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We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Birkenhead

Are you living with the negative impacts linked to a drug and alcohol addiction? Although consumption starts off innocently, the likelihood of developing an addiction is high if a lack of control is present.

If you’re already suffering by misusing harmful substances, now should be your time to source a drug and alcohol rehab in Birkenhead or the surrounding area. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, our specialised rehab facilities carry high recovery success rates. If your long-term goal is to recover from misusing drugs and alcohol, contact us today.


Sourcing a specialised Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Birkenhead

Although sourcing a rehab centre a few roads down from your home comforts may seem ideal, when considering long lasting recovery, a minimal rate is probable. However, by completing a small move to one of our leading rehab centres associated with Rehab Clinics Group, your addiction recovery rate will significantly advance.

The key benefit of residential support includes the around the clock, specialised care you will receive, along with access to immediate addiction treatment. By depending on an independent facility or the NHS, treatment timeframes may lengthen, delaying your rehab journey.

A further key advantage of investing in a private rehab experience, set away from your Birkenhead home will be distance. This distance will allow you to concentrate on your recovery, rather that temptation or stimuli associated to your drug and alcohol consumption. This again will speed up your recovery timeframe and increase probability of rehabilitation.

Before greater damage is caused, reach out to our team. We will recommend the most appropriate rehab centre and treatment programme to suit your needs. Whether that be a Birkenhead local facility, or our Spain located centre, a high success rate is probable.


Why completing a Drug and Alcohol Rehab programme is important?

Without treating a drug and alcohol addiction, significant side effects causing life-limiting impacts are highly likely. Detrimental effects to an individual’s physical and psychological health are common. Additionally, the influence of connected mental health issues and further substance abuse are likely if expert support is avoided.

Once consumption becomes regularly, influencing consistent withdrawal symptoms, a chronic addiction can develop, resulting in the demand for significant rehabilitation.

If struggling with withdrawal symptoms is common for you, influencing greater consumption, or you believe an addiction may be on the horizon for a loved one, searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Birkenhead should be completed sooner, rather than later.

Additionally, many steps completed within rehab require medical supervision. A drug and alcohol detox programme can be dangerous without medical control. As consumption levels decrease, nausea, paranoia, irritability and sleepless nights are likely. Therefore, attempting to recover while checked into a residential rehab centre will help improve rehabilitation, while reducing future relapse potential.


Addiction treatments for those with a drug and alcohol dependency

If you choose to visit one of our centres in partnership with Rehab Clinics Group, you will have access to our leading specialised addiction treatments. We have a wide range of social, therapeutic, medical and psychological treatment options, ensuring that your addiction has been diminished holistically.

On your welcome, an initial assessment will be completed. This will gauge the severity of your drug and alcohol addiction, along with the effects it carries. This will help our team devise a suitable personalised treatment plan, along with your overall rehab experience.

From here, the initial first step will usually include a detox. For those with mild effects, a short detox may be required to release any toxins from the body. However, for those living with significant side effects, a comprehensive medical drug and alcohol detox will be required. Although this is one of the most difficult steps to take, if completed, recovery likelihood will boost significantly. Additionally, susceptibility to alternative therapies will increase, making sure your recovery journey is effective.

Once a detox has been completed, alternative therapies will be recommended. This will ensure your psychological wellbeing will be prioritised, working through any connected mental health issues. A handful of treatment options including cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational therapy, family sessions and group therapy will be promoted. Each will work on reducing your barriers, understanding your initial drug and alcohol trigger, along with improving your mindset on a future, both drug and alcohol-free.

To ensure relapse potential is minimised, educational sessions will also be promoted. We understand how difficult returning home to Birkenhead may be after a period of rehabilitation. Therefore, we confirm that you are ready with healthy coping mechanisms and skills to acknowledge a potential drug and alcohol relapse, while working through it effectively. Each step of our rehab programme will prepare you for a positive, healthy future, ensuring recovery is a priority.


Post rehab support here at Rehab Clinics Group

Post rehab, our Rehab Clinics Group team will continue to support you. If you have completed a rehab programme at either of our addiction specialised rehab centres, free aftercare services will be offered 1-year post check-out. This will include regular support groups and AA sessions to ensure you are following your recovery plan. We will work with you before your arrival home to ensure your recovery goals and roadmap are communicated.

We care about our client’s recovery journey. We believe that our continuous care provides our clients with the independence and skills to lead a drug and alcohol-free future.

If searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Birkenhead or the surrounding location is your next move, consider one of our UK based or our Spain located luxury estate today. Each will provide a home from home while you recover, along with professional care to help diminish your addiction. No matter your requirements, our compassionate team will support you through your personalised rehab programme. Reach out today to begin the admissions process of your own rehab journey.