Drug and Alcohol Treatment Qatar

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab if you live in Qatar

Alcohol and drug abuse are highly prohibited in the UAE. With this in mind, many individuals with behavioural habits are finding it difficult to fully recover, influencing future relapses.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group we understand how difficult this time must be. We understand how frustrating the lack of treatment options can be while having the willingness to rehabilitate. With that said, we welcome clients from across the globe to experience our industry leading addiction treatments.

Visit our world class treatment and rehabilitation centre with the goal to achieve long-term recovery. Return home to Qatar armed with life-changing tools and a new lease of life. We promote relocating to either our UK or Spain based luxury rehab centres for a short period of time to focus on healing your old wounds. See how our evidence-based, highly successful addiction treatment and specialised support can help you today. Escape from your current challenges while securing a wealth of support available to you abroad. Start by seeking treatment through the right rehab centre for you.


Addiction Treatment Ideal For Drug and Alcohol Dependences

Living with a drug and alcohol addiction can be exhausting. The constant up and downs, side effects and a rollercoaster of emotions. For many users of alcohol or drugs, significant physical and mental health issues are common. With this in mind, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we work on reversing the damage caused through our holistic treatment approach.

By visiting one of our rehab centres, you will work towards optimal health. This alongside diminishing your drug and alcohol addiction will help you work through any long-term side effects experienced from consumption. You will return home to Qatar rejuvenated, realigned and refreshed, with a new perspective on life, health and addiction.

In order to achieve this, you will be provided with a personalised treatment programme. Throughout your rehab journey you will be treated like an individual. We understand how addiction effects individuals differently. We understand how available support varies depending on your environment and country legislation. We further understand how the severity of a drug and alcohol addiction can differ. With this in mind, we ensure that each milestone of your journey is tailored to your personal experience with addiction.

By taking this into consideration, you will receive a variety of psychological, physical, wellbeing and social addiction treatments. Common treatments received at our rehabs include cognitive behavioural therapy, motivation therapy, family counselling, clinical detoxes, wellness classes and group activities. Each of our bespoke treatments will work to slowly reduce your psychological and physical cravings, helping you learn to live without drug and alcohol consumption.

In order to ensure you are prepared to return to Qatar, our specialised team of psychologists will work with you through effective coping mechanism sessions. For most individuals living with addiction, their current coping mechanism will be their habit. Our team will help you learn healthy ways to move through life, reducing the likelihood of an alcohol or drug relapse.

Once you’re ready to return home, we will continue to support you through outpatient aftercare services. With a lack of expert support in Qatar, our regular sessions will help you recover while motivating you to remain sober. Whether this be through regular counselling sessions, or further addiction treatment, our team are here to guide you through the transition. For some clients, this step can be difficult. Depending on your current influencing factors, there may be greater likelihood to relapse when you return home. For individuals surrounded by an alcohol or drug fuelled environment, many changes will be required prior to returning home. We will work on this with you before leaving our rehab centre.


Receive Support Through Our Number Of Rehab Centres

Throughout your time with us here at Rehab Clinics Group, we will offer continuous support. We understand that moving away from your family members and friends can be difficult. We understand that this may be your first time abroad. Throughout your rehab journey we will keep this in mind by promoting a home from home, comfortable environment for you. We will cater to your needs throughout by offering additional services. Our team are also multi-cultural and multi-lingual, ensuring you have a strong, relatable support network around you.

To further increase recovery probability, we will attempt to involve your family members if given consent. We will keep them in the loop throughout your rehab journey, while boosting their knowledge on drug and alcohol addiction. We will further ensure they are prepared for your return home to Qatar, ensuring they understand how to support you effectively. We understand how difficult this time can also be for your loved ones, therefore, family therapy sessions are also offered to heal all involved.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we care about our clients. We are passionate about using our expertise to heal the wounds of addiction. Many of our staff members have first-hand experience of addiction, whether that be personal old habits or supporting a loved one through recovery. They are here to help you through this worrying time.

If you are based in Qatar, suffering alone through addiction and mental health issues, consider our expert services here at Rehab Clinics Group. Give yourself the opportunity to fully recover by visiting a reputable rehab centre abroad. To find out further information regarding our treatments or to discuss how our services can benefit you, get in touch today. We understand how this world is new to you. We further understand how the thought of rehab is daunting. However, we can reassure you that this short time will be worthwhile, providing you with the chance to change your life. Leave armed with life-changing and saving tools before greater damage is caused. Speak to our admissions team today and start your own drug and alcohol rehab journey.