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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Norwich

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Norwich

Are you struggling with substance abuse? Are you hoping for a way out from addiction?

Many believe that this is an easy step, when in fact, rehabilitation can be a challenging step to complete; especially if a chronic addiction and a dual diagnosis of depression or anxiety is experienced.

In this instance, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich will be recommended. However, if you’re aiming for probable recovery rates, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we encourage residential rehab from one of our leading facilities. Reach out today if you’re looking to recover from addiction, for the better.


The effects of a drug and alcohol addiction

Without control or intervention, a drug and alcohol addiction can become life-limiting. This far, you may have experienced significant side effects from substance abuse; this will usually include physical effects. Yet, once an addiction develops, those side effects worsen substantially. Will you be able to cope?

One of the biggest struggle’s individuals go through when living with an addiction is mental impairment. Once areas of the brain are affected, causing a habitual behaviour, breaking this cycle can be very difficult. Common side effects include depression, anxiety and paranoia, with the potential of also developing further habits.

Combine mental health issues with the physical withdrawal, and a future of negative experiences is likely. Although this may be far from your current reality, we’ve witnessed many individuals deteriorate through long-term substance abuse. With this in mind, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich at the least should be your next step.


Finding a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich

Are you looking for an effective way to rehabilitate? There are a number of treatment options available to you, all offering differing benefits. For individuals hoping for convenience, finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich will be recommended. This local form of support is highly beneficial for individuals with minimal drug and alcohol side effects.

However, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we further promote residential rehab programmes, down to the tangible pressures while rehabilitating from home. Currently, you will be surrounded by both physical and psychological triggers. With the aim to fully recover, this will be difficult while surrounded by those common triggers.

With this in mind, we believe that the distance which residential rehab programmes offer provides the best opportunity to complete addiction treatment. By visiting a distraction-free, positive environment, with consistent access to addiction treatments and guidance, you’ll follow a focused approach to addiction recovery.

Another factor you must consider is the safety of your rehabilitation programme. If large quantities of drugs and alcohol have been abused over time, significant detoxification will be required. With this in mind, it is likely that unbearable withdrawal symptoms will make an appearance. Therefore, it is highly important that medical supervision is provided around the clock to prioritise your health.

See our range of rehab facilities below, offering benefits for Norwich locals.


Alternative rehab options

By opting for a drug and alcohol rehab outside of Norwich, you’ll advance your long-term recovery rates threefold. Although this may seem like a daunting step to complete, please be reassured that our addiction counsellors and professionals understand what you are going through.

Whichever rehab centre you favour, we will be prepared for you with a number of additional services, while promoting our homely environments.

If you’re hoping to stay within the UK for addiction treatment, we have two facilities available – Cassiobury Court and Ocean Recovery Centre. Both offer specialised addiction recovery programmes, known to carry high success rates for clients. This option offers convenience for clients while catering to all budgets.

Yet for individuals with the common goal of lasting recovery and wellbeing promotion, our Step 1 Recovery facility will be recommended. Based in Spain, clients can benefit from the healing properties of the Mediterranean climates, while residing at our luxury facility. Here a holistic approach to addiction treatment will be followed while ensuring realignment for the body and mind.

Whichever rehab centre you select, you will return home to Norwich with the tools and coping mechanisms to lead a drug and alcohol-free life. You will be prepared both physically and mentally to tackle any future triggers, promoting sobriety.


The benefits of detoxification

For many of our clients, the first step of rehab will include a detoxification programme. Although branded as a difficult treatment option to complete, a drug and alcohol detox is usually required to diminish the physical dependence present. Without this step, ongoing cravings will be likely.

The key benefit of a detox programme follows its aim to remove all toxins from the body. This will help to resolve the lasting damage from continuous substance abuse while preparing the body for a future without those habits.


Alternative addiction treatments available

Alongside a detox programme, clients are likely to require psychological and social addiction treatments. For many clients, underlying psychological triggers will be driving their addiction.

Likewise, connected mental health issues may be experienced. In both of these cases, our treatment options will work on breaking down those barriers, while realigning the mind to cope without drugs and alcohol.

Common treatment options include cognitive behavioural therapy, therapy sessions following an individual and group format, and motivational therapy. This combination will aim to change the client’s perception of drug and alcohol use, devaluing its impact in their lives.


Start your rehab journey with a telephone assessment

Experience the benefits of our residential rehab facilities by starting your own journey today. The process will begin through a telephone assessment. Here our addiction specialists will understand your addiction greater, helping to make realistic recommendations on treatment options.

From here, an admissions date will be set, along with creating your personalised treatment plan. Simply contact us to start the process. We follow a confidential and non-judgmental approach, ensuring your receiving the care you deserve.

Whether a drug and alcohol rehab in Norwich will suit you better, or distance will offer the best recovery opportunity, we can help put these arrangements in place.