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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Cornwall

Drug and alcohol addictions impact the lives of millions of people each year.  Not only do they have a direct impact on the individual suffering, but they in-directly affect the lives of families that have watched their loved one battle with addiction.

If not appropriately and effectively treated, drug and alcohol addictions can impair your health, relationships and life.  They can make you feel alone, unworthy and can lead you to think that life is not worth living.

However, seeking treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction will eventually diminish any negative repercussions that your addiction has had on you.

Not only will you physically recover from your addiction, but over time you will realise that your mental state has also significantly improved.

In addition, attending rehab will present you with the opportunity to address and resolve any internal conflicts and mend any broken relationships with family, friends and colleagues that may have been harmed at the height of your addiction.

Why Is Private Rehab Best?

As you find yourself wanting to obtain treatment and support for your drug or alcohol addiction, your initial thought may be to turn to the NHS.

Although your general practitioner is on hand to refer you to an NHS rehabilitation facility, you may find that you are waiting months before initial contact with a relevant professional is made.

As the NHS becomes increasingly stretched, this excessive waiting time can cause addictions to become fatal. When an addiction is present, you must obtain almost instant help.

As a result, private rehabilitation is highly recommended.  Not only will support be available from the moment that you contact a private rehab, but the admission process and the commencement of a rehab programme can take as little as 24 hours.

With a private drug and alcohol rehab in Cornwall, all it takes is one call.  One call will provide immediate support and will ensure that you can commence treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction in a professional environment that is equipped with advanced treatment programmes and a team of professionals.

Private rehab is also considered to be the best solution for those battling addictions as they will become an in-patient.  In-patients have the highest recovery rates thanks to around the clock care and support.

The Types of Treatment Available at a Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cornwall

A lack of knowledge regarding treatments provided at a drug and alcohol rehab can often put individuals off of seeking help.

It is possible that perceptions may have formed, leading individuals to believe that rehab will see them locked away in a prison-like cell, only being allowed to leave your room to see a therapist.  However, this is far from the truth.

The treatment programmes available at a drug and alcohol rehab in Cornwall will differ for each person.  You will have your own unique recovery plan devised by our recovery team.

This plan will be thoroughly explained to you as you enter a facility to ensure that you understand the treatment and consent to it.

Alongside detoxification, which will be the first step in your addiction recovery, you will undergo various types of physical and psychological therapies.  These will each ensure that you understand your addiction and what may have caused it.  You will also learn how to cope with any relapse urges and develop strategies for life outside of rehab.

Psychological therapies provided at a private drug and alcohol treatment centre include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 1-1 Recovery Planning and Relapse Prevention.

Depending on the causes of your addiction, you may also be offered Trauma & Abuse Counselling, PTSD Counselling and Bereavement Counselling.  These psychological therapies will help you to recognise the factors that have contributed to, and influenced, your addiction and help you to alter your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Physical therapies provided also aim to ensure that you make a long-term recovery. Unlike psychological treatment, physical therapy focuses on your general well-being.

You will be encouraged you to participate in art, drama and music therapies, relaxation and sleep management, holistic therapies and self-help.

Do I really need to become an in-patient?

We understand that becoming an in-patient and leaving your family behind while you overcome your addiction may be disheartening.

However, individuals that have received in-patient treatment have more successful recovery rates than those that attend rehab as an out-patient. This is because private rehabilitation facilities can offer 24-hour care.

Not only does this minimise the chances of relapsing throughout your recovery, but it ensures that the withdrawal and recovery process is as comfortable as possible. As you progress through your treatment programme, you will experience withdrawal symptoms, especially as you enter detoxification.

With symptoms including nausea, increased anxiety and insomnia, watching you withdraw can cause your loved ones to experience a wave of emotions and distress.

As a result, receiving treatment as an in-patient will not only benefit you but your family too. It is normal to feel anxious about becoming an in-patient, but our team of experts have ensured that the process is as pleasant as it can be.

If you are worried about becoming an in-patient, we are here to reassure you.  Please do not hesitate to voice your concerns to us or ask us any questions that you may have.

Seek Our Support Today

Time is of the essence when it comes to seeking treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction.  If you are ready to put your addiction behind you and live a long and happy life, we would urge you to contact us today.

In doing so, we can ensure that you have the ability to attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Cornwall as soon as possible.

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