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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Southampton

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Southampton

Struggling with drug and alcohol addiction can feel like a lonely existence. While social consumption is often a gateway to broader issues, the act of feeding a habit amid substance use disorder is often a solitary endeavour. In the Southampton area, just as in regions around the country, there are many people seeking help while feeling alienated. That does not have to be the case.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a network of community-based rehab centres that offer medically assisted treatment programmes, helping people access support when they need it most. Moreover, we adopt an inclusive culture that emphasises mental health, reintroducing people to society with a fresh appreciation of wellness.


What is addiction?

Contrary to popular opinion, addiction is not a selfish lifestyle choice. In certain situations, drinking alcohol or taking drugs can possibly be categorised as such, but addiction is the consequence of that decision. It is not a decision in itself.

Addiction is a chronic brain disease. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter, is often referred to as the ‘happy chemical,’ and addiction is linked to the desirable pleasure that it emits. Encouraging the excessive release of dopamine, drugs and alcohol rewire the brain’s reward centre in extreme ways, causing momentary rushes of euphoria that are painfully transient.

Despite the short-term nature of those highs, people chase the pleasurable feeling caused by sudden surges of dopamine. The negative side effects are well documented, and they far outweigh the capricious happiness instilled by substance use, but the temporary relief given by dopamine becomes habit-forming.

Social circumstances and external pressures, such as financial difficulty or familial upheaval, often feed the cycle of addiction. As perceived failures mount up, encouraging listlessness and demotivation, a person may become more inclined to chase the comparative calmness of intoxication.

Illicit highs only make those problems worse, destroying health and raising paranoia, but they are dressed up as relief from the very issues they cause. Such is the confounding unfairness of addiction. Alcohol and drugs help people escape trauma for a very short amount of time, but in the long run, they exacerbate that very trauma itself.


Where to find drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton

There are a number of addiction treatment options in Southampton, but not all will be suitable for every case of substance misuse. Due to the personal nature of drug and alcohol addictions, it is important to assess the treatment options and pick a provider experienced in caring for your needs.

Rehab Clinics Group is a fantastic option when considering drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton. With treatment centres across the country, we have a wealth of resources to aid your recovery from addiction. Our evidence-based approach delivers long-term success, while 24-hour aftercare support adds extra value to our commitment.


Do you need alcohol rehab?

Rehabilitation is the act of restoring someone to health and normal life after they have experienced hardship, usually in the form of addiction or illness. It logically follows that people entering drug and alcohol rehab have become unhealthy and dysfunctional because of substance misuse. Realising such a struggle then admitting it to yourself and other people can be difficult, but we want to encourage honesty in those conversations.

When contemplating alcohol rehab in Southampton, critical self-analysis is important to make the right decision. You must assess the amount of alcohol you are consuming and consider the effects of that consumption on your health, relationships and career. You must also analyse the priorities in your life, because many alcoholics rank drinking as their most important activity.

If, after structured contemplation, you feel ready to explore treatment options for alcohol addiction in Southampton, contact our specialist team today for free and confidential advice. We are available around the clock, via telephone and email, to provide the support you need.


Do you need drug rehab?

While the underlying illness of addiction is much the same regardless of the instigating substances, drug abuse differs from alcoholism in a very distinct ways.

Firstly, alcohol is legal and readily available in pubs, clubs and supermarkets. Many drugs are illegal and, as such, available only by interacting with criminals. Secondly, alcohol is considered socially acceptable and has become synonymous with a good time. Drugs, by contrast, are considered taboo and have attracted social stigma, and perhaps rightly so.

Accordingly, drug addicts in particular can often feel alienated and disenfranchised from society. This presents unique challenges when attempting to acknowledge and accept addiction problems. However, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we want to break the shackles of shame and provide support for those who need it most.

If you or somebody you know have an unhealthy relationship with drugs, make our qualified team your first port of call. Our network of rehab centres offer a wide array of treatment options, and we take the time to find the right one in each instance. Nobody should suffer through drug addiction alone. We are here to help.


How Rehab Clinics Group can help you overcome addiction

We offer a range of tailored detox programmes that help people overcome difficult withdrawal symptoms during rehabilitation. However, our offering extends far beyond the initial stages of recovery. We support clients through every step of their journey.

Using psychological therapies, wellbeing therapies and strong group dynamics, we look to rebuild lives, not simply cure addictions. Our residential rehab clinics include daily group walks, leisure outings, quiz nights, fellowship events and family visits. This creates a comfortable environment in which people feel safe and secure rather than ignored and restrained.

We invest a lot of time to define your problems and understand your goals. We do not take a generic approach to recovery, preferring instead to identify the causes, triggers and trends of your addiction and replace them with positive alternatives.

So, if you are considering drug and alcohol rehab in Southampton, do not hesitate to contact our team for an honest conversation. Regardless of the stage you are at, we have the experience and resources to recommend effective next steps. From intensive programmes to general advice, we want to make a difference to people’s lives. No query is too big or too small, so get in touch today. Together, we can overcome addiction.