Drug and Alcohol Treatment Northern Ireland

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab if you live in Northern Ireland!

If you’re worried that an addiction may be on the horizon, or believe it’s time to receive expert support, get in touch with our team today. We have a range of rehab centres ideal for those living in Northern Ireland and the surrounding areas.


When Should Expert Support Be Received?

This is a common question concerning our patients. For some individuals, acknowledging an addiction and understanding when expert support is required can be difficult. However, if you are experiencing consistent cravings of drugs and alcohol and are living with side effects from consumption, expert support should be sourced.

Without support, addictions can escalate significantly, causing many issues. With the right support, these issues can be avoided, providing clients with the best opportunity to reduce damage.

Whether you consume small doses of drugs but have a fixation, or live with a chronic dependency, support through a residential rehab clinic should be prioritised. Addiction can be overcome with the right steps. Take the first step today by getting in touch with our team. Please be aware that there’s no quick fix to addiction. Small milestones will be achieved along the process. However, this proves as an effective method when comparing to a cold turkey approach. Seeking expert medical support will be worthwhile long-term.


Choosing The Right Rehab Clinic For You

Selecting a rehab centre which fits all of your personal requirements, including budget can be difficult. Additionally, the experience must fit your expectations.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a variety of rehab clinics specialising in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Each have treatment packages to suit varying budgets, ensuring that people suffering with addiction can receive expert care and guidance. Our rehab centres are dotted across the UK, along with our luxury estate setting in Alicante. Whether you’re searching for convenience, or some time away in a beautiful environment, we can cater to this.

Whichever rehab centre fits your requirements, we recommend providing space between your home base in Northern Ireland and yourself through this time of change. Distance will provide you with the focus to work through your addiction treatment without any distractions. Throughout this time, you will receive a home from home feel at either of our luxury rehab facilities to promote comfort. We will ensure you have everything you need from accommodation and flights, to general wellbeing services.

To find out further information about our rehab centres, appropriate for those based in Northern Ireland, get in touch today. We will share the specialities of each, along with their settings to cater to your needs.


Treatment Options To Overcome Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Whichever rehab centre suits your needs, you will receive our industry leading treatment options, designed to promote long-term recovery. To boost recovery probability, we further follow a holistic approach to treatment, ensuring that each connection to drugs and alcohol, whether that be physical or psychological are diminished.

Treatment options you can expect to receive include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Here is where our expert psychologists will work on the negative underlying association to drugs and alcohol, by flipping this on its head and inspiring positive thoughts. Your perception of addiction and substance abuse will be changed, helping you imagine a sober future.
  • Group therapy: This is a method which surprisingly helps to work through any psychological feelings linked to drugs. Learning from each other’s experiences, sharing addiction effects and mental health issues will help to lower our client’s barriers, opening up to treatment.
  • Family therapy: For many users, addiction highly effects family members. This form of therapy will help to increase your family members knowledge of your dependency, while helping them understand the best steps moving forward.
  • Relapse prevention sessions: Also completed with your family members, these sessions will prepare you for any potential cravings while returning home to Northern Ireland. A long-term recovery plan will be in place to help you overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.
  • Medical detoxes: In order to get your body prepared for a future without drug and alcohol consumption, detoxification will be recommended. Here is where consumption will be reduced, up until the body and mind is prepared to live without it post rehab.

Alongside our standard addiction treatments, we will offer ongoing around the clock support at our clinical facilities, along with offering aftercare guidance post rehab. We believe that the transition back to your home influences in Northern Ireland will be an important milestone in your recovery. Ongoing outpatient treatment will be arranged to motivate sobriety. This will include support groups, AA sessions and ongoing communication.

Our Services Here at Rehab Clinics Group

Alongside our evidence-based addiction treatments, we offer a variety of additional services here at our luxury, yet professional centres. To promote comfort and a home from home environment, we will offer support with maintaining a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating classes, educational sessions on addiction and general life support. We will do our utmost to ensure you have everything you need to hand, to focus on yourself.

Our passion to deliver the best service helps us stand out, along with our expert team. Our team are made up of addiction specialists, all on hand throughout and post rehab for you and your loved ones. Each of our rehab facilities are equipped with the best professionals, amenities and treatments.

If you are based in Northern Ireland, searching for a residential rehab centre which fits your budget, consider either of our centres here at Rehab Clinics Group. Get in touch today for our recommendations to help you work through your drug and alcohol addiction. We will get to know your addiction greater and offer a variety of options to suit your needs.

Start the process today by reaching out to our team on 03301 596 494. We can run through your questions, concerns while inspiring recovery.