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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Bedford

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Bedford

If you have an alcohol or drug addiction, it becomes the new normal in your life, and it can be hard to remember what life was like before. Addiction can be a terrible disease, and no doubt, before you were in the grips of addiction you were no doubt healthier, happier and looking to the future. If you want to go back to this time, then looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford may help you rebuild your life and enjoy it again. At the Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you find a place at one of our rehab centres where you’ll get the best possible treatment, giving you an excellent chance of getting sober.


Getting admitted to drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford

While you may be thinking that finding rehab centres is hard, at the Rehab Clinics Group we have a selection of clinics to choose from, and all it takes is a phone call to get your place. Call our team and they’ll carry out a free initial assessment, so you can decide whether or not our treatment programmes will the right choice at this stage in your life.

Decide to use our services for addiction treatments and we’ll give you a choice of clinics, all of which have the same high standards of care. You may wish to stay close to Bedford, Luton, Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas by choosing our centre in the suburbs of North London, but we often recommend going further afield for treatment, for example, our clinics in the Midlands or even Spain. This gives you some space to get away from negative influences and focus on your recovery in a safe space.


On arrival at alcohol and drug rehab

No matter which clinic you end up in, you’ll get a full assessment when you arrive. This allows us to see the current state of your physical and mental health and to decide the best way to treat your addiction to drugs or alcohol.

You’ll have plenty of time to discuss your treatment options and speak to our addiction counsellors, so don’t worry about feeling rushed. We understand that residential rehab can be scary, so we take time to show you around the clinic and get you settled in.

As soon as you arrive in your clinic of choice, you’ll start going through a detox. Luckily, our rapid detoxes can take just a few days, with prescription medication among the rehab treatments offered to make your life easier. When you stop taking drugs or drinking, you’re likely to get some side effects. These can vary greatly from feeling sick and having insomnia, to shakes and seizures. That’s why it’s better to detox in a safe environment where you can be monitored.


Following your treatment plan

Once you’re detoxed, you’ll no doubt be keen to get on with the next stage of treatment. Our programmes are 28 days long, and we highly recommend that you stay for the entire time, as you’ll be doing important work in rehab. Some people ask if we do a detox only programme, but we only offer detox as part of drug and alcohol rehab in Bedford. The reason being that if you detox but don’t go through our programme, the risk of relapse is just too high.

Stay at one of our clinics and you’ll go through intensive individual therapy, with methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) being especially helpful. You’ll also have regular group sessions, where you’ll work with others who are recovering from substance abuse. Therapy with other people with addictions is very helpful, as it allows you to think about your own patterns of behaviour and reach breakthroughs as a team.

Complete 28 days with us and you’ll get a year of free aftercare, which can help you through that difficult first year of sobriety by offering ongoing support and advice.


Confidential alcohol and drug therapy

There’s still a massive stigma around addiction in our society, so when people come to us for rehab, we understand the importance of keeping their stay discrete. We’ve admitted people from all walks of life, including high-profile individuals who often chose rehabs like our one in Spain, as it gives them extra privacy.

Because the Rehab Clinics Group has a choice of locations, you can stay away from home if you’re worried about running into someone on an outing. While the odds of this happening are very small, if it’s something that worries you, then choose one of our more remote locations.

If you want to use our rehab services, you don’t need a GP referral, so you don’t need to tell anyone about your stay. We’ll usually write to your doctor with information about your stay, but if you’d prefer to keep it private, please talk to us.

Our team are all very discrete and know that information needs to be kept confidential. From the first time you call us, to when you go through aftercare, nobody needs to know you’re in rehab unless you tell them.

When you need alcohol and drug rehab in Bedford. Rehab Clinics Group can help, You can call us on 0800 470 0382 or simply text HELP to 83222 to get a call back for more information.