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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire

Have you been using drugs and alcohol as a coping strategy? They are in fact one of the most utilised techniques, to work through or escape from the challenges of life. Some individuals will use them moderately as a short-term escape. Yet, others, who crave their euphoric effects end up abusing drugs and alcohol for the long-term.

In the moment, there’s a high chance that substance abuse will feel like a good idea. Either drugs or alcohol will take away the pain, the stress, the pressure linked to life. Commonly, drugs and alcohol usually mask over the damages caused by mental health issues, by work-related stress, by money worries and by isolation.

While it’s understandable to see why they are favoured for their ability to cause a false sense of reality, drug and alcohol abuse are dangerous, are misleading and are enablers, contributing towards a chronic addiction. It’s very important that if you are misusing either that you consider the negativity that they are causing, which in the long-term, will outweigh the support they may currently provide.

The best way to overcome their support is by finding new coping strategies, offering safe and positive tools to cope through your struggles. Learn to cope in a healthy way by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire. At Rehab Clinics Group, we can assist you with this step, helping you rehabilitate from the addictive characteristics of drugs and alcohol.


Drug and alcohol abuse as a coping strategy

Initial consumption of drugs and alcohol usually provide positive effects. The majority of individuals who’ve abused them will recognise the euphoric feeling they provide, which offers respite from the realism of everyday life. Overtime, some individuals will continue to strive for those similar effects, standing as a short-term coping strategy. Yet, for others, the body and brain will crave drug and alcohol traces, again as a coping strategy, but to also feed an addiction diagnosis.

Down to the original positives, influenced by drugs and alcohol, it’s easy to see why users tend to fixate onto their characteristics of escape, acting as a way out from the likes of mental health issues. Yet, unknowingly to some, their presence is in fact intensifying the original causation, making mental health issues worse, making money worries worse, and making feelings of stress, worse.

The sad thing is that those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol will still believe that they are standing as positive coping strategies. When in fact they are causing severe disruptions to their quality of life, along with battling an addiction.

If you’re justifying excessive consumption, or see their effects through rose-tinted glasses, it’s time to consider the realism of drug and alcohol abuse. Considering specialist support will be recommended, through a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire or residential care here at Rehab Clinics Group.


Overcoming that strategy via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire

If you’re using drugs and alcohol, whether as a coping strategy or as your norm, it’s important to understand that their support will soon begin to dwindle, where their negative impacts will present themselves. Although difficult to hear, long-term drug and alcohol abuse will materialise into an addiction, if early intervention isn’t accepted.

If you’ve only been consuming them for the short-term, reduced risk of an addiction diagnosis will be present. Yet, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire for a degree of rehabilitation will be encouraged. If drugs and alcohol have been your long-term coping strategy, there’s a high probability that you’ll already be suffering from the signs and symptoms of addiction. In this case, either recovering from a Nottinghamshire based rehab clinic or one of our residential treatment centres will be recommended.

For the latter, this recommendation is made, as here at Rehab Clinics group, we have a range of reputable treatment centres, dotted across the UK. We work with leading specialists to offer the highest quality of care, of addiction treatment services, and of recovery programmes to treat addiction. Yet, in tandem with addiction recovery, we focus on a 360 approach to rehabilitation, helping you learn to cope and happily exist without the presence of drugs and alcohol.


Finding a new way to cope, boasting positivity

Throughout our rehab clinics, whether you select the most convenient one to Nottinghamshire, or our most residential form, you will complete a range of addiction treatment services. Those treatments will focus on promoting withdrawal and repair through the likes of detoxification and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Yet, alongside standard addiction treatment options, looking at long-term recovery is a necessity, by considering personal coping strategies. Through rehab, rehabilitation can be achieved, yet it’s the long-term test that will secure sober living. To reach this point, having healthy and positive coping strategies to rely upon is very important.

Through a range of stress management sessions, drug and alcohol relapse prevention planning, talking therapies and dual diagnosis treatment, we can help you form coping strategies to utilise on your return to Nottinghamshire. Personal to you, they can be anything from physical exercise, to mindfulness, to your everyday routine.

While addiction treatment services drive the recovery of habitual behaviours, we must also focus on how you’ll cope on physical and psychological levels, post-rehab. This is on offer here at Rehab Clinics Group, providing sustainable solutions to withdrawing from drugs and alcohol.


Prolonged coping post-rehab

Initial coping is highly probable by committing to and completing drug and alcohol rehab. Yet, to prolong the ability to cope, you must also commit to change on your arrival home. Making changes to your lifestyle, in tandem with activating your relapse prevention plan will be a good starting point.

Yet, the greatest way that many individuals maintain positive coping strategies is by embracing aftercare services. Aftercare services will be available to you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Nottinghamshire, helping you maintain your lifestyle by standardising your choices. Through regular sessions, you’ll have a tangible touchpoint to continue the development of your own coping strategies. Having a schedule of support groups can provide accountability and structure, standing as a weekly motivator to remain sober.

Every individual is different, coping through life through varying strategies. Avoid the use of drugs and alcohol as yours, by making positive changes to your outlook and lifestyle here at Rehab Clinics Group.