Drug and Alcohol Treatment Milton Keynes

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Common Reasons People Fall into Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Everyone is unique and has a different lifestyle, so it’s expected that people have different reasons why they fall in an addiction to alcohol and drugs. Generally, your environment can shape your personality, interests and habits. For example, you’re more likely to engage in substance abuse if you associate with people who have developed an alcohol and drug addiction. However, no matter your influences, relationships and environment, we all have a level of impulsivity built into our personality, which is why some people find it easier to resist temptation than others. If you have an impulsive nature and then take drugs and alcohol and experience positive effects, you’re likely to continue using the substance.

Studies have found that a huge number of people who develop an alcohol and drug addiction do so to mask a health problem. Some people self-medicate with substance abuse instead of facing their issues head on. Doing so can be less painful and more rewarding than tolerating negative emotions. For example, many people drink alcohol to deal with social anxiety because the substance eliminates any temporary feelings of stress and anxiety.

There are many other reasons why people fall into alcohol and drug addiction, but remember that your addiction doesn’t define you and there’s always a chance to move forward.

The Consequences of Drug Abuse

Alcohol and drugs are a chemical which effects the brain. With continued abuse, you’ll cause detrimental effects on your body. The more severe drugs – such as cocaine and heroin – lead to detrimental health consequences which can be permanent. Depending on the capacity and length of time you consume drugs and alcohol, this can affect the overall effect it has on your body. Most commonly, a drug addiction increases the risks of infection between continued substance abuse weakens the immune system. You’ll likely encounter heart conditions as your heart rate increases/decreases. If you inject drugs, you may encounter collapsed veins and infections in your blood due to the chemical.

Many alcohol and drug addicts can experience nausea and abdominal pain which suppresses your appetite and can lead to a dramatic weight loss. With your organs working overtime to try and pop out the chemicals you’re adding to your body, this can put increased strain on your heart and liver and lead to liver damage, liver failure, and even a cardiac arrest.

Daily life becomes more difficult as you develop problems with your memory, attention span, making decisions and socialising in normal environments such as an office.

Why Attend Residential Rehab for an Addiction?

You might be questioning why you should attend a drug and alcohol rehab if you have an addiction, and not just deal with the issue at home. Outpatient treatment is not ideal when you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Aside from the psychological implications of no longer consuming a substance you’re addicted to, you’ll likely experience physical side effects from not consuming drugs and alcohol. Spending recovery in one of the most established rehab centres increases your chances of success. You’ll receive 24-hour medical and psychological support during your time in one of our clinics, which you simply wouldn’t receive outside of one of our rehabilitation centres.

It can be difficult to know when to seek drug and alcohol rehab in Milton Keynes, but don’t ignore your addiction merely because of confusion or fear. Spend some time with yourself and examine your behaviour and habits. This is a great method to understanding if you need help with your addiction – no matter how severe or mild. Do you feel a strong desire to quit but feel unable to? Perhaps you feel a lack of control when you’re around drugs or alcohol. When you’re not consuming these substances, do you find it physically and psychologically challenging to eliminate the craving? Perhaps, you have difficulties focusing on other areas of your life when it comes to your addiction.

Trust your instincts and listen to your gut. If you know that your addiction is becoming out of control – or has already – you’ll find it challenging to lead a normal life and achieve your goals because of it. Don’t wait any longer and seek an established treatment centre to beat your addiction forever.

Therapy Sessions for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

You’ll undergo many treatment options during rehab clinics in Milton Keynes. Being involved in support groups encourages you to open up and get to the root cause of your addiction. Aside from the detox programme and a willpower to want to change, we recommend therapy to help keep your addiction away for good. You’ll need to replace negative thoughts about your addiction with positive ones in order to move forward into a brighter future.

Rather than reaching for a substance to cover your emotional pain, boredom, relationship issues and other problems in your life, at Rehab Clinics Group, we’ll share tips and strategies so you can deal with the issue and then not feel the need to consume drugs and alcohol. Individual therapy sessions are intense, but incredibly helpful. These involve you and a trained therapist where you can upon up about your addiction and lifestyle in a safe environment. By spending time getting to know your mental state, you get the opportunity to address any issues.

Group therapy sessions are equally as beneficial and are a part of your treatment plan. These typically consist of 5-10 people who are also looking for support with their addiction. By surrounding yourself with people experiencing the same issues as yourself, you don’t feel isolated or out of control.

An addiction isn’t forever and is curable. If you’re searching for clinics in Milton Keynes, there is plenty of drug and alcohol treatment to help restore you back to you. Give us a call on 03301 596 494, or get in touch using our contact form to get started and transform your life.