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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Newmarket

Down to the fact that rehab is commonly a new experience for most of our clients, knowing what to expect can be difficult. Many individuals in fact believe that rehab results in a standalone drug and alcohol detox, in place as a single tool to achieve recovery.

While detoxification is a large part of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process, it is minute when compared to the entire process, including a wide range of therapeutic addiction treatment services, wellbeing sessions and drug and alcohol relapse prevention steps.

As low awareness can hinder expectations of rehab, along with what’s expected of our clients when committing to rehab, we feel a duty to share customary steps, through our group of rehab clinics. If you’re looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, here’s the process you’ll advance through to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction and learn to sustain sober living.

Covering a number of areas across the UK, we can secure your admission, depending on whether localised recovery, in Newmarket or residential rehab at a far will suit you best. Reach out today to experience a confident, progressive form of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.


Expected steps of drug and alcohol rehab

Through either of our rehab clinics, rehab programmes will be customised for our clients. The customisation is down to the fact that personal needs, addiction severities and makeups, and end recovery goals will differ for each client. Yet, while differences may be present, there is a commonly expected process of drug and alcohol rehab, which you can also expect for yourself.

Once an admission has been made and a customised rehab programme has been secured and accepted, rehab will usually begin with a detox process. The first aim of rehab is to promote physical withdrawal from drugs and alcohol, kickstarting the journey towards sobriety. Through a medically supervised detox, consumption levels will be lowered, helping the body adjust safely and effectively. While withdrawal symptoms are common, our structured programmes are here to ease detoxification.

Next up, the majority of clients will complete a range of therapeutic addiction treatment services. This is down to the fact that both physical and psychological addiction recovery must be strived for. Many will experience mental health issues and psychological links to drugs and alcohol. Those issues and links must be worked through by experiencing treatment services such as stress management, dual diagnosis treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and talking therapies. The aim of rehab, through this step is to promote cognitive repair and management.

Once foundations of physical and psychological recovery have been made, the next natural step will be to prepare for life post-rehab. This will include a mixture of wellbeing sessions, to uplift quality of life ready for a return to Newmarket, and drug and alcohol relapse prevention planning. Both will stand as instrumental tools, post-rehab, to help clients sustain and normalise sober living.

A 28-day rehab programme will soon come to an end, where foundational recovery can be achieved, resulting in a return home. Here’s where the results of drug and alcohol rehab show themselves, as independent recovery, paired with aftercare services begin.

This is the natural process of progression throughout rehab. Yet, for each client, the process will deviate slightly, likely to include positive moments, challenging steps and addiction treatment recommendations to fit personal needs.


Opting for a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket

If you’re hoping to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, through our services, you can expect to complete a programme similar to the above. However, before your recovery journey can begin, it is important that we work to select the most fitting rehab clinic and programme for your needs.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of rehab clinics, available to you. While each is located outside of Newmarket, we offer a number of options, some standing as convenient and others offering greater privacy.

Before investing into rehab, it’s important that we work out which approach is best for your needs, and your capabilities to recover. Some clients thrive off closeness to home, off family involvement and off convenience. If this is the case for you, looking towards Newmarket will be our next step. Yet, other clients prefer privacy, prefer physical and psychological space, and prefer the idea of intensive residential rehab, set away from current life. Again, if you favour this approach, by responding greater to it, selecting a rehab clinic away from Newmarket will be ideal.

While convenience is a driving force for many, it is important that your health, safety and ability to advance through the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process are also prioritised. This is exactly why we complete a pre-admission process, ensuring that the most suited approach to rehab is available for you.


Complete your self-referral today

Currently, you may feel bombarded with new information to digest around drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If so, taking some time to consider your needs and whether rehab is for you will be wise. Yet, it’s also important that, once you reach a point of physical and psychological readiness, that you look to complete a self-referral.

A self-referral is where you’ll contact our team, with the intentions to secure a rehabilitation programme. Understandably, at this stage, you may lack insight into rehab, you may be struggling with doubts, you may have some personal questions, or you may even feel stuck in a battle between ongoing drug and alcohol consumption and recovery. If this is the case, please be reassured that we can still support you. We do not expect you to be packed and ready to go when considering rehab. We appreciate how this is a big step to take, which will carry great preparation.

By working with our Rehab Clinics Group team, you’ll experience a compassionate and understanding approach to rehab, alongside a highly professional and specialist outlook on addiction recovery. Have confidence in selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Newmarket, or within the area of through our group of treatment centres. Whichever you select, you can expect a customised, progressive process of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. If you’re ready for this, input your self-referral today, with the commitment to complete drug and alcohol rehab.