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We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Swansea!

Are you suffering with consistent withdrawal symptoms, influencing greater drug and alcohol consumption? Have you been living with the negative side effects of an addiction for some time?

Living with any form of addiction, mental health issue or habit can be exhausting. The ups and downs, the vicious circles and the rollercoaster of emotions are all to be expected; making this time even more challenging.

However, it is important to remember that no matter how persistent or engrained your drug and alcohol addiction may be, there is potential to recover long-term. Additionally, there is the opportunity to get your life and health back on track, by diminishing the vicious circle of addiction.

If this sounds like your situation, reach out to our team here at Rehab Clinics Group. We can help you through this challenging time by recommending a personalised treatment programme, to complete at one of our industry leading rehab centres. Whether you’re searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Swansea or believe some time away from your current environment will be beneficial, we can take this into consideration.

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The impacts of a drug and alcohol addiction

Any addiction can be harmful. However, a drug and alcohol dependency, if uncontrolled can become highly hazardous to an individual’s physical and mental health.

As substances are being misused dangerously, there’s potential for life-threatening illnesses to develop, resulting in further rehabilitation, medication, mental health issues and hospital stays.

This may currently be far from your reality, yet without an element of control, your drug and alcohol addiction will result in similar impacts. Likewise, without sourcing specialised support, these negative side effects will continue to eat at your life, making general tasks difficult to complete.

Before this devastating time develops for you, or whether it has already, addiction treatment through a rehab centre will help to alleviate these side effects, while moving you to a sober future.


The importance of sourcing support, before it’s too late

As touched on above, time is of the essence when considering an addiction. Side effects can develop quickly for those using drugs and alcohol. With this in mind, the sooner you source the support of specialists, the easier your rehabilitation process will be; also influencing an efficient recovery timescale.

For some individuals, this step has been left too late, with unfortunate cases of death, prison and severe mental health issues. This however can be avoided by acknowledging that a problem is present through investing in a rehab centre today.


Drug and alcohol rehab facilities local to Swansea

If you are based in Swansea, there are a number of treatment options available to help you escape and overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

For some individuals, temptation will be in place to add their name to NHS treatment waiting lists. Although this is a cost-effective route, drug and alcohol addictions have become a UK crisis, resulting in a limited amount of support available.

Therefore, the best route possible will be to invest into a rehab facility. If your addiction has just started, where little side effects are present, visiting an alcohol and drug rehab in Swansea for outpatient rehab will be advisable. This will be an accessible, easy option, helping to recover while progressing with life itself.

However, for those suffering with addiction, this treatment option will carry little benefit. For someone living with a moderate to chronic drug and alcohol addiction, consistent treatment and support will be required, along with a comprehensive rehab plan to follow. This will boost recovery probability, while moving clients away from temptation and influential environments/peers.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of leading rehab facilities available. Each offer specialised support and addiction treatment, while helping clients rehabilitate and re-establish themselves. Whether you’re looking for a convenient drug and alcohol rehab in Swansea or within close proximity or would prefer some time away to progress your recovery, we have a facility available. Reach out for further information on each of our rehab facilities today. From Blackpool and Watford, to Spain, we can cater to your personal needs by recommending the most suitable location.


Industry leading addiction treatments available

No matter which rehab centre you choose, at Rehab Clinics Group, you will experience our leading addiction treatments. Each have been promoted for their healing potentials.

You will firstly complete medical treatments which have a large focus on detoxifying the body of any harmful substances. This will initially reduce your drug and alcohol consumption, helping your body adapt to reduced doses. This is one of the most challenging steps of treatment. However, it is highly beneficial for anyone living with a drug and alcohol addiction. This will kickstart your rehab journey and progression by increasing your receptiveness to alternative addiction treatments.

From here, you will complete a mixture of psychological, therapeutic and social treatment options. These will include therapy sessions, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational sessions, group therapy and coping mechanism classes. This combination will prepare your body and mind for a future without drugs and alcohol, returning home to Swansea equipped.

Although a holistic approach to treatment will be followed, please be aware that a personalised treatment plan will be provided. This will advance your recovery by ensuring treatment options are suitability for your rehab journey. Therefore, some of the above treatment options may carry varying weightage within your rehab programme.

This combination, along with relapse prevention classes will provide you with the autonomy, skills and life-changing tools to avoid drugs and alcohol for the foreseeable future.


Reach out for our specialised support today

If you are struggling with a drug and alcohol addiction, reach out today for our immediate support. Our team are on hand to provide the best recommendations to help you progress your recovery process.

Whether you’re searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Swansea or the surrounding area, or would like to explore all options, we are specialists in the field; offering rehab journeys transforming the lives of many. Reach out today to begin your inspiring journey.