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Drug and Alcohol Centres in Burntisland

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Burntisland

Based in Burntisland, in Fife, Scotland, we are one of the country’s leading private drug and alcohol rehab centres. Our Burntisland clinic, part of the Rehab Clinics Group, is near an award-winning sandy and just an eight-mile drive from Edinburgh.

You’ll receive a warm welcome from our team and enjoy comfortable rooms and a healing atmosphere. We’ve helped hundreds of people conquer a drug or alcohol addiction. Take a look at some of our success stories and contact us to find out how we can help.


Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Burntisland

Our rehab centre in Burntisland focuses on drug and alcohol rehabilitation. We empower people to break a substance abuse problem for good through a full range of evidence-based treatment options.

Rehab Clinics Group has treated every variation of addiction and every type of addict. We’ve treated young and old, people with families, working professionals, male and female – there’s no typical addict.

We understand that you may have an alcohol or drugs problem that’s out of control. Have you tried to stop, but the compulsion keeps dragging you back? Let us help with your recovery from addiction.


What Type Of Addictions Do You Treat?

You can access treatment for alcohol addiction or illegal or legal drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, heroin, amphetamines, and mephedrone. We also treat prescription drug addiction.


Addiction Treatment At Our Burntisland Rehab Clinic

If you haven’t stayed at a drugs and alcohol treatment centre, you may be unsure what to expect.

We offer tailored addiction services consisting of therapy options and supervised alcohol or drugs detoxes. Making a long-term recovery from alcohol or drugs once you leave us is challenging, but there’s every chance of success with superb aftercare.


Are You Ready For Addiction Treatment?  

Drug or alcohol addictions can be short or long term. At our Burntisland treatment centre, we’ve successfully treated addicts with long-standing substance abuse problems. We’ve also helped those who have found themselves addicted in a surprisingly short space of time.

If your life is spiralling out of control due to a drug and alcohol addiction, then residential rehab is the best place for you. You’re likely you have a problem if you recognise any of these symptoms or behaviours in yourself:

-You look generally unwell

-You find it difficult to cut down on alcohol or drugs

Mental health problems intensifying

-Stealing to pay for alcohol or drugs. Includes selling things that aren’t yours

-Using alcohol or drugs alone, without anyone knowing

-Lying to everyone, especially close family

-Fluctuating sleep patterns such as staying awake for days or sleeping all day

-Socialising with other heavy drug or alcohol users

-Weight, skin and hair changes such as hair loss and thinning, spots, grey skin

-Extreme moods ranging from anger to anxiety

-Every waking moment is spent thinking about using drugs or alcohol

-Cancelling social engagements or calling sick to work to use drugs or alcohol


How Do Inpatient Rehab And Outpatient Rehab Differ?

Inpatient rehab involves a stay away from home at our Burntisland clinic. Patients benefit more from a stay at residential rehab than completing treatment at home. Inpatient rehab is free from everyday distractions. It’s a change of scene, and patients can access care 24 hours, seven days a week. There is usually a set timetable to encourage positive routines and free time for you to read or relax.

Our admissions team can advise you on the admissions process and length of stay – it’ll be anything from a few weeks to 90 days. Please don’t worry about sharing information with the team. They’ve experienced drug and alcohol problems themselves and understand what you’re going through.

Outpatient rehab means you stay at home to receive your treatment, and we usually suggest this for mild addictions. This type of rehab is ideal for people who need to work or if they have family responsibilities. You’ll still have access to support groups and family therapy.


The Detoxification Process – What Is It?

Years and months of drug or alcohol abuse can ravage the body. Everyday cravings become standard for an addict, but the unpleasant feelings and physical desperation to consume remain.

When you join us for residential addiction treatment, you’ll complete a drug or alcohol detoxification. A detox is challenging. It removes substances from the body, taking away physical cravings.

Medically supervised detoxes by qualified staff help control withdrawal symptoms – it’s not a sudden, quick-withdrawal approach.


Treatment Options

You’ll likely start to feel physically better after completing your detox. The next stage is looking after your mental health. Drug and alcohol abuse can take its toll on the mind, illuminating existing mental illnesses. Depression intensifies, anxiety becomes all-encompassing, and stress levels explode.

If we diagnose a mental health issue, or you’re already managing a pre-existing condition, there are lots of treatment options for you. Cognitive behavioural therapy, tailored therapy sessions and group meetings are all designed to aid in your journey to recovery. A stay at our drug and alcohol rehab in Burntisland means you can access the best psychiatrists, counsellors, mental health workers and addiction specialists.


Relapse Prevention And Aftercare

Previous patients have told us the toughest part of the rehab process is when you get back to the outside world. The biggest challenge happens when you return to your old life, social groups and routines.

Hopefully, you’ll have supportive friends and family waiting for you in Burntisland when you return home. If you don’t have a network, don’t worry; ALL our patients can access free aftercare for a year. Support groups where you meet former addicts are a great comfort as you can learn about each other’s experiences. Family therapy brings together those affected by behavioural addiction by healing rifts and repairing fractured relationships. Individual counselling builds upon talking therapies that began in residential rehab.


Drug And Alcohol Rehab Burntisland – Contact Us Today

Are you ready to change your life? Breaking an addictive cycle can be challenging, but entering residential rehab will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

To learn more about drug and alcohol rehab in Burntisland, contact Rehab Clinics Group today.