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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Clitheroe

Unfortunately, both drug and alcohol consumption levels have risen across the United Kingdom, with many incidents falling into the substance abuse category. Do you fall into this category, where consumption has started to resemble a dependency?

This development can sadly happen to the best of people. No matter your background, mental health state or perception on addiction, the fine line between social use and abuse can blur.

Whether the side effects of an addiction have recently made an appearance, or you’ve been living in denial for years, now should be the time to search for a drug and alcohol rehab in Clitheroe or the North West region. Alternatively, if you’re looking for immediate, highly focused addiction treatment, considering a residential rehab programme, offered at Rehab Clinics Group, will be a valuable decision.


The signs and symptoms that an addiction is present

As vaguely mentioned above, there is a fine line between social use of drugs and alcohol, and substance abuse, easily blurred without a true diagnosis. However, there are many common signs and symptoms to look out for if you’re concerned that the line is blurring, resulting in a drug and alcohol addiction.

One of the most effective ways to gauge this is by honestly asking yourself the following questions:

  • Can you go through a period of time without consuming drugs or alcohol?
  • How often do you think about using drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you find it difficult to stop?
  • Have your consumption levels increased to block out withdrawal symptoms?
  • Do you use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism?
  • Are you experiencing any connected mental health issues, such as depression?
  • Has a friend or loved one made a passing comment on your drinking habits?

If either of your above answers lean towards excess use, whether that’s through consistent consumption or high quantities, an addiction could be developing undetectably. In this situation, the most effective next step will be to discuss your concerns with a loved one or a professional. Feel free to contact our team for reassurance and a free assessment, along with discussing the potential next steps of rehab.


Finding support ideal for Clitheroe locals

If your addiction has recently presented itself, carrying little negative impacts this far, visiting rehab in Clitheroe should be your first step. Here you will receive a number of addiction support services and outpatient treatment, with the hope to readjust your perception on substance misuse.

However, from our vast knowledge, if you’ve experienced consistent physical and psychological side effects linked to substance abuse, considering residential treatment, further afield should be prioritised. With this in mind, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have a range of rehab facilities available to suit the needs of our clients. From UK based facilities, located near Blackpool and Watford, to our luxury Spanish estate offering distance, our leading centres can provide a home from home while you recover.

This time away from triggers and influences in Clitheroe will provide you with the energy and focus to work through each recommended addiction treatment. Additionally, you’ll have continuous support and treatment, helping to boost the efficiency of your progression.

It is important to remember that rehabilitation can take some time, especially when long-term use of drugs and alcohol have been experienced. Yet, by investing into a residential programme, you’ll experience a reactive approach, offering immediate attention; ultimately decreasing the rehab process.

It is also vital to consider your safety and health while attempting to rehabilitate. Many individuals will attempt to recover from home yet will soon fail as unbearable withdrawal symptoms make an appearance. Detoxifying alone can influence chronic short-term health problems, usually influencing greater substance abuse. Yet, by residing at a residential rehab facility, you’ll have access to a structured programme, helping you work safely through each rehab step.


Drug and alcohol addiction treatments, available at our facilities

By selecting one of our specialised rehab facilities, you’ll have access to our wide range of addiction treatments. Each have been designed and implemented with long-term recovery in mind, while also easing the rehab process for clients.

Each client will be provided with a personalised treatment programme; that’s the standard here at Rehab Clinics Group, to ensure requirements can be fulfilled. Yet within that programme, a mixture of our medical, psychological and social treatment options will be arranged.

For most clients, the rehab journey will begin with medically focused addiction treatments. Firstly, a drug and alcohol detox will be required to realign the body, helping to promote natural functioning. This is a highly important treatment to complete as it sets our clients up for greater recovery. Additionally, depending on whether a dual diagnosis of a mental health issue is present, clients may require medication, such as anti-depressants. Yet this will be used as a final option.

From here, a mixture of psychological and social addiction treatments will be promoted. This will usually include a combination of therapy sessions, with focus on cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational techniques. Alongside this, social groups will be encouraged to attach accountability to recovery, along with building a strong support network within the facility.

This combination of treatments will help clients to diminish all physical and psychological connections to drugs and alcohol, while preparing for an independent return home to Clitheroe. Our rehab programmes carry great results if completed entirely, helping individuals lead a sober future.


Start your rehab journey today

If your aim is to overcome your drug and alcohol addiction for good, feel free to contact our team today. We can assess whether visiting drug and alcohol rehab in Clitheroe will offer enough care, or whether our residential rehab programmes will carry greater potentials.

Please be reassured that all information will be kept confidential and dealt with in a sensitive manner. Our team are made up of addiction specialists, passionate about helping others through this time of change. Start your rehab journey today with our help here at Rehab Clinics Group.