Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres in Bolton

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Bolton

If you’re suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in the Bolton area, then you would be wise to consider professional help in a rehab centre. Addiction is a harmful and destructive disease, one which there are so many myths about. Many people aren’t even aware that it’s a diagnosed mental disease. Often, addiction is brushed aside and addicts in desperate need of help are cruelly ignored.

Unfortunately, there have never been more cases of addiction in the United Kingdom. But this growing trend also means that more people than ever before are seeking help for their illness. More people than ever are battling their alcohol and drug addiction, accepting that they need rehab and facing the challenging detox stage.

At Rehab Clinics Group, we have a world-class drug and alcohol rehab centre in Bolton. We help patients of every race, religion, background and age face their fears in a stress-free and safe environment. We lead the way with addiction treatment programmes and our success rate proves that. We make sure that we provide our patients with a long-term solution to give them the best possible chance of making a full recovery. After visiting our rehab centres, patients leave with a deeper understanding of their illness and the knowledge to avoid mistakes of the past.


Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

At our drug and alcohol rehab centre, you’ll begin to appreciate how complex an addiction can be. There is no single cause of addiction, and no two cases are the same. That’s why we assess each patient individually and create a unique treatment programme. That programme is dependent on your symptoms, your genetics and your behavioural qualities. We make sure that your addiction treatment is suited to you.

Any number of things can lead to an addiction. Sometimes, emotional and mental trauma can cause addiction. Other times, work-related stress, a breakdown in a relationship or a childhood event can cause the illness. Confusingly, addiction can affect anybody. Many people wrongly assume that wealthy, prosperous and vastly intelligent people can’t become addicted to substances. Sadly, the reality couldn’t be further from that.

After you’ve spoken with one of our friendly team members, you’ll undergo a full assessment with our fully trained and hugely experienced staff. They’ll gain an understanding of your symptoms and provide you with an arrival date at our rehab centre which is the most easily accessible to you.

Once you’ve settled in and you’re comfortable in your new accommodation, you’ll undergo a full medical with our doctors. There may be physical symptoms of your illness, and we need to address those as part of your rehabilitation.

You’ll face the detox phase under constant surveillance from our team. Medication will be available as required and you’ll come through the process with a body completely clear of harmful substances. After that, we begin to explore your addiction and investigate why you turned to alcohol or drugs in the first place.

Our 12-Step approach takes you on the full journey from detox to leaving our rehab centre with a clear and stress-free mind. You’ll benefit from individual therapy sessions and workshops. Speaking with former addicts will help you to realise that you’re not alone and that there is a life after addiction. Group therapy, holistic treatments and a balanced, healthy diet are all included as part of your addiction treatment in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Why You May Have to Leave Home Behind

Once you leave our rehabilitation centre, you’ll do so with a free, personalised aftercare plan. This must be followed for a year and includes regular check-ups with our team.

The worst thing that can happen after rehabilitation is that you return to your bad habits. This is why as part of your treatment, you’re best advised to leave your home altogether and arrive at our rehab centre as an in-patient. Often, your surroundings can have a big influence on your illness. Many of those around you might not recognise that you’re suffering from a serious disease.

Worse than that, as part of your addiction you may have made new circles of friends. There’s every chance that if you’re addicted to drugs, you see a different group of people when you take those drugs. You’ll go to a specific place and avoid family and friends altogether. As part of your addiction treatment, we take you away from all of that.

The bad habits and emotional triggers which lead to addiction may be present in your home. When you leave that behind and arrive at our rehab centre, you’ll begin to recognise specific triggers and situations which caused you pain in the past. Returning home after rehab, you’ll be fully aware of those causes and you’ll know how to handle them in a healthy way.


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Contact our Rehab Clinics Group today to find out more about how we can help with your illness. Rather than relying on over-worked council-funded rehab centres, our friendly staff can speak to you today. We’ll speak to you in complete confidentiality and quicker than you might realise. Instead of being placed in frustrating NHS waiting lines, you could be admitted to our drug and alcohol rehab centre in Bolton within days.

Every day that you delay contacting us is another day of suffering for you and your loved ones. They’ve had to helplessly watch your demise at the hands of alcohol or drug addiction, and you may even have damaged important relationships as a result. Every day you delay addiction treatment you’re continuing to harm your health, your career and even your finances.

Speak to our team today by calling 03301 596 494, or text HELP to 83222. You aren’t alone in your addiction, and there is a cure. No matter how much you feel like you may have the situation under control, your body and mind will be suffering from the substances you’re abusing. Contact us today and take the first step to get your life back on track.