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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Crediton

We have Treatment Centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Crediton

If you live in Crediton and require drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we can help you take the first step in addressing and overcoming your addiction here at Rehab Clinics Group.

Irrespective of the substance you have become addicted to, we welcome you to take advantage of our industry-leading treatments, state-of-the-art recovery facilities and around the clock care and support.


Are you suffering from Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Rehab Clinics Group are leading UK based experts in alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. Call our confidential helpline on 0800 470 0382 or request a callback by clicking on the button below.

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Addictions Treated

At Rehab Clinics Group, we cater to a wide range of addictions.  Our addiction and recovery specialists all have a wealth of experience and can provide personalised treatment programmes for the following addictions:

  • Alcohol addictions
  • Cannabis addictions
  • Cocaine addictions
  • Heroin addictions
  • Prescription drug addictions
  • Sleeping pill addictions
  • Amphetamine addictions

In addition to treating drug and alcohol addictions, we provide treatment for behavioural addictions and mental health disorders.


Our Addiction Treatment Options

As our rehab centres are private residential rehabs, our treatment options greatly differ from the treatments that an outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Crediton may provide.

Though the treatment options encountered are dependent on the severity of an addiction and the physical and psychological impact an addiction has had, our treatments include detoxification, psychological therapy, well-being therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, medication and relapse prevention.

While the treatments noted above successfully treat various aspects of addiction alone, they must be combined to ensure that a long-term recovery can be secured.  With this in mind, if you decide to attend one of our rehabs instead of a drug and alcohol rehab in Crediton, you will be equipped with a personalised treatment programme.

Irrespective of the treatment you receive, you will be encouraged to understand the cause of your addiction.  With the help of a dedicated recovery support worker and psychologist, you will learn how to navigate any challenging periods and triggers that you may face in the future. You will also develop coping strategies that can be employed as you leave rehab and continue your recovery at home.


Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As touched on above, at Rehab Clinics Group, in addition to providing industry-leading treatments for drug and alcohol addictions, we also offer treatment for behavioural addictions and mental health disorders.

Upon conducting a clinical assessment, we will administer dual diagnosis treatment if we believe you require treatment for a combination of disorders.

Combining drug and alcohol addiction treatment with mental health and behavioural addiction treatment, our dual diagnosis treatment treats coexisting conditions.


Personalised Aftercare Plan

Detoxification, rehabilitation and dual diagnosis treatment guarantee that those in recovery can overcome their addiction and secure a long-term recovery.  However, to ensure that sobriety can be maintained, we offer 12-months of free personalised aftercare to our clients.

Personalised aftercare plans typically combine continued group therapy and recovery support groups.  However, it is not uncommon for one-to-one therapy to also be implemented.


Our Admissions Process

At Rehab Clinics Group, we have designed a simple five-step admissions process to ensure that treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Crediton can be easily secured.

The steps encountered throughout our admissions process include the following:

1. An initial enquiry

To find out more about our rehab centres, treatment options and how we can assist you, we recommend contacting us by telephone or email.  Upon doing so, our admissions team will offer you free and confidential advice and support.


2. Pre-Admission Screening

Conducted over the telephone within as little as 30 minutes, our pre-admission screening ensures that we have the opportunity to understand your addiction in greater detail.  Upon completing a pre-admission screening, we can make suitable treatment and rehab recommendations.


3. Treatment Deposit

At Rehab Clinics Group, our treatment centres remain in high demand.  Although we aim to help as many people as we can, our private drug and alcohol rehabs only cater to a limited number of people at any given time.

With this in mind, as you refer yourself for treatment at one of our rehabs, we will ask you to pay a small deposit.

Upon receiving your deposit, we will provide you with a suitable admissions date.


4. Your Admissions Day

As you enter one of our private drug and alcohol rehabs, you can expect to be welcomed by a dedicated recovery support worker.  You will be shown to your private bedroom, and you will be provided with a tour of the facilities.  Any questions you have will be answered, and you will be made to feel at home.


5. Clinical Assessment

Before commencing treatment, you will be required to undergo a clinical assessment.  This assessment will ascertain the exact treatments you require and will ensure that your personalised treatment programme can be created.


Call Us Today To Secure Addiction Treatment

To secure addiction treatment at either a drug and alcohol rehab in Crediton or one of our residential rehab clinics, contact us today by calling 0800 470 0382.

Alternatively, chat with us online or fill out our contact form.

  • What Is Involved In Detoxification?

    Irrespective of the substance that you have become addicted to, completing a detoxification programme will enable you to take the first step in overcoming your dependency. Medically induced, detoxification involves withdrawing from substances. Though withdrawing from drugs and alcohol can cause withdrawal symptoms to arise, there is a wealth of help available to reduce the impact that commonly experienced symptoms have
  • How Long Does Rehab Treatment Last?

    The severity of an addiction, the treatment required and the progress made will ultimately ascertain how long rehab treatment is required. Although rehab treatment is often completed within 28 days, many individuals will remain within a rehab facility for up to 90 days.
  • Why Is Aftercare Support Offered?

    Aftercare support plays a crucial role in an individual’s ability to maintain their recovery upon completing a rehabilitation programme. Without appropriate aftercare support, many people relapse within the first few weeks of leaving rehab.