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This is exactly why it’s so easy for addictions to creep up as they can literally affect absolutely anyone from all walks of life. It’s extremely easy to allow an innocent few drinks every now and again to develop into a serious drinking problem.

Addictions are a lot more common than you might think and they can affect both men and women all over the world.

Are you looking for the help you need with your addiction via a drug and alcohol rehab centre? We understand that seeking out a drug and alcohol rehab in Salford may seem like a daunting and scary task.

However, we want to reassure you that there is never any judgement at our rehab centres. We understand exactly what you’re going through and we are here to make your journey towards recovery as comfortable as possible.


Why Do People Become Addicted to Alcohol and Drugs?

Drug and alcohol addictions are very complex and there is never one single explanation as to why people become addicted. Every single person is different and each person’s addiction is unique.

The only thing addicts have in common is that the reasons behind their addictions are always complex.

The is usually an underlying issue when it comes to addictions such as life circumstances such as a job loss or grief, habits that have been formed since childhood, or poor states of mental health.

When addictions have a deep root cause such as these, this can usually make them much harder to recover from. Many people believe that addicts should simply just stop their addictive behaviours.

However, the reality of this is much more complex and difficult. In order to be able to stop an addiction, you must undergo a complete mental shift. You will need positive reinforcement and a stable environment in which you can recover safely and comfortably.

That is exactly what drug and alcohol rehabs are designed to help you with.


How Do You Know If You Are Ready to Attend a Rehab Centre?

The first sign that you are ready to attend rehab is when you can finally accept that you have a problem with addiction and that you need professional help to overcome your issues. This is not an easy step to take and it takes a lot of courage for an addict to finally admit that they need help.

If you are looking into attending a rehab yourself, you are most likely already aware of the reasons why you’re at the stage that you’re at. If you aren’t completely sure or if you’re looking into rehab for a loved one, here are some signs that you’re ready to attend a drug and alcohol rehab:

  • You want to make positive changes in your life
  • You recognise that your addiction is affecting you and those around you
  • You are motivated towards recovery
  • You are aware of behavioural changes because of your addiction
  • You are seeking a better life
  • You want to fix your broken relationships

If you associate yourself with any of the above, you should get in touch with us today to find out more about starting your addiction recovery treatment in a residential rehab centre.


Understanding the Severity of Addictions

If you have noticed that your relationships and your life, in general, are being affected by substance abuse, then this is a clear sign that you probably have an addiction. Below are eleven characteristics of addictions:

  • You have a desire to quit but you’re unable to do so
  • You have a lack of control
  • You’re spending a lot of time trying to obtain the substance
  • You experience substance cravings
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms
  • You build up a tolerance to the substance
  • You notice your situation getting worse
  • Your substance abuse becomes dangerous
  • You experience a loss of interest in things
  • You experience relationship problems
  • You experience a lack of responsibility

The more of the above characteristics that you meet, the more severe your addiction is likely to be. Even if you only associate yourself with one of the above criteria, you should seek out professional help to help you get sober.


Knowing That Your Addiction Can Get Worse

It’s obviously true that a mild addiction may not be as bad as a severe addiction. It’s easy for someone with a mild addiction to say “it could be worse”.

However, it is very important to remember that addictions are a progressive disorder which means that it will get worse over time. If your addiction is only a mild one right now, it will most likely become much more severe in the future.

Addiction is a chronic disease – this is important to remember. If you were suffering from another kind of chronic disease such as cancer, would you delay treatment then? Chances are you wouldn’t.

You’d want to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting any worse. Addictions work in the same way as any other chronic disease. If you don’t seek treatment, it’s only going to get worse.

You don’t have to be at rock bottom to seek out treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction. It’s much better to get the help you need sooner rather than later before it gets out of hand.

However, if you do feel that you already are at rock bottom, or that your addiction is very severe, it is also never too late to seek treatment and make a full recovery.


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