Drug and Alcohol Treatment Abu Dhabi

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab if you live in Abu Dhabi

As Abu Dhabi becomes a populated area of choice for ex-pats and tourists, an increase in drug and alcohol consumption has also presented itself. As the United Arab Emirates has a highly strict law and social stigma in place concerning illicit drugs and alcohol abuse, it is difficult to source the right support.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Abu Dhabi

We believe in providing our clients with an open, non-judgmental and safe haven to work on themselves while healing their mind and body from drug and alcohol consumption.

Providing yourself with the best opportunity for long-term recovery by leaving Abu Dhabi to receive expert support is recommended. We understand how difficult this step can be, however, to overcome the social stigma and challenges set at home, we will help you through each step of the transition.

Get in touch with our team today to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction, confidently and comfortably. Return home with a new perspective on substance abuse.


How To Gauge When Rehab Is Required

For some individuals, acknowledging that an addiction is present can be difficult. Consumption can begin innocently, slowly developing down a slippery slope to addiction. With that said, understanding when rehab is required can be difficult for both users and loved ones.

If you are regularly consuming drugs and alcohol to help you through a situation or daily life, rehabilitation will be required. If you are experiencing mental health issues or side effects from consistent use, drug and alcohol treatment will be recommended. If you experience cravings, overtaking your ability to live your life to the full, an addiction is present, requiring rehab support.

Rehab support can also be obtained if your dependence has just begun. The sooner you receive expert support, the less damage you are causing, requiring reduced addiction treatment. Please keep in mind that drug and alcohol addiction can be treated.

Therefore, avoid attempting to work through this alone or through an unregistered rehab centre in Abu Dhabi. There are specialists out there, like our team here at Rehab Clinics Group, passionate about helping you recover.


Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Consistent consumption of alcohol and drugs can cause significant issues for users and their loved ones. A deterioration in physical and mental health, money issues, the inability to maintain relationships and a reduced quality of life are some of the negative experiences.

With that said, we have a unique way of treating drug and alcohol addiction here at Rehab Clinics group. We believe in promoting holistic treatments to ensure that your whole being is recovering.

If you do have an alcohol and/or drug problem, we have effective, recovery designed addiction treatments available at our rehab centres. While visiting either of our UK or Spain based centres, your journey will begin by sharing your personal story. This will allow for a personalised treatment programme to be created and implemented to help you curb your alcohol and drug abuse.

We believe that a personalised approach carries a greater probability rate when considering long-term addiction recovery. We understand that users experience differing effects, have varying influences and receive diverging support. Therefore, within your plan, you will experience a variety of methods to meet your needs.

Addiction treatment methods you can expect to receive at our rehab include medical detoxes, cognitive behavioural therapy, wellbeing activities, group and social classes and family therapy. Each will uniquely work through your physical and psychological dependence on drugs and alcohol while working through any further mental health issues.

In order to ensure you are prepared for your return home to Abu Dhabi, our expert team will also work with you to create healthy coping mechanisms. This plan will help you work through any potential drug and alcohol relapses post-rehab. We will ensure you are armed with life-changing tools to change your outlook on substance abuse while working towards a sober future.


What You Can Expect From Our Rehab Centre Here at Rehab Clinics Group

While visiting either of our rehab centres here at Rehab Clinics Group, you will receive a combination of professional yet luxury experiences. From the offset, we will provide you with around the clock support to ensure you are receiving everything you need to feel at home.

From arranging transport to providing additional services, we will cater to your needs, cultural beliefs and routines. With that said, we will ensure your transition from Abu Dhabi is smooth sailing, starting your rehab journey off positively.

Throughout your stay, you will receive expert support and guidance from our specialised team of medical professionals, addiction psychologists, life coaches and counsellors.

You will be provided with one to one and support group sessions to ensure you have a strong support network around you. We understand how clients progress with differing treatment methods; therefore, we will assess your personalised programme throughout to ensure you are receiving the right care.

Post-rehab, once you’re ready to return home to Abu Dhabi, you will receive outpatient and aftercare treatment. Continuous support will help to ease your return while offering you a network to continue recovery. Our mission is to help you heal long-term from your drug and alcohol addiction while reducing your likelihood of repeat consumption.

If you are based in Abu Dhabi, struggling to find the right support through your drug and alcohol addiction, consider one of our rehab centres here at Rehab Clinics Group. We have a wealth of experience in helping individuals relocate abroad to work through their dependencies and mental health issues.

Get in touch with our team today to understand the benefits linked to rehab, and whether you currently require similar support. We will keep all details confidential, ensuring your experience in your home country remains positive.