episodes have high associations.

Whether you’re currently struggling with the impacts of a drug and alcohol addiction, or believe a mild fixation is developing, considering a rehab programme away from Edinburgh will help you avoid any further damage.


Why Rehab Support is Beneficial

Although many individuals will prefer to recover while situated at home in Edinburgh, by relocating to a residential rehab centre, recovery speed and probability will advance.

Here at either of our Rehab Clinics Group centres, you’ll receive around the clock care, guidance and treatment to work through your drug and alcohol consumption. As rehabilitation can be a difficult process, it is important that immediate, on-hand support is available, with both a professional and medical eye.

By attempting to go cold turkey at home, environmental and habitual factors will be present, distracting you from your recovery, along with the added risk when considering withdrawal symptoms. Please remember that withdrawal symptoms will be present, motivating greater consumption and side effects, taking over your control.

Therefore, although attending a rehab centre may seem daunting, the probability of completing a treatment programme once will increase. By completing treatment at a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, long-term relapse potential will grow, resulting in further rehabilitation.

Please be aware that rehab experiences and timescales can differ from person to person. A common alcohol detox will follow a 28-day programme. However, depending on a number of personal factors, timescales and addiction treatments will vary.

Tackle your drug and alcohol addiction head-on, by diminishing all underlying connections, once and for all.


Industry Leading Rehab-Based Treatment

By selecting one of our rehab centres, you will be welcomed with a personalised treatment programme. This will be created by taking your drug and alcohol consumption, its severity and the side effects experienced into consideration. This approach will ensure that your underlying trigger and any mental health issues can be dealt with holistically.

Within your treatment programme, you will complete a number of our industry-leading holistic therapies, including medically supervised alcohol and drug detoxes, therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, and family counselling sessions. Each will work in tandem to help you slowly disconnect from your drug and alcohol addiction while preparing you for a future back in Edinburgh.

Alongside our residential rehab programmes, for all individuals who’ve completed a full rehab programme, outpatient aftercare services will be offered for up to 1-year post-rehab. This service will ensure your recovery plan is implemented and followed long-term.


Our Support Here at Rehab Clinics Group

If you are searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Edinburgh, consider our support here at Rehab Clinics Group. Our number of industry-leading addiction treatments, our personalised holistic approach, our expert team of professionals and our luxury, state-of-the-art facilities will promote long-term recovery.

We have high success rates when considering the completion of our residential rehab programmes and our aftercare services, with the confidence that with our help, you’ll return home to Edinburgh, sober.

Reach out today for further information, or to arrange your admission at one of our rehab centres. Take the first step to a positive future by considering professional, experienced support.

Avoid struggling through this difficult time alone, by sourcing reputable, effective rehab programmes. We can help you transform your view on substance abuse today.