Drug and Alcohol Treatment Blackburn

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab if you live in Blackburn

Reaching out for help in Blackburn

Are you based in Blackburn, struggling to receive the support and care you deserve to overcome an addiction? With added pressure on NHS services, and the easy access to drugs and alcohol, addictions are rising, causing many physical and mental health issues.

Without the right immediate support, long-term withdrawal symptoms can slowly damage an individual’s life, piece by piece. Although you may feel that this scenario is far from your current circumstances, the sooner you can acknowledge you have a problem with drugs and alcohol, the greater your rehabilitation will be.

If you are experiencing any negative side effects to drug and alcohol consumption, now is the time to reach out for help. If you’re damaging your quality of life, including the inability to maintain a career, relationships and daily responsibilities in general, seeking medical support should be prioritised.

If you are based in Blackburn, suffering with a drug and alcohol addiction, reach out to our team here at Rehab Clinics Group. We’ve supported many individuals based in the North West successfully recover from their addiction. Start by calling us today and running through your concerns. We are here to help you and your family members through this difficult time.


The types of treatment options available

If you are searching for a rehab centre in Blackburn, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a number of treatment options available. We have addiction and mental health specialised rehab centres dotted across the United Kingdom, with a high success rate of helping many individuals across England and Wales. We even have one local to Blackburn, offering convenience. This is a favoured option by individuals with a positive, strong support network, close to home.

However, for greatest probability rate, we do also offer our Spain based residential rehab centre. This treatment option is favoured by providing enough space between patients and their daily influences. Trying to recover from a drug and alcohol addiction can be very difficult while surrounded by stimuli. By providing space, you will have the energy and time to focus on your rehabilitation, while enjoying our luxury, Mediterranean estate.

Whichever rehab centre you select, there is also the option for outpatient and residential treatment. For those with a mild drug and alcohol addiction, outpatient treatment at a local rehab centre will be beneficial. However, for someone living with a chronic dual diagnosis addiction, a residential programme at one of our private rehab centres will be recommended. This again will ensure recovery is probable by providing the best, around the clock care and treatment.

Please be aware that before selecting a rehab centre, our team of specialists will get to know your addiction greater, providing suitable recommendations for your circumstances.


Addiction treatments used for drug and alcohol fixations

Whichever rehab centre you select here at Rehab Clinics Group, you will complete a number of our evidence-based, leading addiction treatments. Each have been formed to advance recovery long-term.

On admission, our team will firstly complete an assessment of your addiction and current health. Please keep in mind that addictions vary. From their severity and effects, to an individual’s motivation to recover can all influence recovery rate. Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we believe in personalisation. We believe in catering treatment options to your needs. With that said, your assessment will provide our team with appropriate data to create a personalised rehab programme, including our addiction treatments and support.

For most individuals struggling with addiction, a drug and alcohol detox will be required. Although this is a difficult and dangerous step, if completed, greater recovery is likely. A detox will help to remove all toxins in your body, whole wiping the slate clean to begin treatment. Please ensure that this step, whether that be a home detox or within a specialised unit should be supervised. Here withdrawal symptoms will be experienced, making the process exhausting and difficult. With the right support, a detox will soon be completed, increasing treatment susceptibility.

From here, you will receive a number of our holistic therapies. This will ensure that your whole being is ready to be treated, and each area of your addiction can be tackled. Treatment options you can expect to complete include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, group activities, educational sessions, and relapse prevention sessions. Each will work on your physical and psychological connection to drugs and alcohol, along with preparing you for any future relapses.

Post rehab, on your return to Blackburn, our team will continue to support you through outpatient aftercare services. Here you will complete support groups and AA meetings to motivate long-term recovery. We understand how difficult this initial transition can be, therefore, we are here for you and your family members through this time of change.

Please remember that rehab timeframes will vary from person to person. A common timeframe is a 28-day programme. However, for those with a chronic addiction, greater treatment may be necessary. We will only recommend a return home to Blackburn once we believe you are ready to live independently, while controlling your stimuli.


Why rehab is important

Although rehab may seem daunting, if you are living with a fixation, whether that be a gambling addiction, or a drug dependency, rehab is important.

Without the right support, an addiction can have life-threatening effects on an individual. By attending a rehab centre as soon as possible, damages will be reduced, helping all effected recover and lead a happy, healthy and addiction-free future.

The steps taken in rehab can be dangerous. Attempting to go cold turkey through a home detox can be highly dangerous for an individual. This can lead to life-threatening symptoms, along with influencing further addictive and mental health illnesses.

By completing an initial detox, a complete rehab programme including addiction treatment, and continuing aftercare support, overcoming an addiction is highly likely. With the right support, treatment and environment, stability is high.

If you are based in Blackburn, searching for a reputable drug and alcohol rehab, consider one of our centres here at Rehab Clinics group. We are passionate about helping you through this difficult time with our addiction experience and treatments. Reach out today to start your rehab journey.