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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Hartlepool

Are you finding it difficult to select a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool that caters to your needs? When hoping to rehabilitate, it is very important that a number of personal requirements are met through rehab.

Rehab is a personal journey. The experience clients go through, their addiction history and their end recovery goal all differ. With this in mind, it’s vital that a suitable rehab programme can be sourced and completed, to ensure full recovery is probable.

While selecting the most ideal drug and alcohol rehab, there are also further treatment options to consider. From outpatient treatment from a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool, to residential rehab at one of our leading facilities, it’s important that the right degree of treatment is completed.

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Finding a drug and alcohol rehab that’s right for you

When suffering with substance abuse, there are a range of treatment options to consider. Here it is likely that physical side effects are standalone, reflecting abuse, rather than addiction. In this instance, the opportunity to recover through free NHS addiction treatment or outpatient care will be available. Both of these treatment options can carry great results for individuals who are abusing hazardous substances.

Usually following medical treatment options, clients can rehabilitate from a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool, offering convenience. However, if you’re suffering with an addiction, where mental and physical health are both impacted, it’s important that a larger degree of care is sourced. Likewise, withdrawal symptoms in this case will be greater, requiring around the clock care; only available through residential rehab.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, this is exactly why we offer clients suffering with an addiction and/or mental health issues the opportunity to recover from our facility. From ongoing addiction treatment and care, to positive and comforting facilities and environments, clients can recover with peace of mind; the reassurance that a comprehensive rehab programme can diminish drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Therefore, if you’re keen to recover for the long-term, selecting a focused approach to addiction recovery will be encouraged. Feel free to discuss your available treatment options with our experts. We will help you find the right rehab centre for you, whether that’s our Blackpool, Watford or Spain based rehab facility.


The common steps of rehab

To a large proportion of our clients, residential rehab is a new experience. Some have never attempted to previously recover, while others may have hoped to recover from home or through free services. With this in mind, little knowledge of the common steps of rehab is present.

Yet, before investing, we believe it’s right for all clients to understand the upcoming steps ahead. By selecting one of our rehab facilities, we will firstly aim to gain a greater understanding of your addiction journey. This will include your health history, your current withdrawal symptoms, your end recovery goals and your motivation. Please be reassured that this information will be used with your best interests, helping us design and implement your own personalised treatment programme.

From here, once you’re comfortable with all recommendations and have selected the right rehab facility for you, your rehab journey will begin. You will be welcomed into our facility, with the opportunity to settle in prior to treatment. Once comfortable, a range of suitable treatment options will begin, along with alternative wellbeing services. Alongside diminishing your drug and alcohol addiction, our aim is to realign your physical and mental health state, helping you lead a healthy, happy and sober future.

Throughout rehab, we will observe your progression to ensure that efficient recovery is probable. Although we cannot offer timeframes, we will ensure you recover in a safe way, prioritising your health and future quality of life. Once you’ve progressed to the point where an independent life can be led in Hartlepool, a return home with life-saving tools will be recommended. You’ll leave our rehab facility with everything you need to maintain recovery, alongside our continuous aftercare services.

For a safe, comfortable and probable recovery journey, select residential rehab over a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool. This investment will be worthwhile.


Our range of leading addiction treatments

Although a personalised treatment programme will always be provided, it is highly common that all clients will complete a mixture of social, medical and psychological methods. Yet, depending on the severity of an addiction, a degree of each will vary – for example, an individual suffering with chronic psychological connections to drugs and alcohol will usually require greater therapy sessions.

By completing our range of industry leading addiction treatments, available through all of our rehab facilities, full recovery is likely. Yet, only if clients are committed to the challenges that are ahead, usually experienced through detoxification and opening up.

Likely treatment options promoted include a drug and alcohol detox programme, including substitute prescription drugs, group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, work with our addiction counsellors and motivational therapy. By working on your physical and psychological addiction, along with your motivational levels, progression is highly likely. Our comprehensive rehab programmes do carry great results for individuals who are serious about recovering.


Tackle your addiction with professional support

Throughout rehab, you will receive our professional support. Our team are highly experienced in the addiction field, understanding what you’re going through. Yet, the most invaluable support we offer is post rehab. We will offer all clients who have completed an intensive rehab programme free aftercare for 1-year post rehab. This is highly valued by our clients, helping with the initial transition in Hartlepool. We appreciate how this step will be tough while surrounded by old triggers. Therefore, we are here for you.0

Receive our exceptional care, guidance and treatment from one of our leading rehab facilities. Return home with the potential to maintain recovery by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hartlepool. Together, we can help you work through full recovery.