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We have Treatment Centres for Drugs and Alcohol in Chichester

Change is part and parcel of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. It will materialise in many ways, from turning heavy drug and alcohol consumption into nothing, from adapting unhealthy lifestyle choices into healthy, and from changing negative habits into positive commitments.

As change is significant, it’s therefore important that you’re ready for it, and can sustain it.

Through visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester, the latter can be worked towards, by completing a range of addiction treatment services, relapse prevention planning steps and lifestyle management.

Yet to experience such change, you must personally reach the mindset to accept and embrace professional input.

It’s understandable if you’re struggling to reach a point where you’re fully accepting of drug and alcohol rehab. There is a multitude of questions, processes and emotions to digest through this step.

However, in order to change, you will have to step outside of your comfort zone, to attract and secure the support of addiction specialists.

Ask yourself, are you ready to change, for the better, to reach sobriety? If so, we at Rehab Clinics Group can help you through the transformational journey of drug and alcohol rehab.


How will I know if I’m ready to change?

Change is essential. It’s important to digest this and prepare yourself for such change. You’ll have an idea that you’re ready to embark on drug and alcohol rehab, by considering your acceptance levels.


  • Are you able to acknowledge that you have a drug and alcohol problem?
  • Do you value the offering of rehab?
  • Are you aware of the offering of rehab?
  • Do you know what to expect from rehab, and what it will expect from you?
  • Are you committed to improving your life, by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol?


If you can answer yes to the above, you’ll be ready to change, meaning that you can prepare on physical and psychological levels for rehab.

If you’re struggling to fully commit, we encourage you to spend some time evaluating what you want out of life, familiarising yourself with rehab, and assessing your current reality.

If you’re feeling pulled towards sobriety, yet lack awareness of how to reach this point, this is also a sign of readiness, which we can help you turn into action.

The most important trait to have, is the belief in yourself, in rehab and in what’s ahead by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester.


Can I do so via a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester?

Yes, change can be experienced by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester. Yet for the greatest forecasts, we do encourage you to select the most fitting form of rehab, rather than the most convenient.

We can help you with this step here at Rehab Clinics Group, as we operate a group of reputable, specialist, private rehab clinics, offering comprehensive recovery programmes.

Some will be closer to Chichester, while others will provide complete respite and disconnect from your current lifestyle.

Working through your needs, we are here to guide you through your decisions, while making arrangements to facilitate and take action on those decisions.

This is the greatest way to ensure that life-changing forecasts can be fulfilled through drug and alcohol rehab, meeting your expectations of sobriety.


What will help me change?

The entirety of rehab as a process will motivate change. Yet, the key driving force will be addiction treatment services.

For example, detox will help you change physically by withdrawing from drugs and alcohol. Therapy will help you change psychologically by opening up about your problems, with the aim to adapt your outlooks and responses.

Relapse prevention planning will help you change by instilling healthy coping strategies, instead of the use of drugs and alcohol.

Lifestyle management will also help you change by adapting your lifestyle in Chichester, which will harness the foundations of sobriety.

Change can be daunting, yet it is necessary and is beneficial when considering your life. Rehab can ensure that suitable, safe and sustainable change can be achieved, helping to complement your long-term recovery goals.


How can I sustain such change?

By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester, or a similar offering, you’ll have the vehicle for change. However, on a post-rehab basis, you must learn to sustain such changes, to maintain a drug and alcohol-free life.

Rehab itself provides enough time to help you disconnect from drugs and alcohol while building new, healthy habits, attitudes and coping strategies.

Once you return home, this will be the time to make use of your new ways of life, by normalising them and by allowing them to lead your lifestyle.

Supportive steps and recommendations will be made to ease such transition and help you make secure changes that will soon materialise into your lifestyle, rather than ongoing active efforts.

Aftercare services, support group sessions, lifestyle management recommendations and relapse prevention planning will all be offered to you.


By accepting ongoing support, you’ll have the foundation to justify and advance positive change, to increase your quality of life. Many individuals turn to drugs and alcohol in low moments.

They offer respite and escapism. To change your coping strategies, elevating your quality of life will be recommended, to reduce the necessity of drugs and alcohol.

Through change, reaching such quality if possible, where you’ll respect and value yourself and your future, more than the presence of drugs and alcohol.

As cliché as it sounds, the right rehab programme and experience can change your life. The greatest challenge for most is understanding that, acting on it, and securing the right type of rehab to benefit from the change.

We can help you with each step here at Rehab Clinics Group, here to help you attract and thrive off change.

Visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Chichester with confidence and with full knowledge that positive changes are impending, by disconnecting from drugs, alcohol and your habits.

Reach out for more information on how your admission process will pan out, to utilise your readiness to change.