Drug and Alcohol Treatment Spain

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab if you live in Spain

Being dependent on drugs and alcohol is no way to live your life. That’s why we dedicate our lives and careers to helping everyone with a substance addiction to come out stronger on the other side. In this article, we’ll discuss reasons to seek treatment in Spain and how to recognise a drug addiction from the start.


How to Tell if You Have a Drug Addiction

There are many severities of a drug and alcohol addiction and unique reasons for having one. As everybody is different, drug and alcohol abuse affects people in different ways. But, if you’re worried that you or someone you love has an addiction, don’t just sit back, but take action. In order to recover from an addiction, you have to admit that you need help and prepare to move forward. There are many symptoms to look out for.

First, you’ll regularly experience an intense craving to seek the substance when you’re not consumed it. After long-term use, you’ll experience a physical dependence when you’re without drugs and alcohol. When there’s no longer any substance in your body, you’ll experience physical desires and signs that you need it again. The longer you continue consuming drugs and alcohol, you’ll develop a tolerance to the drug which means that living without them become psychologically and physically challenging. When you’re under the influence of alcohol and drugs, you’ll likely make poor and risky judgements, including lying, stealing and generally engaging in behaviour which isn’t healthy for you or others.

As your addiction continues to grow, you’ll begin developing an unhealthy relationship with friends and family. People become aware of a behavioural change and wish to spend less time having out with you. This is probably the most common and critical factor of drug addiction because when people who love you wish to take a step back, you know that you’re gone too far.


What Happens During a Drug or Alcohol Detox?

During addiction treatment, your mind and body will undergo severe changes which it will have to get used to. Your body will have to reset itself and the brain will have to re-adjust its natural levels of neurotransmitters. This chemical change can often cause withdrawal symptoms. However, our staff have years of experience in drug and alcohol addiction, and we’ll prescribe anti-withdrawal medications to help with any discomfort during the withdrawal stage. These prescribed drugs mimic what drugs and alcohol used to do without the feeling of euphoria to discourage any chances of addiction. As you progress with the detox stage, at our rehab centre, we will then gradually reduce this medication to help with your addiction recovery.

After the detox stage, you’ll then progress to a fully rehabilitated programme in one of our rehab clinics. When you first enter one of our rehabilitation centres, we’ll discuss an array of therapy sessions with you to help with your mind and body during this change.


Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Spain

By moving away from your natural surroundings and everything you’re used to, you’ll get the opportunity to reflect on your past and make positive changes to help your future. Spain is a beautiful and relaxing place which makes the ideal environment for privacy and seeking treatment. Our expert team of supportive and friendly staff speak English and Spanish and will help you to feel like you again.

Although you’re undergoing treatment for an addiction, you’ll get the chance to feel like you’re on holiday too. It’s important that you get some down time to relax and recharge. Our expert chefs will create nutritious and delicious dishes made from fresh produce to take a load off your mind.

Step One Recovery is one of our chain clinics in Spain and offers private rehabilitation for anyone with addictive behaviour. Although you might think that travelling across Europe would be significantly cheaper than undergoing a recovery programme closer to home, Step One Recovery is considered slightly cheaper than most British rehabs.

Step One Recovery is home to a diverse team of doctors, nurses and therapists who are all experienced and qualified to help with a drug and alcohol addiction. Every treatment programme is tailored to your needs to offer you the best chances of recovery. We’ve also introduced numerous therapeutic and spiritual activities to help soothe your mind and body during your time in recovery. We make every effort to create a comfortable and luxurious environment for everyday life during your time with us. Step One Recovery is one of the most beautiful centres in Spain and boasts a sanctuary with natural light and a sea breeze flowing through your senses every morning. Also, this rehab in Spain offers a beautiful, tropical garden which makes the ideal place for relaxing.


About our Team at Rehab Clinics Group

We hire the best individuals across an array of fields, because if you’re provided with the highest level of support and education, you’re more likely to make a positive change in your life. Our Therapists and Specialists provide you with a range of services to help with your mental wellbeing alongside therapy. These individuals visit our clinics once a week to offer yoga classes, holistic therapy, art and music sessions, mindfulness tips and more.

Our Recovery Workers have one key job in rehab: to help you beat your addiction – no matter its intensity. This team of expert deliver treatment and interventions for an array of addictions – including drugs and alcohol. They’ll match you with the most appropriate programme to suit your addiction and lifestyle. Finally, the Admissions Team prepare you for rehab and organise your treatment journey. They’ll get to know you, your needs and your addiction before you enter treatment to ensure that you have all the support and opportunities to aid your recovery.

Got questions, or ready to start your treatment? Give us a call on 03301 596 494 to arrange the transformation of your life.