Drug and Alcohol Treatment Wales

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you live in Wales!

Without expert support, an addiction can have a detrimental impact on a user’s and surrounding loved one’s lives. Common negative impacts include illness, crime, homelessness, family breakdowns and death.

Overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction is highly probable with the right support, treatment and people. Give yourself the best possible chance of addiction recovery by working closely with specialised addiction professionals.


When Is It Time To Seek Rehab?

Are you finding it difficult to avoid drugs and alcohol? Are you experiencing any side effects or withdrawal symptoms from consumption? Is your quality of life being affected by drug and alcohol abuse? If you’ve answered yes to either of the above, reaching out for expert support through rehab should be prioritised.

Although you may believe your addiction is currently manageable, a time will come where greater impacts arise. These impacts will be negative, influencing your capacity to lead a positive lifestyle. Dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction can be exhausting, life limiting and depressive. It can lead to further addictive behaviours and mental health issues. Therefore, before any further life-changing impacts enter your life, you should be open minded to sourcing support through rehab centres in Wales and the surrounding areas.

If this is your current situation, or you’re watching a family member suffer, reach out to our compassionate team today. We can guide you in the right direction through our number of rehab centres.


Residential Private Rehabilitation in Wales

For some clients, outpatient treatment will be recommended. This route will usually be taken if an addiction is minimal and well controlled. However, if a chronic dependency is present inpatient residential addiction treatment should be completed.

With constant pressure being placed on the NHS, it is highly difficult for those living with addiction to source quality, immediate support. Although private may be perceived as expensive, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of addiction programmes available for a range of budgets. We believe in the importance of helping all individuals suffering through drug and alcohol addiction.

Additionally, we promote residential rehab programmes to improve our patient’s likelihood of addiction recovery. We understand how difficult attempting to rehabilitate surrounded by your current influences can be. It is near enough impossible and dangerous to go cold turkey alone, within your home environment. By visiting a residential rehab, you will receive around the clock medical support, specialised treatments and the time to focus on yourself without any distractions.

Although moving from Wales for a short time may seem daunting, this will be beneficial long-term. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of specialised rehab centres ideal for individuals looking for change. Whether you’re hoping to stay closer to home in the UK or desire a change of scenery at our Spain based estate, you can expect to receive a positive experience at our popular centres. Whichever rehab clinic suits your requirements, you will receive our expert care and treatments, along with support with arranging transport and accommodation.

We will take your personal needs into considering while guiding the way through your rehab journey.


Addiction Treatment Benefiting Drug and Alcohol Users

Once you’ve selected an appropriate rehab centre you will be recommended a set of addiction treatments. By getting to know your drug and alcohol addiction greater, our medical team will have a clear understanding of the most effective methods moving forward.

From here, you will complete a number of physical and psychological treatments to diminish your addiction holistically. We will work on each area of your being, ensuring you are prepared to heal. Treatment options you can expect to complete will focus on your medical, social and psychological progression. Methods commonly used here at Rehab Clinics Group include medical detoxifications, cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, individual counselling and family therapy. Alongside our evidence-based treatments, you can also experience additional services to benefit your overall well-being.

Each of these treatments will work together to move you closer to long-term recovery. Each will get to the bottom of your drug and alcohol addiction, while helping to diminish those connections. You will also experience educational sessions to help you understand addiction greater, and how to deal with any future relapses.

Post rehab, our team will also support you through outpatient aftercare services. We offer your first-year post rehab free in order to support you through the initial transition period. We provide regular guidance, support groups, AA meetings and any further addiction treatment required. We will ensure you have a long-term recovery plan in place for your return home to Wales, easing the process for you and your loved ones.

By completing the full rehab process, from an initial treatment plan to outpatient support, complete recovery is highly probable. This is achieved through embracing each step of the rehab process, while committing to our industry leading treatments.


Get In Touch With Our Team Today

If you are struggling through the side effects of drug and alcohol abuse, please seek medical support before greater damage is caused. We can offer immediate guidance, along with recommending the most appropriate rehab centre for you.

We have worked with many clients from the Wales area, helping them find the most ideal rehab centre for them. We have a number across the UK, along with our luxury Alicante setting. We’ve successfully worked with many patients, helping them achieve their goals of long-term recovery.

Please be aware that rehab timeframes and treatments can vary from person to person. We do our utmost to provide an efficient rehab journey, however, do not believe in quick fixes. We will guide you throughout the process, no matter how long it takes.

Get in touch with our team today on 03301 596 494 to take the first step of conquering your drug and alcohol addiction. Return to Wales with life-changing skills, ready to lead a sober future.