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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Shropshire

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Shropshire

If you’re struggling with an addiction you’re not alone and, here, at the Rehab Clinics Group we can help.

Often the hardest step to take is admitting you have an addiction, but once you’ve taken this step you can start to rebuild your life and regain your freedom.

We have drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres located across the whole of the UK and in Spain, so whether you want to receive residential addiction treatment closer to home, or you opt for treatment in sunnier climes, we can help you find the best recovery treatments for you.

All you need to do is call our friendly and supportive admissions team today for your free and confidential initial consultation.


How Do You Know You’re An Addict?

If you’re suffering with addiction it’s likely that you’ve also been living in denial for some time too, but the fact that you’re looking for help means that it’s likely you’ve acknowledged your addiction and its negative impact on your life.

If you cannot go 24 hours without consuming the substance, it’s highly likely that you’re addicted. If you’re unsure its always best to seek professional help.

Left untreated, your addiction will only worsen, even if you think you have it under control it’ll get worse and slowly tear your life apart.

Addiction is often caused by mental health issues or trauma and, in return, can cause physical and psychological harm. This is why, when looking for drug and alcohol rehab, you need to consider mental health treatments and support as well.

At all of our centres, our treatment programmes are designed around you and provide effective evidence-based detox and therapy treatments to heal your mind, body and soul.


How Does Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Shropshire Work?

When you’re ready to take back control of your life, drug and alcohol rehab in Shropshire starts with a phone call.

Our professional admissions team will discuss with you your current addiction, lifestyle and medical history to provide you with the best addiction treatment options for your own personal circumstances.

All of our centres offer private, residential drug and alcohol rehab treatments. Each programme lasts on average for 28 days, but depending on your health and wellbeing, we may suggest a more brief visit of 7 days is sufficient enough, or that a longer stay of a couple of months is needed to help you fully recover.

Finding the right treatment for you is the most important step you can take on your road to recovery. If you finish your treatment too early, or don’t have the right care and support in place, your recovery can become dangerous and relapse is very likely to occur.

Addiction creates negative habits in your behaviour, so you must treat this illness respectively, with both detox and therapy treatments.


What Can I Expect From The Treatment?

Upon arrival at our drug and alcohol rehab centre you’ll undergo a full medical assessment, whereby our team of medical professionals will assess your physical and psychological wellbeing. We’ll work with you to develop a Recovery Action Plan that will outline your treatments during your stay.

All of our residential addiction treatment programmes start with a detox. The point of a detox is to rid your body of the substance you have been consuming. You may think that this is easy and can be completed at home, but detox requires medical supervision to help manage your withdrawal symptoms.

These symptoms are your body’s way of readjusting to life without alcohol and drugs, but will vary depending on the length and severity of your addiction.

Once you have completed detox, which usually lasts a couple days, you’ll start your recovery programme with therapy treatments. These can range from psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, to stress management classes and art therapy.

The point of this treatment is to give you an understanding of your addiction, so you can learn to manage any cravings and develop a more positive and healthy lifestyle.

Alongside detox and therapy, we offer various other treatments and activities to help you heal. From a dietary plan and acupuncture to movie evenings and organised day trips, your stay with us will help rejuvenate your mind and body.


Our Drug And Alcohol Aftercare Programme

The first 12 months of recovery outside of the rehabilitation centre is the most challenging, as this is when relapse is most likely.

Upon successful completion of rehab, you’ll be provided with a drug and alcohol relapse prevention plan, which will help you manage your cravings and achieve your long term recovery.

Our aftercare programme includes 12 months of free aftercare, as we want you to succeed as much as you want to turn your life around and free yourself from this addiction.

We can help you get in touch with local support groups, such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics, and provide extended therapy where its needed.

Just remember, that recovery takes time, so slotting back into relationships and family life can be a challenge as people may not know how to treat you. They may give you too much space or try to wrap you in cotton wool.

Either way you’ll need to give your relationships time to heal after your rehab. If you require further help with this, we also provide family therapy options.


Next Steps

If you’ve come to accept your addiction, you’re ready to make the commitment to treatment and long term recovery. It’s important to understand that without full commitment from you, you will not be able to achieve long term sobriety.

Don’t delay your recovery, it’s important to take action as soon as you can. Call our friendly and supportive admissions team today for your free and confidential consultation.

We’ll advise you on the most suitable treatment options, for you, and can even arrange transportation to pick you up and transfer you to one of our nearby rehabilitation centres.

Take that next step and give us a call to turn your life around, heal your mind, body and soul and gain that freedom from your addiction.