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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Barnstaple

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Barnstaple

Should you find yourself searching for the support and guidance available to you from a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, look no further.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we boast a wealth of drug and alcohol rehab centres across the United Kingdom that can assist you in overcoming your drug or alcohol addiction once and for all.


Our Treatment Centres

Situated in various locations across the United Kingdom, our centres all boast modern facilities and state of the art treatments to ensure that those struggling with addictions can make a full recovery and secure a substance-free future.

Although you may be searching for a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, considering our centres could see you provided with a greater level of support and more advantageous treatment offerings.

Each of our centres provides residential rehabilitation treatment. This means that you will be required to stay at one of our centres for the duration of your treatment. While this may seem daunting, we can assure you that this is truly in your best interest.

Often, those that obtain outpatient treatment, such as the treatment provided by the NHS, are more prone to relapsing within their first year of recovery. This is because they are unable to remove themselves from their everyday life and take the time to reflect on the factors that have contributed to their addiction.

In contrast, when residential drug and alcohol rehab treatment is obtained, recovery rates are much more significant. In fact, 99% of individuals treated at our centres go on to make a long term recovery.

To provide you with insight into our treatment centres, we have outlined each of the centres below.


Cassiobury Court

Cassiobury Court is located in Watford and provides treatment that can support those struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Nestled in a tranquil residential suburb, Cassiobury Courts premier accommodation caters for up to 21 patients at any given time.


Ocean Recovery

Situated in the heart of Blackpool, Ocean Recovery offers a peaceful and calming home away from home for individuals struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Similarly to Cassiobury Court, Ocean Recovery accommodates a small number of individuals at any given time.


Asana Lodge

Located in the village of Yardley Gobion, Towcester, Asana Lodge boasts a peaceful environment, modern facilities and state of the art treatment. Catering to a limited number of individuals at a time, Asana Lodge focuses on brain and body restoration through the employment of industry-leading therapies.


The Addictions Our Centres Can Provide Treatment For

As you search for a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, you may worry that you will be unable to find a rehab that can support you in overcoming your addiction. However, we guarantee that our centres will be able to do just that. To help put your mind at ease, we have listed the various addictions that we can provide treatment for at our centres below.

  • – Alcohol addictions
  • – Drug addictions
  • – Cannabis addictions
  • – Heroin addictions
  • – Cocaine addictions
  • – Amphetamine addictions
  • – Prescription drug addictions
  • – Mephedrone addictions


The Treatment Our Centres Can Provide You With

As touched on above, each of our treatment centres can provide the treatment needed for a wealth of addictions. Not only will the treatment provided encourage you to reflect on the factors that have contributed to your addiction, but it will help you to create coping strategies and mechanisms to ensure that you go on to make a long term recovery.

When the time comes for you to attend a drug and alcohol rehab, you will be provided with a bespoke treatment programme. This programme will be created by a team of medical professions, who will all consider the severity of your addiction, the physical and psychological effects your addiction has had on and the substance that you have become addicted to.

Although your treatment programme will be bespoke to your needs, treatment programmes typically consist of detoxification, rehabilitation and aftercare support.

As you commence treatment, you will find that a medically induced detoxification is the first step you will take in overcoming your addiction. Detoxification will essentially remove any harmful toxins that have caused the chemicals in your brain to become dependent on a substance.

Throughout detoxification, you may experience various withdrawal symptoms such as nausea and headaches. While not pleasant, withdrawal symptoms are entirely normal.

Irrespective of the centre you attend, as you progress through detoxification, you will be provided with around the clock care and support.

As you complete the detoxification stage of your treatment programme, you will begin rehabilitation. Rehabilitation will see you encounter various forms of psychological and well-being therapies. The therapies that are recommended to you will each play a significant role in your recovery.

For example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy will encourage you to address the factors that have caused your addiction to arise and help you change the way you think and behave. In contrast, well-being therapies will encourage you to find new ways to manage and control any pessimistic thoughts and feelings you encounter.

As you complete your treatment at one of our centres, you will be offered 12-months of free aftercare support. Aftercare support plays a vital role in your recovery as it will essentially enable you to reach out for additional guidance and attend recovery groups. In turn, preventing you from relapsing.


Arrange Your Pre-Admission Assessment Today

If you are ready to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, yet believe that attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Barnstaple is not in your best interest, arrange a pre-admission assessment with us today.

As our team conducts your pre-admission assessment, they will inform you of the treatment that our centres can provide you with. If you are happy to go ahead, our team will then arrange a suitable time and date for you to commence treatment.


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