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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Surrey

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Surrey

Are you based in Surrey, suffering with the side effects of a drug and alcohol addiction? Are you hoping for a life without addictive substances, yet believe it will be impossible?

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand why you feel like this. Seeing the light at the end of the addiction recovery tunnel can be challenging. It is especially challenging if you’ve previously attempted to stop consuming drugs and alcohol.

Yet, through professional support and addiction treatment, freedom from drugs and alcohol can be achieved. By committing yourself to a rehab programme, offering an abundance of guidance, treatment and encouragement, you will have the opportunity to slowly move towards that light, reaching your recovery goals.

To ensure that you’re visiting the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey, for your personal needs, utilise our specialist services. We can assess your current relationship with drugs and alcohol, offering personal rehab recommendations within our group.

For the greatest probability of long-term addiction recovery, rehabilitate through localised treatment centres.


Why recover from rehab?

As touched on above, you may have already attempted to recover from your addiction independently, unfortunately resulting in relapse. This is very disheartening, understandably changing your outlook on future addiction recovery. Yet, it is important to note that this attempt does not reflect your personal capabilities to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction.

Alone attempts of addiction recovery will never be encouraged. It can be dangerous, along with high probabilities of incomplete addiction recovery. Low success rates are mainly down to the significant psychological support required to motive addiction recovery, unavailable from home.

With this in mind, if you are serious about recovering, opting for a rehab programme will be beneficial. Here you will be safe and secure, while progressing towards a future without drugs and alcohol. You will detox, physically and psychologically, you will learn, you will form healthy coping mechanisms, and you will prepare for a drug and alcohol-free life post-rehab.

A comprehensive treatment programme, through a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey will be recommended. Personalised, targeted and recovery designed rehab programmes are on offer, available through outpatient and residential treatment plans. Benefit from this approach, available through our rehab clinics.


Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey

There are now a number of different drug and alcohol rehabs in Surrey. Down to higher numbers, you may feel overwhelmed when selecting the most suitable one.

Through our range of rehab clinics, we can take this overwhelming feeling away from you by offering recovery recommendations. From our conveniently located centre, Cassiobury Court, to our Blackpool based facility, strongly focusing on wellness, we can help you find the most appropriate treatment centre. If you do however strongly hope to recover in Surrey, we can work around this through our localised treatment services.

To ensure appropriateness is met, you will need to complete an initial assessment. Assessments like this are very common when arranging an admission into rehab, measuring your health, wellbeing and readiness to recover. Yet, ours will go a step further, for the better, to ensure that your budget, personal requirements and comfort levels are met when selecting a drug and alcohol rehab.

Personal details we will require more information on include:

  • Your current relationship with drugs and alcohol
  • The length and severity of your drug and alcohol addiction
  • Your side effects from substance abuse
  • Your mental health, and whether you live with a pre-existing condition or experience symptoms of
  • Your realistic budget for rehab
  • Your previous recovery attempts

Please be reassured that this information will remain confidential and will only be used to evaluate the most suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey. Once merged, we can use this information to offer specialist recommendations for visiting one of our rehab centres, along with an effective treatment plan.

If you’re struggling with addiction, with acknowledging your relationship with drugs and alcohol, or with finding a suitable treatment centre, we can help you.


Treatment programmes through rehab

Treatment programmes through our rehab clinics are personalised, catered around the needs of each client. This is beneficial, as the most effective treatment options will be encouraged, helping to diminish addiction efficiently. By avoiding this approach, your time at rehab may be wasted, down to unsuitable and ineffective addiction treatment options.

With this in mind, your initial assessment will guide recommendations for your treatment programme. Yet, commonly, a range of necessary treatment options are required to tackle the initial withdrawal from drugs and alcohol.

Commonly experienced treatment options include:

> A drug and alcohol detox programme: Physical treatment options are required to overcome addiction. Here is where a detox programme will be offered, helping to cleanse the body from addictive substances. It is important to note that withdrawal symptoms are likely, sometimes causing challenges. Yet, this is a sign that you’re withdrawing from drugs and alcohol, moving one step closer to recovery.

> Cognitive behavioural therapy: Psychological recovery is a necessity when looking to tackle addiction. Many individuals have underlying triggers linked to pre-existing mental health issues or distressing episodes. CBT will work to uncover those triggers, suppress them, while changing your outlook on future substance abuse. This is why visiting a drug and alcohol rehab is recommended.

> Support groups: Accountability and committing to addiction recovery is beneficial when rehabilitating. Group settings can motivate this, while boosting support.

> Individual therapy: Talking therapies are very important when recovering. It is important that you work with addiction counsellors to combat your demons surrounding drug and alcohol abuse.

Alongside the above treatments, you will complete further treatment options, catered around your needs. Additionally, relapse prevention planning will be required throughout rehab, providing you with coping strategies to continue recovery post-rehab.


Complete an aftercare programme in Surrey

Completing a comprehensive treatment programme, through one of our rehab centres can motivate the initial stages of addiction recovery. Yet, to ensure that this progression can continue, completing an aftercare programme will be advised.

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Surrey, you will complete regular support groups and meetings. This exposure will help you maintain your motivation to continue post-rehab, while providing you with further skills to maintain your recovery goals.

Addiction recovery is a long-term commitment. Yet, by completing high-quality steps from the offset, via a rehab facility, it will ease and become your new reality.

Reach out today to benefit from our guidance here at Rehab Clinics Group. You’ll have the chance to receive immediate support via your selected drug and alcohol rehab, whether in Surrey or further afield.