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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Oxford

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford

When searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford, it can be difficult to understand the different available treatment options. We take the time to explain our rehab clinics in great detail, with a dedicated team helping you find the most effective treatment programme.

Drug and alcohol addiction can happen to anybody, regardless of their job, class, race or any other descriptive factor. Just as in towns and cities across the country, people in Oxford struggle with substance abuse. Finding help is incredibly important, and our rehab programme is delivered by skilled medical professionals who will kickstart your journey to recovery.


Do you have a problem with drugs or alcohol?

It can be hard to identify the signs of substance abuse because addicts are often very good at hiding their habits. The classic associations of homelessness and social bankruptcy are not always accurate. Many people with addiction issues work normal jobs and appear to function to a certain degree every day.

Nevertheless, symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse can be deciphered. If you are struggling with dependency, or if you are worried about a relative or colleague who is acting differently, look out for the following signs of addiction.


Signs of alcohol addiction

  • Lack of interest in everyday activities
  • Appearing intoxicated
  • Requiring more alcohol to achieve drunkenness
  • Appearing tired or irritable
  • Inability to forego drinking alcohol
  • Worsening mental health
  • Sly, secretive or ingenuine behaviour
  • Smell of alcohol on breath or clothes


Signs of drug addiction

  • Severe mood swings – extreme highs and lows
  • Poor personal hygiene and grooming
  • Irregular sleeping pattern
  • Dilated pupils
  • Isolation
  • Loss of interest in passionate hobbies
  • Runny or irritated nose
  • Watery eyes


How to get help for drug and alcohol addiction in Oxford

If the signs and symptoms listed above are familiar to you, either personally or on behalf of somebody you know, finding free services to signpost recovery options can be beneficial. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a free callback service, while our live web chat feature is also very popular for those seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Oxford.

Our mission is to walk alongside people in their journey to recovery. We take time to understand your past, present and future. This allows us to build a clear picture of the addiction problem at hand and devise the most efficient solution for each individual’s needs. Unlike other addiction treatment centres in Oxford, we make a long-term commitment to every person who confides in our expertise. This is a partnership, not merely a business transaction.


The benefits of residential rehab

Research suggests that residential treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction can be particularly effective. Sometimes, a change of scenery can heighten the sense of new beginnings and a fresh start. Such positivity is crucial in overcoming addiction, and residential rehab therefore has a strong reputation for success.

In Oxford, as in many areas around the world, drug and alcohol misuse is linked to social hierarchies and grassroots culture. Addicts tend to build a network of contacts, often befriending people with similar problems.

Additionally, in respect of drug abuse, relationships are formed between user and dealer. Enmeshed in debt relations and financial hardship, those bonds can be difficult to break. More pertinently, they feed the cycle of addiction, making it harder to overcome dependency without expert support.

Accordingly, moving away from home and committing to residential rehab often yields positive results for addicts. The structured solitude can encourage self-awareness and analytical perception, leading to lifestyle changes that are sincere and long-lasting. Likewise, access to group therapy sessions can create healthier friendships among people experiencing similar struggles.

We offer residential rehab services around the country and across the world. If you are looking for drug and alcohol help in Oxford, contact our compassionate team today to arrange a free consultation. Together, we will find the most suitable location and treatment plan for your needs, guiding you to recovery with confidential care.


What is residential rehab like?

We offer a range of drug and alcohol treatment help in Oxford tailored to your needs. The recommended length of stay will be based on an initial consultation.

  • Gold – 28 days
  • Silver – 21 days
  • Bronze – 14 days
  • Economy – 7 days
  • Economy+ – 10 days
  • All-inclusive package

All plans help patients overcome withdrawal symptoms, while behavioural therapies help to replace negative preferences with healthier alternatives. We also provide extensive free aftercare as standard, with helpline support available around the clock. Outpatient treatment is also available, requiring no overnight stay.

Spending time in residential rehab is not easy. We are not here to sugar-coat that fact. Overcoming addiction is a difficult process, and commitment is required to defeat withdrawal symptoms. However, a lot of mythology surrounds rehab clinics, and much of it is untrue. We take a personable approach to improving your wellness, cooperating with individual’s families to make rehab a rewarding experience rather than a frightening chore.


How can I help somebody who is struggling with addiction?

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we appreciate that conversations about drug and alcohol addiction can be difficult to instigate. Denial and refusal to cooperate are common behavioural traits among addicts when initially prompted for information about their struggles. Again, entanglement within social structures and negative cultures builds additional layers of rejection that must be penetrated.

With this difficult scenario in mind, we have created a family referral option, giving you a chance to reach out and contact us on behalf of a family, friend, colleague or anybody else you feel may be struggling with addiction. We then look to get in touch with the person and have an informal chat about their thoughts and feelings. Our team is trained in discussing such issues with vulnerable individuals, gently introducing the concept of residential rehab as a possible option and ascertaining interest levels.

We have a time-tested process for gradually easing a person into rehabilitation. If additional meetings are required, attended by supporting family members, we will make time and space at our safe and secure locations. Once a person accepts their addiction problems and allows us to help, admission is quick and straightforward. We have been doing this for a long time, and our reputation speaks for itself.


Rehab Clinics Group in Oxford.

To begin your journey with Rehab Clinics Group, call 0800 470 0382 today. Alternatively, you can drop us an email or engage in live webchat with a qualified member of staff. We are here to support you through every stage of the addiction treatment process, from referral to aftercare, in Oxford and beyond. Make that call today, and let’s walk together to a brighter future.