Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Liverpool

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you live in Liverpool

Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people every year. Rather than sweeping your problems under the rug, we’re here to resolve your addiction from its core. Identifying your own addiction can be daunting and challenging. But, once you’ve admitted to yourself that you need help, you’ve taken one step forward.


Factors to Consider for Addiction Recovery

It’s important to be aware that a rehab centre isn’t a quick-fix or an instant cure for an alcohol and drug addiction. Instead, rehabilitation centres are designed to offer support groups and treatment options which you can through the rest of your life and live in sobriety.

However, once you leave rehabilitation clinics, it’s down to you to continue applying the strategies you’ve learnt in a supervised condition to not relapse. With that being said, we offer aftercare treatment to support to continue sending you advice and acting as a shoulder to lean on.

Allow yourself to grieve your drug addiction. Many of the users who enter our clinics have been using substance abuse for a long time, so it’s difficult to imagine life with drugs. Therefore, rehab can be an emotional process as you discover that you’ll be parting with something which has been a massive part of your life. Allow yourself to accept this and prepare for a huge lifestyle change (and maybe even lost relationships too). Also, don’t be hard on yourself. Addiction can happen to anyone at any time, so allow yourself to breathe and make changes.

Registering to a drug rehab or alcohol rehab is the first step to recovery, but the hard work doesn’t stop there. Just like merely showing up to the gym won’t get you fit, attending a drug rehab isn’t enough to see permanent, positive results. We do agree that being positive and kind to yourself will help, but treating drug abuse requires commitment, hard work and most of all, actions.

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. Learn to master one thing at a time. Successful baby steps are better than giant steps just to get to the finish line. Put in the hard work and effort now, and you’ll feel the benefits for the rest of your life.


Choosing the Right Rehab Clinic for You

Life in rehab is a life-changing experience, and you want to ensure you choose the right company and environment for you. A local choice isn’t always the best decision because you need to have a physical and psychological detachment from your norms in order to focus on building new habits. Also, if your home is local, you’ll be likely to reach out to temptation during your tougher days. You’ll soon regret this and have to take four steps forward for that one step back. Finally, with family and friends so close, it’s far too difficult to concentrate on you and this new phase in your life.

If you’re looking for an Alcohol Rehab in Liverpool, we suggest the Ocean Recovery clinic – which is a part of Rehab Clinics Group. This facility is located in Blackpool, which is less than 90-minute drive-away and combines therapy with detox programmes to aid your recovery.

Throughout all of our Rehab Clinics Group centres, we provide options in Liverpool for people searching for a life free of drugs and alcohol. We provide comfortable and high-quality accommodation to help you feel comfortable and at home during your time with us. In addition to comfort, we heavily focus on treatment programmes to ensure you have the best chance of recovery surrounded by highly-supportive and medically-trained staff.

If you want to expand your distance beyond the North West, we have a facility in Spain which makes the perfect opportunity to unwind and refresh at the same time at recovering. We’re continuing to expand Rehab Clinics Group and develop more opportunities for clinics in Liverpool and outside the area too. This year, we’ll be launching a clinic in Towcester, Northamptonshire.


Your Treatment Options

We offer group and individual therapy sessions to everyone who enters our clinic. This follows after the detox programme to help get to the bottom of your addiction and adjust your mindset. Group therapy sessions work well because you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are all on the same journey as you. This helps to reiterate that you’re not alone. The sole purpose of group sessions is to develop a thorough understanding of the disorder.

Everyone in the group will introduce themselves and contribute something about their addiction. As you continue these group sessions, you’ll learn more about how addiction affects everyone. This is a great way to find comfort that everyone is in the same position as you. Many individuals will talk about how their addiction began which can help you better understand your experience too.

Combining group sessions with individual ones is a great way to reflect on the advice giving in both environments to make a positive change. Individual therapy is usually more intense and tends to operate on a question and answer basis. This provides your therapist with information to focus on your mental state. Their main objective is to work on how you perceive your addiction and processes to control it.

Aside from therapy, we also offer combination counselling sessions, physical exercise classes and more, which all work cohesively together to create a fuller and brighter future.

When we feel you’re ready to leave rehab and have shown excellent progress, we’ll continue to work with you to create a long-term success. Should you feel you need to return to rehab, we will always welcome you back. Alternatively, we’re only a phone-call away should you need additional support during any difficult times.