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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Cambridgeshire

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Cambridgeshire

Drug and alcohol rehab treatment centres in Cambridgeshire

Are you concerned that drugs or alcohol are severely and negatively impacting your life? If you have answered “yes” then Rehab Clinics Group can help you?

We offer rehab solutions in our luxury, modern drug and alcohol rehab centre in Cambridgeshire. Admitting you suffer from an addiction is difficult and we understand that asking for help is very difficult.

There are many symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction, but you may not be aware of them because of your condition. Alternatively, you may be aware of them, but choose to ignore them.

However, those around you cannot ignore your financial problems, underperformance at work to the extent it may have cost you your job, the arguments you’ve had with friends or family, your descent into shifty and dishonest behaviour.

Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t just damage your life – it damages the lives of those around you too. Private rehab is not cheap, but we are fairly priced, and our costs are all inclusive, meaning there’ll be no hidden charges.

However, unlike charity solutions and the services the NHS offer in the local area, there are no wait for our services, and you can be admitted for a 28-day course of residential rehab immediately.

The initial process

When you call us, we will perform a short assessment over the telephone. This is to allow us to get an accurate picture of your addiction and as such, your honesty is essential.

This information allows us to advise on rehab options that will be suitable for you, and if you are new to the world of addiction treatment then the available options may cause some confusion and require explanation.

Terms such as “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)” and “psychotherapy” could become confusing, perhaps even off-putting.

But Rehab Clinics Group will hold your hand and guide you through this process by explaining your treatment options in a language that is easy to understand.

As an experienced provider of drug and alcohol addiction rehab, our admissions process is well used and effective.

How your treatment in Cambridgeshire works

It is mostly beneficial for our clients to attend our residential rehab clinic.

This is to ensure detox, as well as subsequent counselling sessions, take place in a controlled, targeted and safe environment that eradicates the risk of relapse. It allows us to deliver a structured treatment programme of therapy and detox.

You will be able to receive around the clock support from our highly qualified support workers, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses and medical staff.

You will undergo a medically assisted detox, as well as individual therapy and group sessions and our programme of therapy and counselling is outstanding.

We vary between holistic therapies, modern psychotherapy and CBT to provide you with a rounded treatment beneficial for the prospects of your long-term recovery.

The combination of counselling and therapy aims to treat the underlying psychological aspects of a drug and alcohol addiction.

All too often in the outpatient variations of treatment, these underlying mental health conditions are neglected or not treated at all.

By treating the root cause of your illness, we greatly reduce the prospect of you suffering from a relapse in the future.

We will arm you with a number of coping strategies – this should allow you to continue your recovery journey when you leave our care and return to your normal life in Cambridgeshire.

The importance of detox

Detox is an important part of your treatment, and almost all of our clients require it.

This time, which can vary from a few days to several weeks depending on the severity and type of addiction you’re suffering from, is where we remove the physical substance from your body.

This will not be a comfortable experience as your body will react negatively via withdrawal symptoms. These can sometimes be mild but may also be severe.

This is why a detox is not recommended to be done at home by yourself. A “cold turkey” attempt at denying yourself substances could prove dangerous and almost always end in failure.

However, with the safety of our rehab treatment centre behind you, your detox can be medically assisted. This means that your discomfort can be eased with prescription medication that acts as a sedative.

Secondary care

Addiction is not something that can be cured. It is a condition that you can learn to manage and control, but it is not as straightforward as coming to Rehab Clinics Group and you suddenly being impervious to drugs or alcohol.

You will need to stay disciplined and focused in order to ensure you don’t suffer from a relapse. Sadly, a recovering addict is at their most vulnerable in the year immediately following their rehab.

We will cleanse your body of the toxins caused by drug and alcohol addiction, we will show you how to change your ways and provide you with all the skills for you to return to your normal life in Cambridgeshire with a fresh mindset.

But the responsibility falls back to you when you exit our care. Before you leave, we will draw up a comprehensive aftercare plan with you.

This secondary care is vital in ensuring you have the support you need in place for when you leave us.

Our aftercare is free for 12 months and with a 24-hour helpline you can always be assured that we are here to help you if you’re experiencing difficulties.

We have spaces available now

If you are worried about the amount of drugs or alcohol that you consume, why not call us today? Call us without judgement on 0800 470 0382, or text HELP to 83222 and we can help you to assess your life and help you without delay.

You will be able to speak to one of our admission counsellors who can advise you of your treatment options.