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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Burnley

If you have an addiction, the thought of going to drug and alcohol rehab in Burnley will no doubt make you feel anxious. After all, you’ve relied on these substances for a long time, and without them, you’ll have to change a lot of things about your life. The problem with addiction is that it’s not just the substance abuser it affects. Everyone from spouses to children and friends can feel the negative effects of your addiction, but when you’re numb from drink or drugs, you may not even notice. If you want to change your behaviour for the better, the Rehab Clinics Group can help you get on the right track, with addiction treatment that’ll help you stay sober for life.


Using our drug and alcohol service

We know how hard it can be to find help when you’re looking for drug or alcohol rehab, and that’s why the Rehab Clinics Group have a number of clinics to choose from, so we can find one that works for you. All you need to do to start the process is to pick up the phone, and our professional team get enquiries from both people with addictions and loved ones, including offender’s families, carers and friends. We can start the ball rolling by carrying out a free initial assessment over the phone, so you can also decide whether our rehab centres are right for you. Rehab is a big commitment, so in some cases it might not be the best choice for you right now, in which case we may be able to suggest a local service for adults including people with addictions, who may be better suited to meet your needs.

If you decide to go to a rehabilitation centre, there’s no need to wait around. We can often get you a place within 48 hours so you can get on with the important job of healing.


Is it time for me to go to rehab?

If you’re searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Burnley, then it’s likely a small part of you knows that you have a problem, and that it’s time to look at ways to overcome it.

We often hear from people who are alcoholics or drug addicts, and fully admit to having this disease, but wonder whether it’s severe enough for rehab. There’s no easy answer to this. None of our clinics have a set criterion for how much drink or drugs is a problem, but if you think it’s too much and it’s impacting your life, then that’s a sign that it’s time to change.

There’s often a ‘rock bottom’ that people with addictions reach where they realise, they have to change. This can be legal trouble, a relationship breakdown, job loss or anything else that gives them a shock and makes them examine their behaviour. Of course, if you have an addiction, you don’t have to wait to reach rock bottom, in fact, the longer you wait for help, the more difficult it can be to treat an addiction, although our team will always do everything to help, no matter what your circumstances.

It’s also common for us to hear from other adults, including offenders’ families, who are trying to find rehab clinics on behalf of their loved ones. In many cases, the person with the addiction is still deep in denial, which is worsening their addiction, but they may be refusing to seek help. In these cases, we can’t force the person with an addiction into rehab, but we can help with setting up an intervention where they can be offered the chance to go into a rehab programme.


Your time inside residential rehab

While staying in alcohol or drug rehab is hard, we do all we can to create a pleasant, homely environment where you’ll get all the support you need. We help with the process of finding a rehab, and while our clinics vary in size and facilities, what they all have in common is that they offer the highest standard of care.

You’ll begin your drug and alcohol rehab in Burnley with a detox, which can take as little as a few days. We’ll ask that you go cold turkey, which no doubt sounds awful, but you can take prescription medication to ease the worst of it. This can help you get through your detox quickly, so you can move onto rehab.

Which ever rehab in Burnley or further afield that you choose, you can be sure of a tailored treatment programme. We offer some of the best addiction treatment in the East Lancashire area, which includes both traditional and holistic treatments, workshops and activities, all of which are designed to help you stay away from drugs and alcohol once you leave us. If you complete your 28-day programme, you’ll also have access to excellent aftercare, including a year of group sessions, which many people with addictions find very useful when they’re trying to heal and rebuild their life.

While rehab is never easy, it may well be the best way to get you away from harmful substances, and get you back on track and enjoying life again.

For drug and alcohol rehab in Burnley with experienced support staff, simply call the Rehab Clinics Group on 0800 470 0382 for free and confidential drug or alcohol addiction advice. Or people with addictions, families, carers and affected loved ones can text HELP to 83222 and we’ll give you information on our rehab services.