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Common signs of alcohol or drug abuse

Admitting that you have an alcohol or drug problem is extremely difficult. Many people push this into the back of their minds and can even be in denial that they have a problem at all. This denial is quite common as it’s only natural to try and hide the impact that addiction is having on your life as so many people still perceive this to be a weakness. Despite this, it’s crucial that you seek out the advice of a recognised rehab clinic as soon as you notice any signs of addiction to alcohol or drugs.

Take the first step and contact our friendly admissions team, your life changing experience can then begin. The same goes if you have any concerns about a loved one who could be suffering from substance abuse, look out for these common signs which could indicate that they need urgent professional support during this difficult time.

Is your loved one avoiding socialisation or have you noticed their behaviours significantly changing in a negative or irrational way? Are they experiencing unprecedented financial difficulties which could possibly be linked to funding a drug or alcohol addiction? Perhaps they’ve made friends with a new circle of people who could be a bad influence, encouraging social drinking or drug taking? You may have noticed a change in their physical appearance like a pale or gaunt appearance, skin sores, bloodshot eyes, or a significant change in their weight. Any of these signs could mean that they’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol or drugs and need crucial addiction treatment; now is the time to seek out support before the damaging impact of alcohol and drug abuse gets any worse.


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Residential rehab or outpatient rehab

Beginning your recovery journey can be a very challenging time. It can feel as though there are a lot of decisions to make which can be overwhelming. At our drug and alcohol rehab Inverclyde, we have an excellent team of addiction specialists who are happy to discuss the various treatment options and therapies available to help you make the best decision for your recovery.

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’ll join residential rehab or receive outpatient treatment. As an outpatient at our rehab clinic, you’ll remain staying at home throughout your addiction treatment whilst visiting each day to undergo your treatment plan. In comparison, with residential rehab, you’ll stay overnight at our rehab in Inverclyde until you’ve completed your addiction treatment plan.

If you’re wondering which treatment option is best for you, there isn’t really a simple answer. Each of these treatment options have their own benefits and their own disadvantages, whichever is best for you is really dependent on the severity of your addiction and also on your own personal circumstances.

It’s been proven that residential rehab produces a higher rate of successful long-term recoveries than outpatient treatment. This is likely because in a residential rehab you benefit from a relaxed and motivating environment where you’re surrounding by an expert team of professionals to guide you through this difficult time. This motivational and recovery focused environment may not be achievable at home if you choose outpatient treatment. For many people their home environment may be a negative space which could easily distract from their rehabilitation, however, outpatient treatment does offer more flexibility than inpatient/residential rehab.

Drug and alcohol addiction aftercare

Following up your addiction treatment at our drug and alcohol rehab Inverclyde with an aftercare plan is essential to your overall recovery from substance abuse. Rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction is a complex process and takes a lot of effort and patience. With the expert knowledge and support of our fantastic team at our rehab in Inverclyde, you’ll have the best opportunity to create a future free from drugs and alcohol.

The high level of personalisation within your initial treatment plan will follow through to your aftercare plan. Personalisation is key to a successful recovery otherwise you could be following therapies which aren’t benefiting your recovery journey. At our drug recovery service, you’ll benefit from a 12-month aftercare plan free of charge to aid your transition back into homelife.

Our highly effective aftercare plan includes ongoing therapy sessions such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling, or relapse prevention as needed. We can also provide access to local support networks like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous which are very useful for group counseling and sharing your experiences with others who are in a similar situation to you.



  • What’s the best way to treat drug or alcohol addiction?

    This isn’t a simple question to answer as there’s no ‘one fits all’ approach - and so there shouldn’t be. Every person has a completely unique journey into how they developed an addiction to alcohol or drugs so it’s only realistic to expect a tailored treatment programme to be the most effective form of addiction treatment.
  • Do you need to undergo a drug or alcohol detox?

    As we mentioned, all of our treatment programmes are personalised, however, one of our highly recommended treatments for most people is a drug or alcohol detox. By gradually reducing your consumption of alcohol or drugs, a medically assisted detoxification can safely remove your physical connection to the substance giving your body and your mind the opportunity to cleanse from these harmful toxins. This process will likely result in some withdrawal symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, mild nausea, insomnia, seizures, or delirium tremens (the DT’s) which will be managed by our medical team.
  • Is drug and alcohol rehab expensive?

    How much drug and alcohol rehabs cost are dependent on a few different factors such as the length of addiction treatment you choose whether you choose residential rehab or outpatient treatment, and if you choose to go private or with the NHS. At our drug and alcohol rehab Inverclyde, we have an excellent range of treatment options available at different budgets, so don’t let cost be a barrier to turning your life around once and for all.