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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Brighton

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Brighton

If you are searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton, it can often be frustrating to encounter so many different addiction treatment options. We understand that, when struggling with addiction, concise information is required to choose a suitable treatment centre. That is why we cut through the jargon and speak to people in a language they understand.

Alcohol or drug addiction can happen to anybody, independent of careers, social backgrounds and other demographic factors. Drug rehab in Brighton does not discriminate. Regardless of your social status and personal wellbeing, seeking help for addiction is vitally important, and our treatment programme is one of the most successful options in Brighton.


What is addiction?

To be addicted to something is to depend on it physically and mentally. For addicts, the mere thought of surviving without the support of a particular substance is incomprehensible. Through therapy sessions and the teaching of new thought processes, medical professionals try to break make that concept less alien. In this regard, drug and alcohol rehab is about retraining the brain and encouraging it to break free from the addictive cycle.

Addiction is an overarching illness, and the substances in question are highly interchangeable. Some people have naturally addictive personalities, making them more susceptible to substance abuse disorder. Others, meanwhile, develop dependencies over extended periods of time, with poor lifestyle choices coalescing into habits.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have experience treating a wide range of addictions, including:

Alcohol addiction

Cannabis addiction

Cocaine addiction

Heroin addiction

Amphetamine addiction

Prescription drugs addiction

Mephedrone addiction

Gambling addiction

Sex addiction

No two cases of addiction are the same, and our rehab clinics appreciate the importance of a tailored approach for all clients. We create a winning rehab programme by understanding your past, present and future. To successfully recover from drug and alcohol addiction, it is important to identify the triggers and themes of compulsive behaviour. We specialise in that field, putting patients in safe hands when they most need support.

We are not here to sugar-coat addiction and tell you that recovery is almost guaranteed. However, we do have a modern philosophy that looks differently at addiction, inspiring holistic treatment plans that have greater success rates than in previous eras.


The journey to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction

With decades of residential rehab experience, we believe strongly in the power of therapy in overcoming substance abuse disorder. Our core philosophy relies on a blend of individual therapy and group therapy, delivering a holistic understanding of addictions to then create effective treatment plans.

The journey to recovery requires engagement on the part of addicts. Merely checking into a rehab clinic does not present a magic cure overnight. Conquering addiction is hard. Some forms of therapy can be very intensive, and different degrees of pushback are often needed to challenge old cognitive associations with drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawal symptoms will present a serious challenge, and a person must be committed to managing those temptations and striving for freedom. Our expert team is on hand to dispense crucial support, guidance and advice, creating a sense of teamwork with which to fight addiction.


Rehab Clinics Group in Brighton

If you are looking for a rehab centre in Brighton or further afield, Rehab Clinics Group should be your first port of call. We have a network of treatment centres across the country, while also treating addiction on the continent in Spain. No matter what substances you are addicted to, and regardless of how severe your dependency has become, we have an ideal solution located nearby.

Our evidence-based approach includes elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management sessions, relapse prevention techniques and reflective group interactions. We also introduce wider concepts of psychological wellbeing, appreciating the role of art, drama, music, relaxation, mindfulness, diet and sleep in overcoming addiction.

We understand that social stigma is often a roadblock to recovery. As such, we foster a real sense of community among clients. Daily group walks help boost morale, while quiz nights, team games and family visits bring positivity to the recovery environment.

Unlike some rehab centres, we also offer additional services that complement the core recovery process, when sanctioned by trained doctors. Feeling good about yourself improves self-esteem, which is crucial in defending against relapse. Where safe, we can arrange chargeable services that cater to the needs of each individual. Examples include hairdressing and beauty sessions, dentistry and chiropody visits, and access to gym facilities.


Getting drugs and alcohol help in Brighton

When seeking drug and alcohol rehab in Brighton, call Rehab Clinics Group on 0800 470 0382 for a chat with our friendly support staff. We have a proven process from initial contact through routine assessments and seamless admission. This takes away some of the anxiety related to rehab treatment, allowing all parties to focus on the important matters at hand.

We understand the frustrations of rehab bureaucracy, as patients are asked to join waiting lists and provide reams of information. That is why we have streamlined our operations, training staff so they understand the sensitivities of addiction.

Some addicts have bad experiences of rehab and develop aversions to the entire system. However, private rehab clinics like ours adhere to higher standards, taking measures to increase patient freedom wherever possible. We know the negative connotations of rehab within society, and that inspires us to be different in everything we do.

To begin your journey today, give us a call, drop an email, or liaise with our team through live web chat. We are not here to ask dozens of judgmental questions, frustrating people at every turn. We are here to provide the support you need in the fastest possible time, improving your chances of long-lasting recovery.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we do things differently. So, if you have previously tried rehab or if you are contemplating your first admission, the benefits of our ethos can be plentiful. Get in touch today, even if you just need some general advice or a supportive chat, and let’s fight for that brighter future together.