Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Leicester

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicester!

A drug and alcohol addiction can affect anyone, at any given time. Whether alcohol and drugs currently help you cope, are used in social situations, or you’ve never touched either in your life, influential triggers can set high consumption off.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of industry-leading facilities available, carrying high success rates following personalised rehabilitation programmes. Reach out for further information today, or to begin your personal rehab journey, promoting sobriety.


What Is Professional Support Needed?

Do you find it difficult to say no to substance abuse? Do you find it difficult to reduce consumption levels? Or maybe you’re living with mental health issues, triggering consistent consumption?

There are many symptoms and triggers linked to a drug and alcohol addiction. For every individual, the effects of drugs and alcohol, the severity of an addiction and the initial influential factors will vary. However, no matter the personal detail or experience, it is important that professional support is sourced if any form of an addiction is present.

Without taking control, detrimental impacts to an individual’s physical and psychological health is likely. Likewise, further mental health and behavioural habits are likely to develop, leading individuals down a slippery uncontrolled slope.

If you feel that a dependency is present, controlling and motivating your life, it’s time to reach out and make a change. This can be achieved by visiting a reputable drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester.


Seek Support Through A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Leicester

If you are at a point where completing a comprehensive recovery programme is required, there are many options local to Leicester. However, for greatest recovery probability, considering a small move to a residential rehab centre should be followed.

If your addiction is mild, carrying little effects, minimal treatment may be required, which can be completed at a rehab centre nearer to home. However, if your drug and alcohol consumption is impacting your life, in-depth treatment will be required to tackle your addiction holistically.

Patiently waiting for free NHS support will carry little effectiveness. Therefore, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we recommend a small move to one of our private rehab facilities; some local to Leicester, others a little further afield in Spain. This relocation will provide you with the focus to work through your personalised treatment plan, with little distractions or temptation in sight.

Additionally, by investing into a private residential addiction programme, expert support will be immediately on hand to guide you through rehabilitation. This will advance your recovery from your drug and alcohol addiction along with increasing your long-term likelihood of recovery.


The Rehab Process Here at Rehab Clinics Group

By visiting either of our rehab centres, a personalised journey will be followed. From your initial admission assessment, to your treatment plan, our compassionate team will listen to your story and requirements. This approach will ensure that the deep-routed issues influencing drug and alcohol consumption is dealt with.

This approach will further ensure that effective steps are set out to promote an efficient recovery process. With this in mind, each of our client’s recovery plans and timeframes will vary. However, each will receive consistent, high value support and care throughout rehab.

On your arrival, a personal treatment plan will be created and communicated. If you are comfortable with our recommendations, addiction treatments will begin to slowly diminish your drug and alcohol fixation. Please be reassured that throughout your rehab process, observations will be made to ensure that progression is continuing.

A number of our industry leading addiction treatments will be recommended to diminish your drug and alcohol addiction holistically. This will include both medically and psychologically driven treatment methods, all working together to promote lasting recovery.

Once you’ve completed a full rehab programme here at Rehab Clinics Group, on your arrival home to Leicester, our team will provide up to 1-year free aftercare support. This will prepare you for the transition back home; this is one of the most difficult steps for our clients, as old influences make an appearance. However, throughout your rehab journey and beyond you will be provided with healthy coping mechanisms to overcome any drug and alcohol relapses.

Our rehab programmes across centres in the UK and our Mediterranean estate carry high success rates. Our recovery probability is high if clients commit to completing our recommended treatments. We are passionate about supporting through seeking addiction treatment to a sober, happy and healthy future.


Suitable Treatment Options to Cure a Drug and Alcohol Addiction

If you are living with a drug and alcohol addiction, a mixture of medical, therapeutic and psychological treatments will be promoted. Each will work on both your physical and mental fixation to substance abuse, moving you closer to a cure. Although this step will be difficult at first, as withdrawal symptoms creep in, each will be beneficial to promote long-term recovery.

Addiction treatments likely to experience when considering a drug and alcohol addiction include medical detoxes, motivational therapy, support groups, cognitive behavioural therapy and individual counselling. The most ideal treatment options for you will be recommended and implemented to progress your rehabilitation.

If you are living with a dual diagnosis, where a connected mental health issue is present, our team will also work on this through appropriate psychological treatment. For many, connected mental health issues drive consumption. Therefore, a combination of treatments will ensure that all temptation and behavioural habits are conquered.


Reach Out for Our Support Today

Before greater damages set in, resulting in further future rehabilitation, reach out to our team. Searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Leicester may seem the easiest step. However, for an effective recovery process, considering some much-needed time away will provide you with the peace of mind and focus to recover.

Start your personal rehab journey here at one of our rehab centres. We will help realign your body and mind to lead a future without drugs and alcohol. Take the first step to your more fulfilling life by calling us on 03301 596 494 or complete our online contact form.